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The River of Vitality - The River of Life

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The River of Earth or Vitality is one of the most important lines to consider on the palm.  It is the first line that forms in the embryonic state of Man.  It is to this line that we must look at to decipher the vitality, will power, passion, life span and nature of a person.  This line is the “Chi” or energy barometer of  Man.  It reveals both the physical and spiritual aspect of a person.

No doubt the length of this line is looked at to gauge the longevity of a person, but it must never be concluded that a short line means a short life, because there are many other factors to consider before such a conclusion can be arrived at.  This River, however, does reveal the strength of the constitution and the inner force that can motivate a person towards his goals and desires.

The River of Vitality begins in the region of the Mount of Waters and flows to circle the Mount of Mars Positive and then of Venus, to end in the Mount of Neptune.  As it travels, it absorbs the power and forces of these mountains, which adds to the nature and quality of the River of Vitality.

The ideal River of Earth should not cling too close and trap the Mountain of Venus or begin too high up the Mount of Water, as this would indicate a person who is cold, cruel and self centered.  The River of Vitality must not curve too far into the Plain of Mars either and form an exaggerated curve, as this suggests an excess of vitality and sexual urges.  If the hand is of the Earth type, and is coarse, very flabby or soft and extremely red, with a swollen Mount of Venus, then such a person can have uncontrollable sexual urges and can be driven to use force to satisfy his lust.  Such can be the hand of a rapist especially if it is found with other negative markings.

It is interesting to note that a woman who is within her ovulating cycle can display a Mount of Venus that is more plump, swollen and redder than normal and seems to pulsate with anticipation and heightened expectations.

The ideal River of Vitality is one that begins between the Mounts of Water and Mars Positive and curves in a clear unmarked line, not exceeding the Earth Finger mark (taking the measurement down from the Earth Finger) and to descend between the Mount of Neptune and the bottom of the Mount of Venus.

Though such a clear, deep line is hardly ever seen, one that is unmarked most of the way is good enough as it is expected that the beginnings will be disturbed by markings of childhood illnesses and the ending will indicate some fraying as ones energy diminishes.

A line that is laddered indicates a weak constitution, as does one, which is chained by islands.

A break indicates a period that is dangerous to health but an overlapping break reveals the ability to overcome the danger and a square over the break, a protection during such a period.

When judging the length of the River, and if it may seem to stop, look carefully to see if a ray extends to join the River of Destiny as this indicates that Destiny and good fortune will preserve such a person and his life will be extended, as the River of Destiny then takes the place of the Vitality line.

Another mark that gives strength and protection to the River of Vitality is the sister of the River of Vitality that can be found on the inside of the line.  This is a fortunate line to possess as it strengthens the line and gives it added protection.

The River of Earth or Vitality is a very important line as it is  this line that offers us the barometer of how well we can do in life.  Besides displaying our strength of character and our determination to become successful and accomplish our ambitions, it also reveals in which areas we can discover our successes and during what ages.

From the River of Vitality little lines can be seen rising towards the various Mounts and fingers.  When they rise towards the Mount of Jupiter it shows great determination and the ability to realize ones ambition.

If a line radiates towards the Mount of Earth then the quest for monetary stability is utmost in the persons mind.  A clear uninterrupted line indicates success.

A line moving and reaching the Mount of Fire promises success, and glory will be achieved by such a person, who will leave behind a name to be remembered to posterity.

When a line rises from the River of Vitality and finds its way to the Mount of Mercury it tells of a person who will be successful in business and the world of communications.

As these lines travel towards the Mounts they may encounter breaks, crosses or other markings, but if the River of Vitality is strong, it will energise these little rays with its “Chi” and vitalize these rays towards their successful end.  A weakened River of Vitality will buckle under adversities and rob the person of the ability to accomplish his or her goals eventhough he may pocess these lines..

Lines that drop from the River of Vitality and seem to fall towards the wrist are the opposite of rising lines.  They disclose the inability of the person to cope with the pressures of life due to the lack of money, illness or a faint heart.  But should any of these lines join the River of Destiny, then it can indicate that due to good luck, a change for the better can happen.

But generally speaking, little rays falling from the River of Vitality, especially towards the end, reveals the dissipating of ones life force and chi due to ill health or a nervous disposition.

