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The inner terror of losing one’s livelihood can be emotionally crippling.  It not only brings on the pressures of financial commitments, the devastation of self-pride and confidence but also the bleak insecurity of what the future holds.  During the throes of such a personal hell, the isolation and loneliness whittles one down to level zero.  One does not know which way to go or who to turn to.

The answer – be it a warning or a message of hope, is written in hand.

One of the major lines that runs from around the wrist upwards towards the Earth finger is called the River of Destiny.  As the River of Destiny or Fate flows towards the Earth finger, it meets various markings, snaps or influences that indicate how a person’s career, business and livelihood will fair.  A right-hander will note the line on the right hand and a left-hander the left hand, irrespective of gender.  In olden days, the left hand of the woman would reveal her Life’s Destiny but nowadays with women becoming more in command of their life, the right hand has become her Road Map of Life.

The presence of the River of Destiny on the right hand is essential for success in one’s career.  The line may be faint on certain hands like the Water hand or the Lotus Pod hand or it may be broken and frail, but its presence is essential for the career of a man to be of any worth.

If it rises from the wrist and flows straight into the Finger of Earth, it is contrary to the belief that the person’s career will be fantastic but rather that such a person will have no control of his or her Destiny and career, to the extent of being used as a pawn or being totally subjected to another’s will and plan.

The ideal is a line that rises from around the wrist and rising upwards towards the Earth Finger but not entering the lower phalange.  If the line meanders or sends a branch towards the Fire finger, then success and glory is assured.  If it ends or sends a branch towards the Water finger, then it predicts the rise to high office and position.  If there are two branches, one going towards the Fire finger and the other towards the Water finger, then the hand holds the promise of success, recognition and position with power.

This is the promise no matter how eventful the passage of the River of Fate and Destiny will be.

If the River of Destiny begins with a fork – one branch rising from the Mount of the Moon and the other from the Region of Venus, then the person’s career will be troubled by the passion, emotions and sensitivity of the person’s nature and a great deal of control is needed to keep the person focused on his or her goals in life.

As the Region of Venus rules the family, the line rising from this area or clinging to this area reveals that family and family ties will control his destiny.  He or she may work in the family’s company or the commitments of family will restrict his ambitious dreams or thwart his ambitions.

If the line rises from the Mount of the Moon, then it reveals that such a person can pursue a career involving dealing with the public and even become the Darling of the Masses.  This is fortunate for those who want to become entertainers, politicians or in any careers where he or she is in touch with a variety of different people.

If the River of Destiny begins in the middle of the palm, then the career of the person will only establish itself after hard work and perseverance.  Beginning from the River of Mentality, then the indications are that through and because of deep thinking, strong brainpower and mental perseverance, the person will carve a successful business and career for himself.  It can also indicate that a brilliant idea or scheme can launch the successful career of the person.

Should the line begin from the River of Emotions, then it indicates that the love and passion of a person for something can give birth to a person’s successful career or the inheritance of a business from a loved one.  Unfortunately, this will generally be late in life.

Many palmists and astrologers encourage the wearing of a ring on the Finger of Faith.  They believe that it will enhance the growth of the River of Destiny and strengthen the Earth Element of Earth in a person, which encourages sobriety, stability and caution.  But wearing a ring on this finger, especially if it embeds a gemstone, can trap your Earth Element making you either over cautious or even destabilise you.  Besides that, should you already have a good River of Destiny, a ring can inhibit the natural flow of your River of Destiny and make you prone to excesses and over anxiety of the future.

Influence Lines

As the River of Destiny flows, it can be attacked or strengthened by various marks.  Positive markings like influence lines, triangles and the strengthening of the River of Destiny tells a turn of events for the better when these markings appear.

When a Star appears on the line, it denotes a disaster waiting to happen.  If a box or square traps the star, then it is translated as a disaster or problem that will explode that can damage a person’s career, but some protection will suddenly come to protect the person from an absolute calamity.

If the line snaps or breaks apart, it heralds the sudden loss of a job, business, earning power and career of the person.  If the River appears again, then it predicts that all will resume again.  The period of break reveals the time the person will be jobless or unsettled.  Should the River of Destiny reappear stronger than before, then the career will return with more stability and security than before the losses.

An overlapping break indicates a planned move or career change.  The quality of the line reveals if the change will be for the better or worse.  When the lines break frequently, it reveals an instability or inability of the person to hold down a job or focus on his career.  Serious consideration has to be taken to analysis this occurrence, as it could be due to a disinterest in the chosen profession or career, an attitude problem that has to be corrected or a period of ill health that interferes with the career path.

When a spear or a cut crosses the River of Destiny, it indicates a hurdle or problem that arises in the career.  If the River carries onwards then it merely indicates a hurdle to cross, if the line ceases then this hurdle is serious enough to end the career or business.

If the spear that crosses the line and cuts it begins from the Region of Venus, then the cause of the problem will be a woman.  If the spear begins from the Mount of Mars, then a man will cause the problem.  If the spear crosses the River of Destiny and ends in an island or star, then the person who had caused the disturbance and turbulence will come to no good and also meet his or her own Retribution.

When there are two Rivers of Destiny, it indicates two careers running parallel.  Some women who are devoted mothers and have to take on the roles of both Mother and Father while holding on to a career may develop such twin Rivers of Destiny on their hands for the period they had to cope with this dual role.

Should there be too many interfering rivulets running alongside the River of Destiny, it can indicate the interference of too many people in the person’s life or that the person has more than one job or interests and it shows a period where the career is under pressure or lacks focus.  If one of these lines strengthens and takes over the River of Destiny, then it reveals that one of the hobbies, jobs or interests of the person will take over and a new career will begin.

The timing when this occurrence manifests itself is of utmost importance as it can then prepare us for the event.  Various palmists through the ages expound a rough guide but my personal research and experience has made me use the backing of astrology for absolute accuracy.  To be precise, a full reading and drawing up of an astrological chart should be done but for the layman, a simple calculation of a person’s “Soul Number” based on numerology can be a revelation.

To get your Soul Number, just bring your birth date to a single digit then bring your age to a single digit.  If they match then it shows cruciality in timing.  It can be for better or worse as this would depend on a more in depth analysis but at least know this much can alert you to the crossroad in your career especially if a significant marking or break coincides on your River of Destiny around that period in your life.

There are messages written on your palms.  Read and take note of them.  It may help you avoid a devastating calamity or give you the courage to ride your Destiny to success.


About Palmistry

A new fortnightly series on palmistry begins this week. Palmistry, called cheiromancy, predates astrology as a predictive art. When man noted the changing lines on the palm and the similar yet different shapes of hands (cheirognomy) and palm lines, they endeavoured to analyse their meanings. MADAM ZORRA, a practicing face fen shui master, incorporates the Shou Hsiang (hand analysis) into the Jen Hsiang (people analysis) for an accurate reading. Palm lines change constantly and this has given rise to the belief that they through our course of action, for better or worse.

You can send in a photocopy of your left and right palm, or send in a scanned image, stating if you are right or left handed, with your date of birth, for an analysis in this column. An included photograph will be an advantage. Use a pseudonym to remain anonymous. Send it to Madam Zorra, C/o WeekEnder, Star Publications (M) Bhd, Menara Star, 15, Jalan 16/11, 46350 Petaling Jaya or email to For enquires, call 012-429 1199.