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The Years of the Horse
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When you see the Horse you see a person who is surrounded by an aura of impatience and speed. He does everything in a hurry and expects those around him to keep up with him.

Moving at that speed in mind and in body, he tends to stir up a storm everywhere he goes. Those who can keep up with him find him stimulating but others find his disruptive. If he learns to be more considerate of the feelings of those he is with and treat them with more sincere care, he will be more successful.

But this is a great effort for a Horse. His action packed, free spirited character finds any restrains very debilitating and he’ll prefer to discount those who cannot keep up with him rather than change himself.

As his mind and movements are quick, his attention span is also short. He thrives on new challenges – be it in love or in work. It takes a lot to corral a Horse. For this reason he can be a heartbreaking lover. Love them and leave them is his style as he is able to move on.

He will leave you breathless when he is courting you and just as breathlessly he will leave you so, don’t get carried away when a Horse tries to sweep you off your feet. Resistance can be exciting for a Horse and he will stay longer by your side, long enough for you to rope him, perhaps. Then, give him his space and he will always return to you.

The Horse makes an excellent promoter and salesperson. A desk restraining job will wither him. Being on the move and weaving his charm to accomplish his goals and target in his forte. Use his talents and you will get the maximum from him. Don’t force him - it won’t work.

He is so adaptable he can suit any environment. Like a chameleon he is able to adjust to various personality types and think, behaved and treat a person just as the person wants to be treated.

His versatility of tuning into an environment makes him a linguist as well. Before long, a Horse will be able to pick up the language, accent and mannerisms of the place or country he is in and blend in like a native.

The direct approach is the best way to deal with a Horse. When you get to the point you will know if things will work between the two of you or if it won’t. His quick mind will be able to size up situation or job and carry it on to a different and sometimes quite an unusual way of dealing with it. Once he is excited, he will work on it exhaustively. He likes to work independently.

At the rate he goes through life, his main problem will be stress and nervous energy. Learning to cope with it should be his main concern. Unless he can, he is a candidate for many stress related health problems.

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