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The Rat Character
Weekly Predictions

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The Rat
The Ox
The Tiger
The Rabbit
The Dragon
The Snake
The Horse
The Sheep
The Monkey
The Rooster
The Dog
The Pig
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The Years of the Dog
1910 1922 1934 1946 1958 1970 1982 1994 2006

Compatibility with Other Signs

Dog & Rat
The Dog will be able to adjust very well to a Rat in any situation. He will value the Rats frugality and tolerate the Rat’s desire to dominate.

Dog & Ox
The Dog and Ox can be very pessimistic in each others company. There is too much care and caution exercise by both to make the partnership progressive.

Dog & Rabbit
The Dog will trust the Rabbit and easily make him a friend. The companionship of the Rabbit can lift the Dog to great heights and will be very beneficial to both.

Dog & Tiger
The straight-forward, idealistic Tiger will find great support in the Dog. The Dog can do a lot to balance out the extremes of the Tiger.

Dog & Dragon
They are the opposite. The over ambitious Dragon is what the Dog abhors. He is wary of the Dragon’s desires to control and take over. He senses the irrational demands the Dragon can make. And is suspicious of the Dragon’s deluded dreams of being the absolute leader.

Dog & Snake
These are two old souls who can percieve the machionations of the world. They understand each other, respect each others capabilities but can both walk away to live the lives they have chosen.

Dog & Horse
There will be energy and happiness in this relationship. Once they understand and trust each other, they will give each other the space they need to develop and become complete. 

Dog & Sheep
The robust Dog may find the Sheep’s temperament too frail and fussy for him. The Dog will get impatient with the Sheep who will demand too much attention from him. At best, it will be cordial relationship.

Dog & Monkey
The Dog will take a while to warm up enough to trust the Monkey. But once the trust has been established, they could benefit from each others strength. 

Dog & Rooster
They will find it hard to accommodate each other and what is more, they both have an incredible ability for verbal combat. They may admire each others qualities but can cut to the quick in their fiery tempers.

Dog & Dog
This is a team. Similar temperament and nature. In arguments someone has to douse the anger and as they mature, someone has to give them hope that goodness can prevail in mankind.

Dog & Boar
The noble Dog will find the loyal ally in the Boar. The Dog will be a fierce protector of the credulous Boar and the Boar will be forgiving of the Dogs weaker points and bad temper. Their relationship will be complacent and happy.

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