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Sized-up By The Thumb

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From, ancient times, the Thumb has been considered the most important aspect that differentiates Man from Apes.  The setting on the palm and the size of Man’s Thumb affords him maximum dexterity to utilize implements that establishes his superiority over other species.  Nowadays, the way a person’s thumb is set, the size and shape determines his power and also his fertility.

The importance and individuality of the formation of the various features of the thumb makes it unique enough to be used to identify a person.  In many countries, a thumbprint is enough to legalise any agreement.

For these reasons, the Thumb has been attributed with the element of Energy, both physical and mental, as well as being the seat of our spiritual intelligence.


Setting of Thumbs

Though you may at a casual glance, think that all thumbs are just attached to the side of the palm,  under examination, there are various settings of thumbs and each denotes an expression of the mind.

A low set thumb that stretches out from the lower part of the palm reveals a down-to-earth, practical and reliable mentality.  A high set thumb belongs to a more frivolous and irresponsible person who does not exercise deep thinking but rather would react to physical impulses.

When the thumb is set in the middle, then it reveals a more balanced mental attitude towards everything in life.

If the thumb is clasped closed to the palm, then such a person is cautious, law abiding and is controlled by his environment.  He or she will not take risks and will adhere to rules of his upbringing, society and conditioning.

Should the thumb stand out from the palm, then such an individual is fearless, spontaneous and even reckless.  He or she seeks to overcome the bounds of his environment, education and conditioning and seeks self-expression and power.

If the thumb is usually clasped under the fingers, it signifies a defeat in spirit on courage.  It reveals surrender to an overpowering failure or authority and is an indication that such a person desires to be hidden or seeks protection.



Regions of the Thumb

The thumb is divided into 2 sections and each section is called a phalange.  The upper phalange near the nail rules determination and tenacity and the lower phalange rules logic and common sense.

If each phalange is well formed, clear of mole and is balanced in length, then such a person has these attributes and is well developed in these areas.  If any one phalange is marred by a mole, then it indicates a flaw or a blockage of such a corresponding quality in the person.  If one phalange is disproportionately longer or shorter than the other, then it indicates a weakening or a total absence of the corresponding quality in the person.

For example, if the two phalanges are proportionate and well formed but the lower phalange has a mole, then it indicates a lack of clear thinking and a period of confusion during the time the mole appears on the area. Moles can come and go on their own without being removed.  Or, if the top phalange is very short when compared to the lower phalange, then it indicates a person with no determination to accomplish goals or a person with no drive.


Different Types of Thumbs

The flexibility and the flow of the thumb can reveal the character and attitude of a person and how he or she inter-relates with people.


The Pillar Thumb

Standing straight, erect and inflexible, this thumb belongs to a stubborn, self-important person who is uncompromising.  Men and especially women with such a thumb can suffer at the hands of hidden enemies due to their arrogance and vanity.  A person with such a thumb must learn to be flexible and tolerant.


The Sword Thumb

The Sword Thumb signifies a person who, through his common sense and ability to reason, balanced with tolerance and adaptability, will prove to become a good leader with immense skills in handling people.  Though such a person can be firm in his or her decisions, they will not be hasty in decisions but impatience will creep in when dealing with illogical arguments.  Women with such thumbs will rule their households with a firm fist.


The Bow Thumb

Such a thumb formation which bends easily backwards at the upper (nail) phalange reveals a broad-minded and easy nature.  Ready to go the extra mile to please and accommodate those he works with and also members of his family, but all within reason.  No unreasonable behaviour will be tolerated.  He will be flexible and easy going in his objectives and will not like jobs that are routine or requiring high-powered, target meeting pressures.  People with such thumbs prefer to work at their own pace.


The Bending Bow Thumb

People with such thumbs are considered to be weak-willed and easily manipulated.  They may be gifted and lucky but fortunes seldom remain with them, as they are overly generous or too easy going to be calculative, especially in conserving their position or property.  Such people may be eloquent and persuasive in speech but they rarely have the fiber to carry through their promises or achieve their dreams and ambitions.  Men and women with such thumbs will easily be controlled by those possessing all the other types of thumbs especially, if they are married to them or are emotionally involved with them. Women with such thumbs have to be careful of their name and reputation.


The Lotus-bud Thumb

When the face of the upper (nail) phalange of the thumb bulges outwards as if swollen and the lower phalange appears waited, such a thumb is called a “lotus-bud thumb”.  People possessing such a thumb are too fixed in their own goals and desires that they can become agitated and aggressive if they do not achieve them.  They will be hot tempered and even turn violent when aggravated.  Little things annoy or worry them and they dwell on their problems to the extent of losing sleep over them because of their worrying and fretting.

