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The Rat CharacterWeekly Predictions

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The Rat
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The Years of the Boar
1911 1923 1935 1947 1959 1971 1983 1995 2007

Compatibility with Other Signs

Boar & Rat
The benevolent Rat will find the equally generous Boar a compatible partner. There will be other areas of compatibility and the relationship will be fulfilling, happy and beneficial to both.

Boar & Ox
The over anxious and strict Ox will be too restrictive for the lenient Boar. The Boar can manage his business ventures very successfully but the Ox, because he is disapproving of the Boar’s gregariousness character, will tend to be over managing the Boar.

Boar & Tiger
This affectionate pain will have a happy and enjoyable relationship. In business, they can complement each other and the Boar will be happy to stay in the background, supporting the idealistic Tiger and allowing him the accolades.

Boar & Rabbit
They enjoy the same things, can work towards the same goals and will complement each other as the Boar will not put too much pressure on the Rabbit. The Boar will benefit from the sagacious Rabbit.

Boar & Dragon
The Dragon will find the Boar unmoved by the Dragons presence and fire breathing enthusiasm. The Dragon will try to take advantage of the accommodating Boar, so he should learn when to say "No".

Boar & Snake
The supercilious Snake may deride the naivet?of the guiless Boar but he will be envious of his popularity and open heartedness.

Boar & Horse
The active Horse will find the Boar an unrestaining partner and in his company can achieve his goals which will be beneficial can achieve his goals which will be beneficial to both. This is a happy, fun filled union.

Boar & Sheep
This will be an auspicious and prosperous partnership as they are both lucky signs. There will be a lot of understanding, warmth and loyalty in love. They enjoy the same things in life but have to learn to curb extremes especially in spending.

Boar & Monkey
They Monkey will run circles around the innocent Boar. The cunning, street-wise Monkey will find an easy victim with the Boar but the winning ways of the congenial Boar may ensnare the susceptible Monkey into being his protector.

Boar & Rooster
The Rooster will be an irritant to the Boar if he meddles too much in his affairs. If they to live or work together, they need to understand each other very well, and it is possible.

Boar & Dog
The loyal, honest Dog will find the honourable Boar quite refreshing. He will be able to let his guard down in the Boar’s company and enjoy and restrained, fortuitous relationship together.

Boar & Boar
The Boar will have a ball with another Boar. Their strength will be strengthened and their sensitivities will be understood by the other but they can take their faults to extremes and pander to each other’s weakness to the detriment of the relationship. So they need to try to control their shortcomings to achieve balance and successful union.

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