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Emotional Persona Revealed in Your Hands

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It is one thing to have relationships, marriages and affairs.  But how exactly does one tick?  What turns a person on?  What is the emotional psychology of each individual?  Look at the River of Emotions for the answer.

The River of Emotions begins on the percussion of the Air Finger and transverses the palm to end in various areas on the other side of the palms traveling through the influences of the various Elements of the Fingers that channel their forces on to it.

An ideal River of Emotion is a deep pink line that gently curves in a crescent towards the confluence of the Water and Earth Fingers, in a clear uninterrupted flow.  Such an ideal line is rarely seen nowadays.  But a River of Emotion that flows in such a crescent with little breaks, islands or downward drooping lines is as good as it can get to deem that such a person is emotionally balanced, ready to give of himself or herself unselfishly in matters of love and emotions.

But the River does not always take this route and the point of its source can reveal what is in the soul.

Should the River have its source in the Area of Mars below the River of Life and Mentality, giving the River a curve or crescent a downward curve, a reverse of the ideal crescent, then such a person is not one who gives of himself or herself freely. This person will be fussy and self-centered in matters of the heart and in his or her affections.  Such a person is irritable and short-tempered in a close relationship, always finding reasons to avoid emotional commitments.  Unless the person he or she is involved in can satisfy his vanity and egocentric demands, he will find relationships not worth the effort.  A flexible thumb can soften his intolerance but only to a degree.  A person with such a River of Emotion can become a misogynist or a feminist. Should this person marry early he or she will try to adjust to married life but the longer marriage is delayed, the less likely he or she will marry. Such a like is seen mostly on the hands of men.

Another problematic source of the River of Emotions is one that flows past the Mount of Water and over the percussion of the Mount.  Such a person becomes too demanding, jealous, possessive and dominating.  His or her partner will have no life of his own as the person can be overpowering in his demands.  If the person with such a River of Emotion has a “Clubbed Thumb” on an Earth hand, brutal force will be the way he will enforce his or her will on those he possesses.  Such a combination is not privy to only men as it does occur with women as well.

A River of Emotion that runs straight on to the Mount of Water speaks of an idealistic romantic who is more cautious and cerebral in his notions of love and emotion.  Such a person visualizes and dreams, sometimes placing his emotional idol on a pedestal only to discover that he or she is only human.  People with such lines wait for the “Right One” to come along and usually end up “on the shelf”.  In olden days, when marriages were arranged, they would have suffered in a less-than-perfect marriage because of  their lofty standards but nowadays, men and especially women with such Rivers of Emotions should be prepared to ensure that they have a solid career because in their love life they will not get the perfection they seek unless they become realistic and are ready to compromise.  Such men and women end up desperate in their 30’s and begin to develop complexes which breed disharmony within themselves. Marriage to a person with such a River of Emotion can be difficult for someone who is warm and demonstrative as such a person is reserved when it comes to an outward show of his or her affections. Instead his feelings flow deep but very strong nevertheless, with great thoughtfulness and silent ardor.

Another curved River of Emotion that warns of problem is one that curves sharply towards the Finger of Earth.  People with such a curve seek sexual satisfaction and gratification above warmth and affection.  They can have insatiable sexual appetites that manifests itself as early as when they reach puberty.  Such people can develop early promiscuity and even become lesbians or homosexuals due to the restraints of society or family to mingle with the opposite sex and express their sexual ness and sometimes perverse desires.

Sex addicts would normally have such a River of Emotion.  Do not be disturbed if you have such a line. Realise the drive that can propel you to act the way you do and always remember that you will have other redeeming factors in your palms and so seek them, but do not ruin your safety, dignity and self-pride by pandering to your lust.


Emotional Compatibility

Generally speaking, two people whose Rivers of Emotions have the balanced crescent that curves towards the base where the finger of Water and Earth meet are the most compatible emotionally.  They will be open in their love for each other, fond of cuddles and displays of emotion.  In a relationship, they will act similarly and can reach an emotional and comfortable state of giving and receiving with little emotional complications.

When one party has the crescent and the other a straight line, then a great deal more of effort and understanding is needed to reach a state of acceptable compatibility.  Naturally, one party has to give-in more than the other to make things work, but it is not impossible.

Should you meet someone with a downward sweeping curve especially if it reaches the Mount of Mars, then the road to romantic compatibility will be rough.  But you must weigh the pros and cons of a union with your other inner needs like security, wealth, status and other materialistic benefits, then be thankful for it and brace yourself for the lack of other emotional cravings and desires within a relationship with such a person.



Knowing the emotional capacity of your mate prepares you for the ups and downs in marriage.  But the most powerful key is the revelation of your own Emotional persona or psyche.  Self-understanding in an area like emotions can lay bare the needs of your heart.  Such knowledge can help you make right choices and prevent mistakes.  If you need a great deal of demonstrative love, then make sure your husband or lover is prepared to give it.  If you are overly sexual, do not marry a person who has a low libido.  That’s just asking for trouble and extra-marital relationships.  Should you have a straight, unending line and therefore a highly demanding nature, then try not to marry a person with a free spirit and then spend your lives in misery trying to break his or her spirit.  Look for a demure, compliant person who is ready to be under your total control – if that is at all possible.

Before you try to understand what makes others tick, look into your own palms and let them tell you what makes you tick.


Hand Analysis

The River of Emotions

Lai Chin - 4th September 1957
45 years old

While the River of Emotions can show or predict the emotional state of any person, yet it must be read together with other lines for confirmation.  It can project the strengths or weaknesses in the areas of compassion, sexuality and caringness.  

When the River of Emotions moves towards the four finger or the Finger of Water, as shown in Circle A, it reveals a person who becomes very dominating, possessive, and stubborn.  The palms above belong to a woman aged 45 yrs.  What Circle A shows, is confirmed by what is  shown in Circle F, where you will see that the River of Mentality is separated from the River of Life.  This adds to a desire for independence of action, and therefore brings rashness, over daringness and materialness. 

The difference in the left and right palm is seen clearly when comparing Circle A and Circle C.  In Circle C, the River of Emotions has stopped under the middle finger.  This shows a person who does not reveal her inner compassion easily, and may be seen by others to be cold.  Improvement is seen in the right hand in Circle A, therefore showing a person who improves with age where personal relationships are concerned.

In Circle B, we see an island formed, which shows difficult personal relationships at the ages of 51 and 52.  This island is repeated on the right hand as well, therefore confirming that such problems are bound to happen.  With foresight and by forewarnings, the owner of these palms can reduce the trouble that lies ahead. 

The island shown in Circle B can also reveal health problems due to a mental breakdown in love areas, and this is shown in Circle E, which also represents the ages of 51 and 52 on the River of Life.  Therefore, the emotional state of a person as shown in the River of Emotions, can lead to physical, financial or health problems as well.

Circle D shows the River of Emotions fraying, and this reveals gastric problems, which again one can predict at the ages of 51 and 52 as shown in Circle E. 

The desire to control and dominate by this person is also confirmed by the length of her Water Fingers as shown in Circle G.  These fingers are longer than her Fire Fingers, showing natural leadership, which may interfere in personal relationships, due to her assertiveness. 

Overall, the River of Emotions has improved greatly in her right palm, showing that she has overcome past struggles, and that she is ambitious with a desire for wealth.  My advice to her would be to tone down her erratic nature as shown in Circle F, and to become more traditional, and not go against the establishment or the social environment because the island shown in Circle B reveals that her character that has no regard for rules. 


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