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The Years of the OX
1901 1913 1925 1937 1949 1961 1973 1985 1997

Welcome the Ox for his solid, practical, high moralistic character. In his presence you will never want for the comforts of life or the support of his true grit.

Do not scorn his lack of imagination or dourness. Having his dependable presence can give you the solid backing you need to expand on your glorified ideas, you can leave him to deal with your systems and banking needs while you go out into the world to expound your ideas or sell your wares.

He is honest and dedicated and would detest you if you do not live up to his moral ideals so if you want a faint deal - meet the Ox. But don’t try any tricks on short cuts with him as he is intolerant of this and when he shows his disapproval you’d better not be in his way as his fury matches his stoicness.

Rather conventional in every respect, he appreciates a Gentleman who comes courting his precious daughter. Appear on his doorstep in torn and dirty clothes and address his discourteously and he will be immovable in his reception of you into his family.

In matters of love you may mistake his lack of flirtatiousness and gageriousness for a lack of passion but you will be pleasantly surprised because the Ox loves with strong earthly passion that can outlast the most fascinating of signs. Do you know the Mona Lisa, well, she might have just had an a encounter with a Ox.

Now the Ox may seem ponderous at times but that is because he finds it difficult to make changes being very set in his ways. He likes to know when his life is heading to so he plans, little knowing that the element of Fate does rule him and this unexpected twist of fate can push aside the best laid plans. But again, he just might know it and his life is spent trying to outsmart fate.

An over anxious person in every respect, he will be cautious of his spending s but he loves comfort in his home and as his partner, your life will not be wanting in the basics and more if he can afford.

He may be too concerned with the propriety and outward show. He minds what others think and say about him and his family and this may be irksome to a free spirit.

But in this world of chaos and turbulence, there is nothing as comforting as the presence of a stable Ox.

The Ox will have to define his territory from the beginning so as not to be overpowered by the Rat.

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