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The River of Mentality - The Steering Wheel of Life

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The line that runs in the middle of the palm, from one side of the palm to the other, as if separating the upper finger portion from the wrist portion, is called the River of Mentality. This is the most important line on the hand, as it indicates the mental ability of the person to deal with what life has in store for him or her. This line is the Rudder or Steering Wheel of a personís life. 

Though the flow, depth and breadth of this River of Mentality has to be analyzed in relation to the type of hand, the way the River flows, and the passage of the flow, is to be read similarly for any type of hand. Besides this, this is one River that should be examined on both hands, although importance is given to the quality of the River on the right hand if the person is right-handed, and on the left hand if the person is left-handed.

As this is the one River that changes the most during the course of oneís life, it is  very interesting to note the changes, and you should photocopy your palms from time to time and compare them as you go through life and experiences. Visible changes can be observed every six months to one year, and this becomes a clear evidence of the mindís development as it responds to the various stimulii of experiences, and even oneís conscious or unconscious evolution.

As there are so many subtle nuances in the flow of this River, only certain pertinent aspects can be discussed here. One of the most important aspect to note is the type of River that flows through your palm.

The ideal, is a deep, strong, and pink River that flows unbroken from the River of Life, past the River of Fate, in a gentle curve. Such a River indicates a balanced person, who has a good memory, is practical and determined, and who will realize his goals and attain inner harmony.

A broad and shallow River denotes one who does not have the inner strength to lead, nor possess the courage or resolution to rise to high regard, but will instead be a mundane follower, ready to submit to a stronger force, or crumble under lifeís trials and tribulations.

A thin, faint and narrow River reveals a person with weak mental stamina. He or she may be intelligent, but will lack concentration and determination. Deep thinking will fatigue such a person, and unless there are other redeeming or lucky marks, this person may drift through life in abject frustration.

A chained River of Mentality that seems to be made up of a chain of islands, denotes a person who is illogical and emotional, and therefore cannot concentrate on a consistent route through life. He or she will be plagued with sorrow and unhappiness, and will be constantly battling against emotional problems which may cause him or her breakdowns, depression, and severe lost of self-esteem.

A choppy River of Mentality reveals a fickle-minded and inconsistent person who can prove to be unreliable, and easily swayed. It also shows a person with a nervous disposition, which can be the cause of many illnesses and physical breakdowns. Such person is easily taxed, both mentally and physically, and requires peace, calmness, and a great deal of rest.

A meandering River of Mentality speaks of a person who cannot focus and keep to a planned course in his or her lifeís ambitions or desires. He or she will lack perseverance, and strength of purpose.

Apart from the type of River of Mentality, the length, and beginning and ending, will play a very decisive role in deciphering the motivation, mental health, and mental power of a person, so that he or she can live their lives in a manner that is meaningful and successful, and also allow a happy ending.

The ideal River, begins from below the Mount of Jupiter, touching the River of Life, and flowing gently in a curve to end between the Mounts of Mars Positive and the Moon. Such a River indicates a balanced person, who will achieve a peaceful, meaningful life.

But, this River sometimes begins from the Mount of Jupiter, away from the River of Life, and this indicates a person who is ambitious, determined, and with a powerful mind and strength to see his or her ambitions realized. However, if this River is too far away from the River of Life, it weakens the power of such a River, because this person will also possess negative attitudes like recklessness, over-confidence, and fool-hardiness which must be controlled and contained, so that he or she can achieve their goals. Such negative attitudes will cloud their better judgement and expose them to making disastrous mistakes.

A River of Mentality that clings to the River of Life, or begins within the River of Life, restricts independent thought and mental evaluation, thus making him or her insecure, timid, and shy, even bringing inferiority complexes that inhabit independence and mental growth. With other good markings and a good birthdate, such a person can overcome his or her inhibitions and sensitivities, so that they can reach their full potential. But this can only come after a great deal or effort, and determination.

The measure of determination is seen in the quality of the River, and itís length. A strong, long River shows mental power and focus, intelligence, and a good memory.

A River of Mentality that is too short, and does not even touch the River of Fate, will not augur well for any person, because it can reveal a short or difficult life, especially if the River of Life is also short.

A River of Mentality that flows straight across the palm speaks of intelligence, but such a person would be too clever for their own good, and will deem others to be stupid or an imbecile. This will obviously be a person who lacks wisdom, and will suffer from a lack of it. It also indicates avarice, and a calculative, selfish character.

A River that flows downwards into the Mount of the Moon, reveals an excess of sensitivity, imagination, and creativity. Such a person can imagine or create the inconceivable, and conjure up morbid and destructive images in his or her mind. If unchecked, such a person can hallucinate or even become insane, especially if such a River of Mentality is found in a Water or Ether hand.

A River of Life that ends in a fork, with one branch flowing into the Mount of Mars Positive, and the other branch flowing into the Mount of Moon, indicates a person with a great deal of imagination and creativity, but with a practical approach to his or her creative attempts, and therefore will have the ability to make his or her dreams come true.

As in all major Rivers, riverlets that flow upwards are good, and can enhance the energy of any River. Riverlets that flow downwards, will drain any River of itís strength, and can indicate disappointments or weaknesses.

It is never good to see the flow of any River interrupted by a break, as it indicates an abrupt ending of the energy-flow. An over-lapping break is not so frightening, as it shows a temporary or momentary interruption of the energy flow, but still, during such a period, great mental anguish will be experienced. When the River of Mentality flows onwards and exhibits strength, or flows smoothly, then this break or over-lapping break, can forecast an accident especially to the head, or it can predict severe mental stress, or even a complete breakdown, but only during that period.

Other negative marks are dots, crosses, or a star. If the River of Mentality ends with a star, then it can reveal sudden death, when the person is obviously unprepared. Caution should be exercised if such marks are seen. Dangerous ages can be identified with an astrological chart, to confirm difficult periods during oneís lifetime.

The intricate revelations on the palms are best read together with an astrological chart, so that a counter check can be made. One should not jump to any hasty conclusion if negative markings are seen on oneís River of Mentality. The hand must be read in total, with one Riverís action in relation to another River, as there will always be found balance and counter balances  marked on the palms.

View palmistry or any of the esoteric arts as a guide to a better life, and you should view these arts objectively and without fear.


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