People with the “lotus-bud thumb” are very self-centered and do not make good team players so dealing with such people can be tiring and difficult.  Because of this, they tend to have few friends and have difficulties in married life. Married life needs  great effort  because of their demanding nature.


The Thumb of Harmony

The ideal thumb which denotes a person with a balanced psyche and where logic is evenly tempered with determination, who can live and adapt in rhythm to his environment and with those he associates with, is a thumb that has both phalanges equal and unmarred by moles or scars and with a gentle curve and a slight flexibility at the meeting of the phalanges.  Excessive visible hair growth on the lower phalange for a woman is considered a flaw as it unbalances the harmony of the thumb.




Guine - 9 December 1977 - Earth Sheep

Earth Hand

Guine an Earth Sheep has a very complex nature. Being an earth type of person who in reality should be stable, logical and even-tempered, she has a Lotus Bud Thumb, which makes her aggressive, volatile and very sensitive. Her sensitive nature is revealed by the nipple on her thumb. A nipple is a protruding pad that peaks at the center of the thumb. Some people refer to it as the “pads of sensitivity”. Such pads make the person sensitive. As the nipple is on the thumb in Guine’s case, she will be sensitive in the way she reacts as  the thumb  relates to the character and make up of a person.

Though her fingers are straight, independent and free flowing, which talks of her extroverted nature, Guine is sensitive and can be easily hurt. There is a shy side to her, which belies her outward going and daring nature. The fear is that she will mask her soft exterior by a devil-may-care attitude and an aggressive stubborn front.

She is outspoken and a sharp talking woman who has to learn to measure her words or she will live to regret it. Stubborn and tenacious she is easy to arouse to anger as well as to love. She desires freedom and independence but hesitates to grab it when it is presented to her. Her reticent nature will frustrate her unless she can be more decisive.

This will come with maturity and full maturity will only come after she is 27 years old. She has to learn by mistakes as she is unwilling to heed advise.

To improve on her life, she should cool her temper, think before she opens her mouth and quit being a rebel because though there is a lot of fire in her date of birth, the Earth Element is also present in abundance and what she wants is security and stability. She will eventually gain success but she must rely on her logic and overcome her sensitivities.

The age of 22 and 23 are not the best for her so she has to be patient.

Florida - 28 August 1975 - Wood Rabbit           

Fire Hand

Florida is a Wood Rabbit with a Fire Hand processing a very strong and independent character. I am presuming she is a woman as there are many feminine qualities in this bold hand, especially in the length of her Water (index) Finger which is longer than her Fire (ring) Finger.

She has a “Pillar Thumb” which will make her a rather difficult person to deal with. She will be proud, egoistical and uncompromising. Her logic is strong but she will need to build on her will power to assure that her goals are met.

Florida will rule by force, wishing always to dominate those around her. She wants to be the best in whatever she attempts, to the extent of being a perfectionist. Seeking for perfection rather than getting on with the job can be her problem. She hates to make mistakes as failure as well as rejection is something she cannot cope with. But she must make attempts no matter what, as mistakes are a learning process to attain successful results eventually. She is strong so she can call upon her strength to pick herself up again if she has made any mistakes. This attitude will occur in everything – love, marriage, career or even in socializing

Florida is eager to be rich and famous and can be impatient about it, but she has to wait till she turns 26 before it can happen. At 25, she faces the danger of being betrayed.

Inventive and creative, she will do very well in the I.T. industry. Communications is her strength. So if she is in Advertising, Mass Communications or in any form of designing, then she is in the right profession. She can be very successful in her career but needs to work on her tolerance and ego before she can form good, lasting emotional relationships.   



Thumbs are easily visible and can give any observant person an insight to a person’s character.  This can be useful when dealing with bosses, staff members and business associates.  As far as dealing with your immediate family, examine their thumbs closely and test their flexibility.  Knowing how far they can be pushed around or how hard you should push them on, can prove to be an invaluable clue on how to keep your family happy, peaceful and well motivated.


About Palmistry

Palmistry, called cheiromancy, predates astrology as a predictive art. When man noted the changing lines on the palm and the similar yet different shapes of hands (cheirology) and palm lines, they endeavoured to analyse their meanings. MADAM ZORRA, a practicing face fen shui master, incorporates the Shou Hsiang (hand analysis) into the Jen Hsiang (people analysis) for an accurate reading. Palm lines change constantly and this has given rise to the belief that they through our course of action, for better or worse.  

You can send in a photocopy of your left and right palm, or send in a scanned image, stating if you are right handed or left with your date of birth for an analysis in this column. An included photograph will be an advantage. Use a pseudonym to remain anonymous. Send it to Madam Zorra, C/o WeekEnder, Star Publications (M) Bhd, Menara Star, 15, Jalan 16/11, 46350 Petaling Jaya or email to For enquires, call 012-429 1199.