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The Years of the Dragon
1904 1916 1928 1940 1952 1964 1976 1988 2000

Here is the sign of the leader. With single minded enthusiasm he will advance into any field unafraid of any danger as he is confidant of his powers. Once he has around him compatible followers who can support his magnanimous ideals, he will be an unstoppable force.

He has the inner conviction of his ability to attain power and wealth and will be able to fan the flames of passion in those around him to inspire them to strive to attain his dream. That is his most powerful asset. Demanding and unreasonable, he expects total commitment from those around him, his family, employees and his partners. But when success comes he generously shares his gains, rewarding those who sacrificed with him.

It would help if he thought out his plans well before embarking on them and became more realistic about the details and the goals. As he is unable to see things on a smaller scale, he should appoint and allow those he appointed to do their tasks in mapping out the finer points so that success or victory can be achieved. However, the Dragon tends to over-ride anybody or any plan if it stands in the way of his unrealistic objectives. But, amazingly, especially when luck is on his side, he will prove everybody wrong and his lofty goals will be achieved because, only the Dragon can see things in such grandiose scales.

He makes himself noticed no matter in what strata of society he comes from. He takes on tasks or causes with equal enthusiasm. He will emerge as a leader from every corner of the earth to carry those around him to a different plane with his vision.

Even a lady Dragon cannot be subdued for long. She will be seen to rule the roost and be the inspirational force in her family and circle. Totally fair and compassionate, she will undertake any challenge to right a wrong or embark on a campaign for the less fortunate.

The Dragon has no time for pettiness and will have no sympathy for snivelling excuses. His bluntness of speech is legendary so avoid parrying with him or lay in his path when he is breathing his fiery rebukes.

Parley in private. To make him ‘lose face’ in public is to incite his wrath forever.

You can never keep a Dragon down for long. His remarkable ability to bounce back is amazing. Being an absolute extrovert he always has to have an audience.

The Dragon always needs another project to work on or another cause to fight for because the fire that burns in him has to be expresses otherwise it will burn him from within and he will be a bitter person. Then his cantankerous nature will make him unbearable.

Respect and tolerance is what the Dragon needs most. Give him that and you have a friend for life.

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