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“Marriage – A road to Heaven or to Hell?”

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Marriage is one of the most difficult unions in life nowadays.  The education of women worldwide and the prevalence of birth control have liberated a woman’s role, which further pressure to the rules of Marriage.  Many marriages now come with a pre-nuptial agreement or a trial live-in relationship as a precaution.  But none of these modern, move-with-the-times measures can safeguard a marriage unless there is love or an advantageous trade-off for both parties.

But no matter how treacherous the marriage path appears, man’s biological urges have to be fulfilled and every person alive will strut his feathers and dance the mating dance to lure his or her mate and build their nest.  So let us at least know what’s in store for us.

Nothing much has evolved since the Ancients first glimpsed the secrets revealed in the hands pertaining to love and marriage.  The only difference is the Right hand is read for both men and women while the Left hand is observed per functionally as “her Fate” should the woman not take her Destiny in her own hand and retires as a contented “homemaker” and subjugated wife.

Lines of marriage appear as short lines on the Mount of Mercury below the Finger of Air.  Many palmists consider it as mere Lines of Affection.  But due to their very existence on this part of the palm, it indicates the potential and real possibilities of deep emotions that resemble relationships akin to marriage and should be considered as good as Marriage lines in this day and age even though a legal ceremony did not take place.

When there is a single line and if it is straight and clear, then the person is blessed with a heaven-sent reward of one good marriage.

Should there be numerous little lines, then the person will have numerous attachments or love affairs, and careful analysis must be made to identify if any of them will result in a stable marriage.

The lines are read from the outside of the palm running inwards.  If any of the lines begin with an island, then it is clear that the relationship will be fraught with anguish as even the beginning commences with problems.  But it does not mean that the person will not get married.

If the line ends with a downward sweep, then the path of the Marriage will have a sad ending especially if it flows and cuts the River of Life and into the Region of Venus.  This indicates that the sufferings as the result of the Marriage will devastate the life of the person in whose hand this line is seen.

Islands anywhere on the line of Marriage reveal an unhappy period during the marriage when the island appears.  If the line ends with an island, then it shows that either the relationship does not end in marriage or the marriage ends in a divorce.

A slash at the end of the Marriage line is interpreted as a serious obstacle that prevents marriage from happening.  A flow of the Marriage line upwards into the Finger of Air reveals the total lack of desire for the person to marry.  The person in whose hand this line occurs in prefers to enjoy the excitement of a variety of sexual escapades and resents restriction in his or her life.

When the Marriage line flows and merges into the River of Fire, then a prosperous marriage is promised, bringing name and status to the person.  If the Marriage line cuts the River of Fire, then the marriage will bring a reversal of status and damage the good name or good standing of the person.

Sometimes a parallel line to a Marriage line is seen.  This can indicate that the person will have a deep attachment to someone else while being married.  The passage of the lines will reveal their destiny.

A fork at the beginning of a Marriage line indicates delays to a marriage.  Follow the line to find out how it will end.

If you see a cross anywhere on the line of Marriage then it is a sure sign that your marriage is in serious problem.

Overlapping breaks on a Marriage line reveal a temporary separation either physically or emotionally of the married couple.  If the overlapping broken line continues stronger and deeper than before the break, then it indicates that the Marriage will mend and become even stronger and better than before.

Should a line of Marriage cut right across the palm to end in the region of Mars, and then a warning is indicated that the peace and stability of the Marriage is threatened by the temper or jealousy of the person on whose hand this line appears.  Should the person also have a clubbed Thumb, and then the passion of the person can drive him or her to become violent.  Interestingly enough, should another line branch from the marriage line towards the Finger of Earth and ends in a star, then such a person can resort to murder in his or her violent rage or jealousy, but he or she will not escape the arms of the Law.

Another sinister sign to note on the lines of Marriage is a deep dot and especially a mole.  This can indicate that the inability to produce an heir can threaten the survival of the marriage.  A mole can also suggest that a grave and unexpected disaster can end a marriage prematurely.

Indeed, the subject of marriage is a very important and often painful one to address.  Those from outside are eager to jump in and those on the inside can’t afford to get out.  Can hand analysis offer a clue as to how to deal with marriage?  I say it can, because knowing your potential for success and disasters can forewarn you, but most important, it can guide you to make the best of the situation you are in.  It can reveal to you the best way to deal with your partner and how to stoke the fires of love and passion and to appreciate the good in each other rather than to allow the bitterness to cloud everything.

Human beings react from their own standpoint.  They complain, moan and groan about how badly they are treated.  But little do they realize that their attitude and character can also create displeasure and unhappiness in others.  In marriage, when one is faced with the threat of divorce or if one’s partner strays, it is a wake-up call as to why the relationship went bad.  Generally, it is due to the lack of emotional communications.  One party has gone beyond the limit of endurance of the other.  Never take your partner for granted.  Pause awhile to consider your own attitude – are you driving your partner away?


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