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The Years of the Monkey
1908 1920 1932 1944 1956 1968 1980 1992 2004

You will find the Monkey in any walk of life or in any occupation. His distinguishing point is his confidence, no matter what his countenance may be, shy, docile, suave or dignified.

His strength is his versatility. To accomplish his goals in life, which, by the way is to be powerful, successful and rich, he knows how to wheedle his way into the good books of those who are influential.

The Monkey does not use his wits just to survive, he uses his sharp wit because he cannot help but do it and get the better of any one or any situation. It is second nature to him. To those who know him, his attitude is distrusted and moves termed as crafty. But to those he is spinning his magic on to get endless schemes, they are absolutely charmed by him. He draws them in slowly - bit by bit, unaware till it is too late or too embarrassing to resist.

With his keen memory and sense of self preservation the Monkey is not easily snared or trapped. When cornered, leave it to him to find out his way of it. Do you want him as your lawyer or accountant? Definitely yes! Especially if you are in a tight spot. His mind is always one step ahead.

He has an instinctive way of reacting in any circumstances which is why he is considered cunning. But his reactions are not premeditated like the Snake.

He is in character warm and natural. He is lively interesting and full of jokes. People generally like him. In turn he is curious about everyone and everything and enjoys company where his wit can be admired. There is no one the Monkey cannot win over if he wants to.

To give him a challenge is the best way to gain his attention. If you give in too easily, the Monkey will take what he wants and then move on, careless of your feelings. But put up a fight, you would have got his attention. He does not like to loose.

He is highly speculative, the throw of the dice on the stock market will all be exciting for him. Though quick gains are his passion, he may also have many irons in the fire. If any one deal shows signs of failing, he will be out of it before it does, unscrupulously leaving his partners carrying the baby, and, buying his shares at a premium too!

It is not that you can’t trust a Monkey or associate with him in business, but this cheeky little fellow is smart and quick - don’t be complacent when he is your partner or your employee and pit your wit against him if he is your opponent. Don’t take his guile and good humour at face value, he’ll play ping pong with you if you let him.

Make him aware that you see past all the comradeship slick exterior and you are no fool. He will then calm down, get to the point and you will have a great partner or associate.

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