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The Art of Wu Hsiang or Chinese 5 Element Palmistry

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Palmistry is the study of the shape of the hands and lines on the palms to access life patterns of a person. It has been a study that dates back to prehistoric times and predates astrology as paintings of Man’s curiosity of the lines on a hand have been discovered in cave paintings in various parts of the world. 

The Chinese have developed a system of hand analysis based on the five elements of: Water – Air – Fire – Earth- Ether. Their uniqueness is that they seek a prediction of life – past and present to determine where such a life path will lead them in the future and their destiny lies in their own hands. Wu Hsiang palmistry offers a chance to correct the course of a life that is destined for disaster or maintain a course that will bring personal peace and harmony.


Much of this is based on sound Eastern Philosophy that man lives in the midst of Nature and is part of it. When man is in harmony with himself then he reacts harmoniously with Nature and thus creates an environment that brings peace.


If man is distributed or unbalanced, he creates disharmony that generates from his being and disrupts his surroundings. As an example, a man who is discontented with his life seeks forgetfulness in alcohol, he then creates unhappiness when he squanders his earnings on drinks and in his state of intoxication loses control and beats up his wife and children who are already suffering due to the lack of money to buy food or the necessities of life. 

This behavior from the head of a household, whose role is to provide and protect his family, spaws negative traits in his children who in turn are more prone to emulate their fathers behavior. His wife is also subjected to her own sufferings which will in turn force her to create more unhappiness and disharmony. 

Wu Hsiang seeks to warn of misguided pathways and direct the seeker of knowledge to a more meaningful and fulfilling way of life. The belief is that the future is based on your present acts and you are responsible for your future based on your past and present acts. 

Wu Hsiang can predict if you will be rich, famous and get married but more important, it can predict if you can handle your good fortune or if you will destroy yourself. This allows you to take measures before hand, to steer you clear of disastrous mistakes. 

In Chinese Palmistry of Wu Hsiang, the hand resembles the Tree of Life. It develops from the sound base of Earth from which emotions or Water springs, that gives rise to Fire or creativity that depends of Air or intellect and the result is spiritual awareness, Development and peace on Earth.


Hand shapes determine Character Types:

Earth Shape

When the palm is square and the fingers end evenly at the top and are the same length as the palm then such hands are considered as Earth shaped hands.  

Such people tend to be very grounded, practical in approach to things in life and in control of their emotions to overcome them. It does not mean that they are devoid of emotions but their passion is Earthly and physical rather than being built on romantic notions. Words of love seldom or never leave their lips but their deeds and action speaks for them. 

Such hands are capable of earning a good living from practical work and they do not yearn for glamour or high office. Dressing up in a tuxedo will make them very uncomfortable and women with such a hand-type prefer the smells of herbs and the fresh smell of nature rather than sophisticatedly blended perfumes.


The Water Hand

Sensitive and hypersensitive in nature, people with such hands are artistic and very impressionable. They have complex emotional relationships and are easily influenced. They instinctively understand human emotions and character and will therefore do well in vocations and careers that need human interaction and understanding. Water hands are fine boned pale and narrow with fingers that are longer than their palms. Their tastes are very refined be it in food, color and style. Environments and ambiences affect them deeply and they do well when they are in a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere. They pick out disconted easily and are deeply affected by it. 

Women with such hands make good wives and mothers always willing to make the home a heaven of peace. Men with such hands are delicate in health and spirit and do better handling small businesses with a lot of human interactions. 

Both men and women of such hand type need romance and tend to have romantic interludes outside their marriage when their marriage becomes mundane or boring. Bringing romance back to it and they promptly become ardent and thrilling again. 


The Fire Hand

The Fire Hand belongs to an active and passionate type of person who need strong inter-action in life to keep them upbeat. Their palms are rectangular with short, even, capable fingers. Their palms are usually red or blotchy. 

Stimulating in thought and action, they are full of energy and can motivate other into action and thought provoking ideas. They are born to lead and are best when they hold such positions no matter in what capacity. The negative Fire Type Hands could be leaders of gangs or criminal pursuits and the superior Fire Type can become great generals or Company Executives. 

To ensure that they maintain a healthy and fulfilling life, they should never allow their minds or bodies to become idle, instead, they should keep active all their lives, with an interesting hobby to occupy their lives when the challenges of their careers come to an end. 

Women with such hand types are never totally satisfied with just keeping house and having babies. Forcing them to do that dull their minds and evoke rebellion eventually which will endanger family harmony.


The Air Hand

Shorter longer fingers situated on a square palm that is shorter than the middle finger is considered an air hand. People with such a hand type are born communicators and connect best on a mental level with those around them. Using the logical or abstract form of deduction to come to decisions. 

Disliking constraints in any form both physical and mental, they seek new horizons constantly. Marriage or established rules and disciplines suffocate them resistance or revolt. Freedom of choice and movement is their way of life though they long for an anchor to give them some stability. They are the inventors and the adventurers. All forms of communications in their professional life, will bring them the satisfaction they need. 

In love, they communicate freely their feelings and expect a similar response otherwise they become insecure which seems like a paradox because they refused to be committed in love but require the security it affords.


The Ether Hand

Ether, Energy is when the state of consciousness is attained at every level. It is a culmination of all elements in to one and the harmony of all elements into a whole. The Ether hand is the refined hand of the higher intellect and philosopher. The fingers are gently taper with the sageness of bamboo knots at each phalange which rises from the triangular lotus pod shaped palms. 

