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The Years of the Dog
1910 1922 1934 1946 1958 1970 1982 1994 2006

If you want loyal fair minded friend, then seek out a Dog. But, he chooses you. He will decide whether he wants you as a friend or not. His defences are always on the alert. He will take his time to assess you, but once he numbers you as his friend then he will be with you through thick and thin and his confidence in you will be unshakeable.

Liking the outdoors, he is best suited in jobs that does not tie him to the desk. And if he has a desk job, he should play an active sport as this will release a lot of his heavy emotions that can make him bad tempered.

The Dog seems to have been put on this Earth to give a balance to all the materialistic, self gratifying and egocentric signs. He is here to give one hope that there are some unselfish, straight forward people left in this materialistic world who you can depend on in your hour of need.

When you are his friend, you can be at ease in his company no matter if you are rich, poor, successful, unsuccessful, healthy or an invalid. He will fight your battles and give you whatever moral support you may need. Because of his solid character, he is greatly respected and can be looked towards as a leader.

Tough and aggressive when provoked, he rarely looses his temper or his cool. He can be physical when he is angry, but he is emotionally just as tough as he is physically, thus is takes a lot to crack a Dog. But before he uses his fits to sought you out, he can be an eloquent orator who will leave you stunned by his volley of rebuke. Try not to rile a Dog up when you encounter him. Show him respect.

The mistake most people make about the Dog is that they underestimate his good guy attitude. But his temper is hot and short. He is your friend again after that. He has an enormous capacity to make excuses for his friends and there is always that chance that they may take advantage of him.

In situations like this, when it comes to the matters of the heart, the Dog may be considered a fool because the object of his love may take him for a ride over and over again and he will continually be forgiving. It would be an extreme case when the Dog finally decides to break the relationship up and he will grieve especially if there are children involved.

But the Dog is not a push over. He is just very tolerant as he can always see both side of a problem. He will understand what drove his friend or loved one to make such a mistake in a given situation.

As he goes through life watchful, encountering the deviousness of mankind, seeing how greed drives them to cruel and unjust deeds and how lust corrupts, he grows more and more disillusioned. For this he has gained the reputation of being a cynic and mistrusting. And heavy is the heart of many an old Dog and more withdrawn do they become.

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