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The Rat Character
Weekly Predictions

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The Rat
The Ox
The Tiger
The Rabbit
The Dragon
The Snake
The Horse
The Sheep
The Monkey
The Rooster
The Dog
The Pig
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The Years of the Monkey
1908 1920 1932 1944 1956 1968 1980 1992 2004

Compatibility with Other Signs

Monkey & Rat
The Monkey will appreciate the ways of this business minded Rat. He will respect his inborn intuition and both can flourish in any partnership.

Monkey & Ox
The business acumen of the Monkey will attract the Ox whose assent is best suited to stabilise the Monkey’s ventures. The Ox will bring credibility to a Monkey’s endeavours or household.

Monkey & Tiger
There is a great deal of conflict between these two signs. They are both power possessive and competitive. The Monkey is natural and practical but the Tiger is theatrical and full of airs.

Monkey & Rabbit
The Monkey cannot fool the Rabbit. Once the Monkey realises it, and tries a more forthright approach with the Rabbit he may win him over. But they will both be cagey with each other.

Monkey & Dragon
This is a very progressive and compatible combination in business or romance. The presence of the Dragon will appeal to the Monkeys quest for power and status.

Monkey & Snake
Putting aside his charm and vanity, you will find that the Monkey is natural, that is why the highly strung and complex nature of the Snake will not suite the Monkey’s temperament but, the Monkey will benefit from the deep thinking calculate wily impact of the Snake in his business dealings.

Monkey & Horse
There is no compatibility or conflict between these two signs. They can benefit from each other. The energy of the Horse can be harassed skillfully by the Monkey.

Monkey & Sheep
The Sheep will be enthralled by the clever Monkey and will be amused by his antics. The Monkey will try to pull wool over the Sheep’s eye but it will be so because the Sheep allows him to.

Monkey & Monkey
Two Monkeys together will be a zoo. They will be a barrel of laughs. Able to see eye to eye in every aspect their partnership in love and in business will prove to be happy and rewarding.

Monkey & Rooster
This is bird the Monkey will charm off a tree. He will know just which feather to stroke to get the desired response. But when the Rooster is aware he’s been lured, the Monkey had better disappear fast because the Rooster will spare nothing to get his own damaged vanity restored.

Monkey & Boar
The Monkey will find the credulous Boar an easy victim for his scams but having done him in, the Monkey will be very sympathetic to the Boar, guilty even, and try hard to make amends. This tricky Monkey will have a field day with the Boar but it might be the Monkey who gets caught in the end.

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