It is the hand of sages and wise men who view life on Earth as a passage to the final step in their evolution or re-incarnation. Their role is as a teacher, a guide, a counselor in the path to righteousness and inner peace. They appear in any of the Earth and at every level of society as it is not only the poor and deprived that earns the right to a better Karma. 

Such hands are seen in King’s holy men, doctors and those who take on a mission to correct the injustices on Earth or bring to it some joy and goodness. These are considered “old hands” where the experiences of past lives have etched lines of wisdom and inner knowledge and who are equipped to open the hearts and minds of the unaware, the meaning of true life. 




The Fire Hand

The practical, intelligent lady is passionate about life. She is ready to put into focused action her plans to make her dreams and ambitious reality. Her eyes are crescent and phoenix in shape, giving her sex-appeal and with a generous dose of flirtatiousness. But there is a knowing shrewdness in her eyes that reveals her ability to use her assets to her advantage. She is undoubtedly intelligent. Her eyebrows exhibits her creative and flamboyant character but it also indicates a temper that is volatile. 

Her smile is open and generous and invites friendship although you will realize that she is always accusing you. 

Her Fire Hand, which has a square palm with fingers that are shorter than the length of her middle finger confirms her energy and active mind. Quick to re-act to opportunities, her Fire Hand makes her a capable person who is willing to roll up her sleeves and get down to work when it is required. To get to her successful status, you can be sure that she worked hard for it and would not rest on her  laurels. 

Though she is imaginative, her practical hand shape that she always has her dreams tempered with reality so she does not get too disappointed. 


Model with Moon Hands. 

Models and those involved in the   and glamour would normally have Moon Shaped Hands. Their romantic nature would draw them to such professions. 

This model has also got a creative face shape which is called a Venus Shape which resembles a “Kwa Chi” or a Melion Seed. She naturally draw to a career in fashion and glamour. 

Those with Moon Hands should always keep their finger nails well manicured and women should lacquer it with fresh coloured nail lacquer to make them more beautiful. Moon Hands are very beautiful to look at as they appear graceful and delicate. It is a misconception that those with Moon Hands will make good musicians. Motgat’s fingers were so short that it would not span 7 keys. Those with Moon Hands are sensitive to things of beauty and react assertively to colour and sounds.

People with Moon Hands are normally long limbed and are generally slim. They look best with long flowing hair and take great pains in their appearance.


Scorpio: 25-10-1957

Fire Rooster: 45 years old.

This Fire Rooster is a proud and proper person. He seeks perfection in himself and those he associates with. Particular in his appearance, he takes pride in being smart and well dressed. His moustache is becoming and enhances his personality but he should not allowed it to get too scraggly and unkempt or let it grow below his lip level. If it does, it will give him a lewd look.

Secretive and private, there are things that he will keep close to his chest and not reveal it ever to his wife or closest friend.

To achieve a good marital relationship, he needs to communicate with his wife, expressing his needs, expectations and even his fears. He will be a good father and provider.

His horoscope warns him of losses in speculation and anything to do with gambling. Alcohol or anesthetic can cause allergic reactions as well as certain seafood’s. These two years will be very auspicious for Mr. Scorpio and he must press forward with his plans for expansion, especially after he turns 45 in October.

To harness the extra energy of his good planets, he must wear a Ruby for good luck and energy. Red, pink and light blue are his lucky colours and he can build a good aura by using these colours especially if he wears them close to his face.

Love and marriage will be the hardest thing for him to control, but with the determination and firm character that is apparent in the way he carries his head and the firmness of his lips, he will have the resolve and strength of character to handle it.



29th July, 2001 – Metal Snake (-) 

This is a little Metal Snake born in the period of the “Great Heat” in the Lunar Month of the Monkey. 

The combination indicates a charming girl who will be demanding in a gently sweet way. As long as she gets what she wants, she is adorable but if her requests are not forthcoming fast enough or if she is forced to do something she does not want she can vent her disapproval vehemently and become rebellious and cranky.  

She needs attention all the time and glows when she is praised. Public chastations and criticisms will hurt her deeply and cause lasting scars. Her possessiveness can be seen from young by how she guards her toys and possessions, but when she approves of a person she is overly generous and giving. Independent in nature, she will like to do things herself, for example, she will wish to feed herself or try to dress herself.

She is a sunny, bright girl but has a tendency to be shy. She can be very dramatic and over react to situations so do not panic when she falls or hurts herself as she will emphasize your trauma. Being calm and in control is the best way to win her confidence and respect.

Food, fun, play, walks, stimulating toys and warmth will keep her happy and healthy. 

Her eyes display all her charm and dominating character that needs to be watched as she grows up. As she loves her food,  bonding time is during meals, play and walks. She is a little water baby and can be taught to swim at a young age. 

Kisses and cuddles reassures her of her Mother’s love but she is really Daddy’s little Buttercup! 


About Palmistry

Palmistry called heiromancy predates astrology as a predictive art. Man has noted with curiosity the changing lines on the palm and the similar yet different shapes of hands, (cheirology) palm lines and have endeavored to an analyze their meanings. Madam Zorra, a practicing Face Feng Shui Master, incorporates the Shou Hsiang (Hand Analysis) to her Jen Hsiang (people analysis) for further accuracy.

You can send in a photograph of your left and right palm, stating if you are right handed or left handed, together with your date of birth for an analysis in this column. An included photography will be an advantage. Use pseudonym to remain anonymous. Send it to Madam Zorra, C/o WeekEnder, Star Publications (M) Bhd, Menara Star, 15, Jalan 16/11, 46350 Petaling Jaya or by e-mail to For enquires, call 012-429 1199.