Other markings can also indicate the events of ones life when they occur on the River of Vitality.  Positive marks are the Fish, which speaks of success and financial gains.  A triangle can indicate a windfall or a successful and energetically re-enforced period of ones life. Such markings give one the force to overcome problems, be it in health or emotions.

Marks that have to be heeded as warnings are circles and moles that speak of danger of accidents or a square attached to the inner side of the line, which warns of incarceration or imprisonment of some nature.

The age when such events will occur can also be revealed in the palm but the exact time can be more accurately calculated in conjunction with astrology and the date of birth.

Palmistry is considered as a near perfect science, mastered through the generations of Man, and can be used as a guide to better ones life.  The mere fact that it has existed through the ages and is continually being studied and observed by great minds, validates it as a reliable source of the inner complexities of Mans’ Nature and is the Road Map of his life to do as he will.  Therefore, when we look at the palm for guidance, it reveals the scope of ones life, but as the lines change with every passing day due to our mental awareness, we can, through our own strength or weakness alter our destiny, after all our Destiny is always in our own hands.


Hand Analysis

DOB: 8th March 1961


Imagine the palm as an entire book, that can reveal the journey of life, through a life-time. The Line of Vitality must be read together with the other lines, mounts and valleys of the palm, for they are the different chapters that make up a whole book. 

In circle A, on the left palm, we see the Line of Vitality suddenly losing energy, but a branch from the Line of Vitality on the left hand has grown quite nicely, therefore promising continuous energy and an old age.

In circle A, on the right palm, we do not see a branch, but in circle B, we see a sister Line of Vitality, which gives energy to the original Line of Vitality, and therefore promises protection, and an old age as well.

Still, Pisces should not take health weaknesses lightly, as at the age of 41, stress, anxiety and physical health problems are going to emerge. This is confirmed by an island in circle C, which is clinging to the Line of Emotions, and this shows that emotional problems will also be a reason why the Line of Vitality has become weak at the age of 41.

In circle D, we see a star on the River of Destiny, and this is never a good sign, because it shows that health problems can remain hidden until too late. Therefore I would advise Pisces to go for a medical check up as soon as possible.

The 2 arrows pointing to the second and third fingers on the left hand, marked E, show that these 2 fingers tend to cling together. This shows that Pisces loves her independence of action and financial freedom, and often represents someone who lives on their nerves. Although it reveals a person who has much originality, yet a nervous trait will be seen as well, and this can contribute to the lowering of vitality as shown in circles A.

Cheerful May
DOB: 28th February 1974

The palms belonging to Cheerful May show a personality that has a very low tolerance for others, a tendency towards excesses, and a desire to dominate. This can be a recipe for stress, and therefore weakens the Line of Vitality as seen in circle A on the right palm, which is forecast at the age of 41. This shows a breakdown of physical and mental energy, with the result that the following years will remain weak whether in physical or mental areas as shown in circle B on the left palm. Therefore, Cheerful May should get herself physically checked, and also prepare to avoid difficult circumstances that may emerge at her age of 41. This can help to minimize the foreseen problems.

Circle C shows an island, which also forecasts medical problems at the age of 41. An island often shows a period of illness, and depending on the size of the island, the length of the illness can be forecast. This island, is seen on the River of Air, which should be read together with the River of Vitality.

Circles D, on both palms show a fraying of the River of Emotions, and this often indicates tumors in the stomach, and also cysts in the gynecological areas, which may well affect Cheerful May at her age of 41.

Circle E shows that an emotional or physical trauma was already felt at the age of 23. Therefore, health problems at the age of 23 could have deteriorated, and may further contribute to the problems at the age of 41.

Circles F, show the first and second fingers clinging together, and this is often a sign of dominance, but also reveals a stressful person who is narrow-minded. I would advise Cheerful May to have more consideration for the views of others.  .

Though May might have called herself “Cheerful May”, this could only be a mask of her true inner self who cries on the inside but laughs on the outside to fool the world.


About Palmistry

A new fortnightly series on palmistry begins this week. Palmistry, called cheiromancy, predates astrology as a predictive art. When man noted the changing lines on the palm and the similar yet different shapes of hands (cheirognomy) and palm lines, they endeavoured to analyse their meanings. MADAM ZORRA, a practicing face fen shui master, incorporates the Shou Hsiang (hand analysis) into the Jen Hsiang (people analysis) for an accurate reading. Palm lines change constantly and this has given rise to the belief that they through our course of action, for better or worse.

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