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Monthly Predictions for the HORSE Sign

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The Rat Character

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The Years of the Horse
1906 1918 1930 1942 1954 1966 1978 1990 2002

Year of the Metal Dragon
Period of the Ox
Winter Solstice : December 22 - January 6
Winter Cold :      January 7 ?January 20
New Moon 26th of December
Full Moon 10th of January


Sign of the Horse

 Fixed Sign Fire (+)


Business and Career

The period of the Ox with its Fire element and accompanying force and energy will intimidate the Horse to a great extent. It can overpower the careful Horse so that the Horse becomes suspicious of it due to his or her own lack of confidence because the Horse must always be in control or at least appear to be in control. However, the corresponding element of Metal, which is the Element of the Dragon Year and the Fixed Element of the Horse, is the important element in this years success because Metal lends to the Dragon qualities stability, practicality, and steadfastness. So, the Horse is advised to approach any potential proposals or even problems with his or her normal controlled attitude and bring it into ever keel. Use patience, step-by-step analysis and implementation and whatever its way. What seems so overpowering will soon be under control and working smoothly. Panic- and you would have lost everything. Ridicule it, as a way out fantasy and a good opportunity would be lost. 


Love and Romance

The passionate and physical side of love will be entrusted upon you during this period. You will have to handle the wants and desires of the one you love or have been going out with. Demands will be made upon you and though you expect romantic words and candlelight, you may not get it. The time has come for you to face what your partner, lover or friend really wants from you. Sexual and physical love has different forms and approaches by other people. If this important act between you and your lover cannot be reconciled, then you have a major problem. You must try to talk it out before making any final decision. If you are only at the courting stage, then be careful. The need for foreplay also varies. Yours maybe different. If you are a girl then do not let your boyfriend force you into anything unpleasant. If you are a boy, do not be afraid to respond to your girlfriend. If you have sexual problems, look for help from an experienced and qualified person. 



Your health problems will be due to stress or emotional problems. Keep active and emotionally happy. Check out my web site on Meditation and Astro Aromatherapy to assist you. 


This festive period is charged with conflicting energy. It is the time to settle differences and make peace. The volatility can make it go either way. The law is being ignored. However, good sense and stable conscience sits alongside fiery enthusiasm. Let that prevail and not emotions and lawlessness. 

Call me for a personal consultation at 012-429 1199 if you need to see your way through to the next year. Meanwhile, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year, Donít drink and drive! The life you lose may be yours.

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