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The Rat CharacterWeekly Predictions

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The Rat
The Ox
The Tiger
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The Horse
The Sheep
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The Years of the Horse
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Compatibility with Other Signs

Horse & Rat
The Horse is not going to get on with the possessive and dominating Rat. His free spirit will constantly battle to be unrestricted by the confining supervision of the Rat.

Horse & Ox
The austere Ox will give the Horse stability but the Horse will not be able to tolerate the Ox’s staid company for long stretches. They can work together if both understand what makes the other tick.

Horse & Tiger
There will be sparkle not to mention sparks when a Horse meets a Tiger. Their verbal banter and exciting imagination can be inspirational to each other. Their fights will be explosive but the anger will only be temporary. Making up will be passionate.

Horse & Rabbit
The Horse will find the Rabbit too philosophical for his liking. The Horse does not want to stop and look at things too closely because he has no intentions of getting to close to anyone least he gets trapped.

Horse & Dragon
Here’s someone the Horse can respect. The leadership of the passionate Dragon is one the Horse can concede to follow. If the Horse may work on his own with the Dragon not breathing over his shoulder, the partnership can be prosperous.

Horse & Snake
The sophisticated and wise Snake will abhor the loud and impetuous Horse. They cannot synchronise in tempo nor in manner of approach. It is best if they do not endeavour to begin any serious commitments.

Horse & Horse
They can run in a pack. One will be the leader. They can have good times together and make money together but one has to try to get the other to slow down once in a while or they can burn each other out. 

Horse & Sheep
The shy Sheep will make the Horse work harder to gain his attention and win him over. This mode of action can either exasperate a Horse or grip his attention. But the pleasant and calm Sheep will do a lot to soothe the Horses strained nerves and in love and marriage this is what a Horse needs, a quiet heaven to return to.

Horse & Monkey
Here are two ideal business partners. Instinctively alert and clever, they will sum each other up quickly and realise each others character, but due to his speedy, no time for details nature, the Horse has a danger of leaving the Monkey too much opportunities to take advantage of him. Caution is needed here by the Horse.

Horse & Rooster
The Horse will rebel against the regimented kind of existence the Rooster tries to impose on him. But in business, the Horse needs a Rooster personality to look after the systems and the nitty gritty so that he can go ahead with what he is best suited for.

Horse & Dog
These two signs have a lot in common. They can become good friends once the Dog establishes the fact that the Horse is not a conniving character and that his abruptness is because he is always in such a hurry.

Horse & Boar
The Horse has no great emotions for better or for worse with the Boar. At best, they can be casual friends meeting occasionally socially.

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