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The Energy of Fingers

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In ancient times, the art of Wu Hsing or Five Elements Chinese Palmistry was privy only to the Monks who used their knowledge to cure disharmony and disease among their followers. Using elemental traits, gives an insight to the pattern of human nature as well as his strengths or weaknesses. They believed that each finger embodied a different element and displayed and generated the characteristic of that element in the person. The ancient art has been passed through the ages giving us the ability to understand human nature, with its strengths and limitations, including our own, so that we can adjust, tolerate and understand one another and reach an harmonious balance in our lives.

Fingers indicate the way a person subconsciously reacts to their experiences of life and the strength of that element in the person. The structure quality and appearance all reveal various qualities but the most revealing is how they lean or how the energies of the element inter-relates to each other.

In Wu Hsing Palmistry or Five Elements Palmistry, each finger is influenced by different elements. These elements influence each finger with its inherent quality.

The Index Finger is influenced by the Water Element. Water relates to Emotions or Emotional Energy.

The Middle Finger is influenced by the Earth Element. Earth should be the longest and provides the Element of stability, groundedness and responsibility.

The Ring Finger is the Fire Finger. The element of Fire denotes action, initiative and order.

The Pinky or the Little Finger is attributed with the energy of the Air Element. Air is an element that generates inventiveness, communications and mental freedom.

Each finger has an average ideal height, structure and quality to assure that all the positive qualities of the pertaining elements are present in harmonious balance. Any malformation in height, or straightness detracts from the positive energy flow.

When accessing how a person will react to any situation, or his inherent drive or motive, being aware of how his digits fall or in what direction his elements flow can provide valuable insight to his instinctive reaction to life in general. The Thumb is always accessed on its own as it is accessed differently.


The Pathways of Energy in Fingers

1.   Wide spaces between each finger shows a confident open minded and extroverted person. His energies flow freely, uninhibited and unrestrained.

2.   When the Water Finger flows or clings to the Earth Finger it indicates a person who is controlled and conventional in his emotions and will be less spontaneous and will lean towards tradition or convention in his thoughts and action.

3.   When the Fire Finger falls close to the Earth Finger or leans towards it, the actions of such a person will always tend to be cautious and stable with a view towards future security.

4.   If both the Water and Fire Finger always attach themselves to the Earth Finger then such a person is cautious in action and emotions and though he may desire independence, he is hampered by his innate desire of cautiousness and tradition.

5.   When the Air Finger parts distinctively away from the other Fingers it indicates an individual who looks for physical and financial independence and will express himself or herself freely.

6.   Should the Water Finger move independently away from the other fingers then you will find that such a person will be creative or requires great freedom in his thoughts and emotions and cannot be hemmed in by tradition or convention.

7.   When all the fingers flow towards the Earth Finger then such an individual is preoccupied with attaining wealth or knowledge and can also become introverted.

When the height of each finger is in its correct perspective as shown in the diagram then the energy of each element is present in its full force, irrespective of how the fingers flow. However if any finger is beyond its average height then there is an access and their will be disharmony within the person. Likewise if any one finger is shorter than its average height then a diminishing of the energy of the Element is present which can cause disharmony within the person or a quirk in his or her character.

Sexual Energies through Fingers

A very interesting phenomena about fingers in the art of Cheirognomy (study of shape and structure) which has been studied and confirmed by modern science, is in the height of the Fire and Water Finger in relations to sexual energy.

When looking at the hands with the palms facing upwards, a Fire Finger that is longer than a Water Finger shows a healthy and active sexual life for a Man. When it is shorter than the Water finger, then there is a physical weakness in the Fire or the Yang energy. Modern Science has explained it as a decrease of the Male hormone Testosterone during the formation of the foetus in the Mother’s womb. For a Woman, a longer Water Finger is ideal for a normal, healthy sexual Female sex life, as a woman with an abundance of Fire or Yang energy will consume or over balance her Yin energy. And modern Science explains it as an over powering dose of the Male hormones which will manifest itself in more male characteristics and tendencies. In Shou Hsiang, the Yang Fire Element is the energy of force and creativity and the  Water Element is the  receptive Element of nurturing and femininity or Yin Energy



1-1-1979 - 23 years old - Earth Sheep

Ric is a Right Handed Earth Sheep who has lofty ideals which will need to be tampered with a good dose of practicality to ensure it will not cause him to become disillusioned.

He has an interesting combination of hand type. His left hand is of the Air type whereas his right hand is the Water type.

People with this combination are best suited for professions or businesses that deal with mental development like teaching, philosophy, counseling and guidance. They will also be creative and do well in advertising, the arts, music or creative practical skills like cooking, carpentering, architecture or interior designing. His birth Earth Element will draw him towards dealing with practical or Earth products like stone work or even gardening. Looking at his eyes you can see the gentleness of a visionary and a dreamer and his eyebrows shows his strength of purpose. His choices of careers will be vast but in whatever he chooses, he will want to be the best and unique. He will be meticulous, detailed and will seek perfection in his work.

Ric’s left Air Finger stands sharply independently away from his other digits which reveals his quest for independence and freedom but the Air Finger on his active or Right Hand is controlled and normal which indicates the quelling of such drastic desires and the taming of his spirit into conformity.

At 23, romantic Eric is now experiencing the excitement and responsibilities of adulthood. He is going through a good period now  after a difficult past 3 years of self-doubt and uncertainties and he should take positive steps forward as I predict that the next 6 years will be good for him. To capitalize on this good run of luck, he must develop his self-confidence, use his inner strength and take firm practical steps into his future while keeping focused on one goal.




Woman of Strength

12-10-1966 - Fire Horse

This Fire Horse possess an Earth Hand which indicates an immediate conflict of her assertive and dynamic nature which will always be ruled by and controlled by her better judgment and practical common sense. She calls herself “Woman of Strength” but she is not all that strong as she will not take undue risks but rather seek for refuge in safe bets. She should call herself “Woman of Wisdom” instead because all her moves in life are planned by careful thought and deliberation, always moving towards what will ensure her personal security. This is wisdom.

What makes her feel that she is strong is her ability to endure hardships and the ups and downs of her life. As she an Earth person, in her practical handling of her Life’s journey, she endures and prevails stoicly, rising above all adversity.

Her independently separated Air Finger indicates her search for financial independence. She is unafraid to speak her mind and is quick in action once she decides. The tip of her Air Finger tips towards the Fire Finger and this indicates that she can be quick and firey in her verbal retorts. She should control this as her sharp tongue and caustic wit can nurture hidden enemies.

All in all she is a Lucky, sensual woman who can be trusted. She is also very dependable in her responsibilities and will shoulder family responsibilities with strength and commitment.

However, I must warn her that she will be sailing into rough waters during her ages of 36 and 37. She needs all the strength and level headedness she can muster to see her through.

She should avoid wearing red, orange and yellow. Blues, Turquoise and Blacks will be best for her.


About Palmistry

A new fortnightly series on palmistry begins this week. Palmistry, called cheiromancy, predates astrology as a predictive art. When man noted the changing lines on the palm and the similar yet different shapes of hands (cheirognomy) and palm lines, they endeavoured to analyse their meanings. MADAM ZORRA, a practicing face fen shui master, incorporates the Shou Hsiang (hand analysis) into the Jen Hsiang (people analysis) for an accurate reading. Palm lines change constantly and this has given rise to the belief that they through our course of action, for better or worse.  

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