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Element Forces In Fingers

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Each finger represents the force or weakness of its corresponding Energy in a person and expresses it’s power that is present in a person. The perfection of form, balance and structure of the finger denotes the strength of the Element in the make-up of the person.  The Element expresses itself in the person in the way he or she acts, reacts, and thinks and especially in the type of professions he or she may excel in.

Each finger is divided into 3 sections and each section corresponds to the level of activity the element is most powerful.  The lowest phalange close to the palm orientates the person to more physical and tactile energies of the Element.  The middle phalange reflects the practical application of the element and the end or tip phalange to the conceptual or abstract level of the element.

The phalange that is well formed, plump and with auspicious marking adds power and strength to the Element as present in the person.  Thin, waisted, mal-formed or negative markings on the phalanges rob the energy of the Element in a person and it may also emphasise the negative side on the Element in the individual.


Water Finger

Water is the most powerful yet most subtle Element present on Earth and it must never be underestimated.  To consider that the Element is well represented in a person, the finger should be straight, with each phalange full and not waisted.  When the base phalange is plump and the skin refined, then such a person will be fond of food and the good things in life that pleases the taste buds and creates a comfortable life.

A waisted lower Water Finger Phalange indicates meanness in providing for comforts and an indifference to food and the good life.  Such a person won’t do well in such industries dealing with food, drinks and culinary arts.

A plump middle phalange indicates an ability to appreciate the arts and the love of beautiful things.  Such a person can become a collector of antiques and object d’art and can make it a profession.

A thin or waisted middle Water Phalange deprives the person of appreciating art and he should never endeavor to make it a profession as art requires passion and taste and is not just an inate trading commodity.

A well-formed, upper phalange gives the owner the ability to understand and even teach the finer parts of art and Esoteric Sciences like Feng Shui or Astrology and even Religion.  The more pointed the fingertip the more imaginative is such a person.

Good markings like squares, the sign of the Temple or a flag, ensures success in the particular field it appears in.


The Earth Finger

Earth Energy ensures stability and sober vibrations with strong affinity to basic needs and abilities.

A full strong base Earth Phalange charges the individual with the ability to apply sound logic to all he undertakes.  Mathematics, manual crafts, agriculture, farming and things from the earth will attract such a person and he or she will enjoy and do well in such things or businesses related to it.

A waisted or a thin base Earth Phalange is very unfortunate as such a person cannot build his or her future on any sound logic and deduction but has to be led or will repeat parrot-like what is being taught without understanding.  They dislike getting their hands dirty and tend to be superficial.

Full, well-developed Middle Earth Phalanges give the person a love for working with animals, herbs and alternative natural therapies.  He or she will be good with machines and understand the mechanics of how they work from fixing a plug to tinkering with cars.

The waisted or shriveled middle phalange deprives the person of the logic to deduce and a dislike of basic functions, form or establishments like laws and rules.  The countryside and animals are his or her bane as they fear it or cannot cope with the contact with nature.

Fine, well-formed upper phalanges draw the person towards tradition, the law, philosophy and history.  A pointed tip makes such a person more creative in such areas and even allows such people to teach and write on such subjects.

Good markings on the Earth Finger are twigs, triangles and squares.  This is the only finger where a star is appreciated as it indicates the ability to have unexpected luck in lotteries and gambling.

A mole on any of the Earth Phalange indicates a destabilisation of the force of the Energy of the Phalange.  On the top or nail phalange, it can make the person disregard tradition and honour for as long as the mole remains.


The Finger of Fire

Irrespective of whichever type of hand a person has, a well-formed, unmarred Fire Finger is essential to attain happiness and respect, be it in the society he or she lives in or in the individual’s profession.

Success, recognition and honour is essential for the manifestation of the professions that are related to this finger.

The lower phalange, if well developed allows the person to benefit and enjoy from always being well dressed and groomed.  Such people will thrive on excitement and challenging careers and will have the energy to excel in professions that require such resilience and highly charged energy and tension. Such professions are like the stock market, high finance, gambling, sports and entertainment.  They can even make a name for themselves in such industries.

A waisted or severely deformed lower phalange can turn the tables and make the person prefer shady and seedy deals and discloses a dishonest character who is corrupted or ready to corrupt others so as to achieve his own twisted plans.

The middle phalange makes a person lucky for such professions like. Design and creative arts, fashion, jewellery and the likes are most suitable and the more exclusive and special they are,  the better.

Waisted, thin phalanges scarred by moles or accidents will serve as a warning that such professions will not bring success or glory to the person.

A well-formed upper phalange, especially if they are tapered or spatular, makes the person exceptionally creative and inventive in areas that concern the arts, glamour, music and entertainment.  Such people have a unique mind and creative sense in these areas and can achieve fame and fortune through them especially if auspicious markings like circles and flags are present on the phalange.

When the tip of this phalange is shriveled or marked by moles, then no positive energy can come from it.

A mole anywhere on the Fire Finger warns of a danger to the person’s good nature and reputation and will prohibit him from achieving fame and acknowledgement no matter how good he may be at his art or profession.


The Air Finger

The Air Element relates to abstract thought, communications, financial acumen, mental alertness and expansion and it rules the nervous system.  People who have straight, proportionately formed Air Fingers have the Air Element well present in their make-up.  Malformations and a crooked Air Finger signifies a quirk or a negativity corresponding to the phalange it occurs in.

