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Monthly Predictions for the MONKEY Sign

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The Years of the Monkey
1908 1920 1932 1944 1956 1968 1980 1992 2004

Year of the Metal Dragon
Period of the Ox
Winter Solstice : December 22 - January 6
Winter Cold :      January 7 ?January 20
New Moon 26th of December
Full Moon 10th of January

Sign of Monkey 

Fixed Sign Metal (+)


Business and Career

This period will be beneficial for Monkeys who are ambitious, interested in business, travel, languages, music, financial investments, politics and dealings with the government or establishments of learning and authority. All dealings in such areas will be active, progressive and successful. Put maximum energy into these areas. 


Love and Romance

The areas of love and romance will be lacking in lustre and excitement, in fact, Mr. and Lady Monkeys are advised not to put too much emphasis in it. Avoid confrontations in this area. Let sleeping dogs die. Do not make any important decisions regarding love, romance or even family matters during this period. 



There is no other danger for the Monkeys in matters of health except what can stem from the Monkey’s own highly stressed and nervous nature. The Ox period with its activity will of course accentuate this inherent problem, therefore the Monkey has to learn to manage his time efficiently so as to alleviate any further burden of stress. My advice always to the Monkey is to know his or her limits and to work within these parameters. Learning to deal with stress is extremely important for the Monkey. Check out my section on Meditation and Astro Aromatherapy to discover ways to help yourself to calm down. 


This festive period is charged with conflicting energy. It is the time to settle differences and make peace. The volatility can make it go either way. The law is being ignored. However, good sense and stable conscience sits alongside fiery enthusiasm. Let that prevail and not emotions and lawlessness. 

Call me for a personal consultation at 012-429 1199 if you need to see your way through to the next year. Meanwhile, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year, Don’t drink and drive! The life you lose may be yours.

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