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The Years of the Boar
1911 1923 1935 1947 1959 1971 1983 1995 2007

In the world, everyone has to have at least one Boar as his friend. He is the life of the party and the friend in need that you can call upon at anytime.

Even though he may seem easy going and full of fun, when he is called upon to accomplish a task he can perform it with single-minded determination and untiring stamina. He always strives to do his best and will come up with a winner.

The one thing the Boar needs to guard against is his lack of discernment of those he calls his friends and those he trusts. This gullible and too trusting Boar will be made use of by many and taken for a ride by the unscrupulous. But his amazing resilience will always enable him to recover. In business, this can be serious so he should choose his business partners carefully and do not leave the entire running to the partners.

The Boar could make an excellent counsellor, as he is a kind and sympathetic listener who never sits in judgement. He gives advice and guidance with solicitous concern for the other and sincerely extends his help with no restrictions.

Though he may be extravagant and stylish in his dressing and appearance he is down to earth and unassuming. He just enjoys beautiful things and the good life. His tastes are genuine not acquired for image.

You may think that all this would make the Boar idealist but that is not so, he is quite materialistic. He enjoys power and financial success and he can handle it very well without losing his basic simplicity and humble nature.

His brand of leadership and ingenuity can be put to very good use to fight the cause for the less fortunate and oppressed. He will readily garner support and assistance from those he had helped in the past and those he socialises with and there are many because he is a party animal and takes his socialising seriously.

He does have a somewhat delicate psyche and can wear himself trying to spread his sympathy and solicitation around untiringly. He allows himself to be used and taken for granted by his friends and family.

But, push the Boar too far and he can erupt as ferociously as a volcano and he can be as aggressive as he can be sweet and amicable. But he is very forgiving and can hold no grudge.

He is passionate and loyal in love and is a great support for his family. His easy going nature will foster a happy family unit and will be prepared to give more than he can receive. There is nothing restraining about a Boars generosity.

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