The base phalange that is well formed, plump and full gives the person a stable and well-adjusted attitude towards money and sex.  The person will also be adept in communication skills and can make a good salesman.  A waisted and think lower phalange deprives a person of such a balance and can even hint of the lack of ability to secure a financially sound life.

A lower phalange that is excessively plump and soft, which is accompanied with a very low set Air Finger reveals a jaded approach to sex.  This must be accessed together with other marks on the palm.

A well-formed middle phalange gives the person the ability to do well in professions relating to communications like the advertising and the IT industry.  Singing is also another form of communication.  Money and the business of finances is also an aptitude with a well-developed middle phalange.

Waists and disproportionately thin middle waists deprives the energy of this phalange.

Well formed finely tapering upper phalanges enhances the energy of Air to the finger and makes the person a good communicator, be it in the written or spoken word.  Good markings like flags and tridents can indicate an excellent or above average talent in these fields, whereas short or thin phalanges shows a lack of ability or weakness in this area.

Moles on any of the phalanges indicate a block of the Air Energy for as long as the mole is present.  People with a crooked Air Finger should be treated with caution and cannot deal honestly. A crooked Air finger can also indicated a sexual kink but it must be examined in conjunction with the date d birth and other markings. One must never jump to conclusion when analyzing a crooked finger. Crooked Air fingers could also be caused by fractures and injury, therefore the analysis is different.

Extremely long Air Fingers are also a defect as it shows an excess of the energy present in the finger for example it could show a greed for money or a very glib-liar.

Studying fingers are essential when analyzing career possibilities and inborn talents. It also gives an indication of the strength of the persons ability to accomplish his or her dreams and ambitions. For an accurate analysis, fingers should be analysed together with the date of birth but as a rough guide, it can reveal a wealth of information about a person.



Non-Tuxedo - 24th July 1968
Earth Monkey

This Earth Monkey is bursting with energy and the desire of the great and beautiful things in life but he needs to instill discipline and put in hard work to be able to achieve it. 

Though he has a Fire Hand, his waisted middle Phalanges robs him of the ability to execute with persistence and tenacity so as to achieve his ambitious dreams.

His plump well formed lower phalanges expresses his love of all the good things in life and his appreciation of such pleasures that satisfies all the basic senses.

What is most noticeable is the spatula or padded tips of his Fire finger.  The spatula tip indicates his love of beauty, glamour and the entertainment industry.  A spatula tip reveals an inventive and creative talent.  As it occurs on the tip of the Fire finger, it reveals that Non-tuxedo has a talent in this field and should pursue and develop this talent.  He need not necessarily be a designer or a singer, but he would get involved in these industries by being a promoter, sales person or just work in these environments as with his interest and his creativity, he can make the most of it, even giving relevant and constructive input and he will be happy working among people in these industries.

His Air fingers are long, and branch out independently so we are able to deduce that he has the gift of communications and can become a good sales person, dealing with products relating to the mentioned industries.

I must, however, warn him to curb his desire for excitement in speculation and not to get too carried away with gambling.

He has a “pillar thumb”, so Non-Tuxedo must come down to Earth and be more flexible and tolerant and not succumb to Narcissism.  Guard your tongue and ego and the world will be a better place for you to live in.


Luv Adelaine - 11th May 1980
Metal Monkey

Luv Adelaine’s case is a perfect example of why palmistry is essential for an accurate prediction.  According to her birth date, Luv Adelaine will be analysed as a romantic, emotional type of person whose creative and emotional nature can make her become impractical and too feminine to take on a “man’s job” if you will.

But on examining her hand, the opposite emerges.  She has an Earth type of hand with square tipped fingers which makes her practical and more inclined to a “hands-on” type of career rather than the mental, creative abstract type.

Her hands indicate that she is ready to roll up her sleeves and plunge into any type of work, unafraid to get them dirty, but her birth date will influence her a great deal in her success.

Luv Adelaine is strongly influenced by the Moon (as shown by her date of birth) so she will be creative.  Her hands and especially her fingers indicate that doing practical, creative things will be best for her.  As her Water finger is well formed with a strong bulge at the top phalange, she will be good in things to do with food, drinks and fluids of any kind.  Dealing with children will also be good for her.

Her Fire finger is almost as strong and powerful as her Water finger.  Therefore, she can also be attracted and do well with beauty and glamour products like clothing, jewellery, the arts or even the entertainment field.

Her Air finger is also straight and well-formed and moves away from the rest of her other fingers giving her the desire to become financially independent and with the ability to express herself boldly.  This give her the added possibility to communicate – for example – to lecture, teach or train others in any of the professions she chooses.

All in all she has a good birth date with a pair of hands that gives her the force and ability to be a success once she has made up her mind on what she wants to do. Luv Adelaine must be warned against taking too much risks and of giving away her heart too readily.


About Palmistry

A new fortnightly series on palmistry begins this week. Palmistry, called cheiromancy, predates astrology as a predictive art. When man noted the changing lines on the palm and the similar yet different shapes of hands (cheirognomy) and palm lines, they endeavoured to analyse their meanings. MADAM ZORRA, a practicing face fen shui master, incorporates the Shou Hsiang (hand analysis) into the Jen Hsiang (people analysis) for an accurate reading. Palm lines change constantly and this has given rise to the belief that they through our course of action, for better or worse.

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