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The Rat CharacterWeekly Predictions

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The Rat
The Ox
The Tiger
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The Snake
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The Sheep
The Monkey
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The Years of the Dragon
1904 1916 1928 1940 1952 1964 1976 1988 2000

Compatibility with Other Signs

Dragon & Rat
The support the Rat can give the Dragon will make the partnership very successful. As the Dragon aims for his ideals, the Rat will ensure his cash-flow is smooth and his household runs well.

Dragon & Ox
The grave Ox will be in total state of anxiety when dealing with the Dragon and his visions. If the Ox can be in charge of the nitty-gritty, then their roles will be better played out.

Dragon & Tiger
The Dragon and the Tiger need better understanding of each other to work or live together. Their plans can coincide but it needs major tolerance from the Tiger because tolerance is not a word the Dragon has in his dictionary.

Dragon & Rabbit
If the Dragon can respect the Rabbit for what he is, he will benefit a great deal from the sound counsel and diplomatic Rabbit.

Dragon & Dragon
A Dragon will appreciate another Dragon as there will be understanding but who leads and also who will be willing to follow is the major issue.

Dragon & Snake
Here is a passionate combination. They will keep each other on their toes. Once respect is attained, the shrewd Snake can advise the Dragon of the pitfalls in his path and keep him from falling into them.

Dragon & Horse
The spirited Horse will appreciate the leadership qualities of the Dragon but he has to allow the Dragon to set the pace and take the lead for partnerships to succeed.

Dragon & Sheep
The blunt Dragon will constantly upset the Sheep. The lack of discipline in the Sheep will infuriate the Dragon. But once stirred up , they can both be equally single minded for a similar cause.

Dragon & Monkey
The Dragon will fair well with the Monkey as his general, his C.E.O or his wife. His inexhaustible energy and wit will be a match for the Dragon and this could be a partnership that could lead to great prosperity.

Dragon & Rooster
In the Dragon the Rooster will find the person he will respect. The Rooster recognises the leadership qualities of the Dragon and will gladly support him in his endeavours. The Dragon will benefit from the discipline of the Rooster and his business acumen.

Dragon & Dog
The Dragon with his irrational and explosive manners will make the Dog fight shy of him. Although his loyalty will be admired by the Dragon, the Dog will not put up with the ostentatious Dragon and will be cynical of the high goals set by the Dragon. The Dragon will therefore feel less confident in a Dog’s presence.

Dragon & Boar
The Dragon will spark a fire in the heart of the Boar and can make the Boar stir to achieve the desires he had harboured. The Boar will appreciate the excebearance the Dragon has and the Dragon will bask in the loving and passionate attention of the Boar exuberance. 

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