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The Rat CharacterWeekly Predictions

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The Rat
The Ox
The Tiger
The Rabbit
The Dragon
The Snake
The Horse
The Sheep
The Monkey
The Rooster
The Dog
The Pig
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Years of the Rabbit
1903 1915 1927 1939 1951 1963


1987 1999

Compatibility with Other Signs

Rabbit & Rat
There is a lot in common between the two especially in the areas of business. They will quickly size each other up and know their boundaries. Once this has been established they will work well together.

Rabbit & Ox
There will be no major discord between these two signs although they do not have very much in common.

Rabbit & Tiger
Very little will attract the Tiger to the Rabbit. He will distrust the Tigers loud, passionate outburst as he senses that the Tiger is reckless and rebellious.

Rabbit & Rabbit
The Rabbit will live and work in peace with another Rabbit because they will be sensitive to each others moods, and as one of the most difficult traits of the Rabbit is his moodiness, then that is one issue that can be coped with.

Rabbit & Dragon
The Rabbit will not be ruffled by the Dragon. He will be able to take him in his stride. Once there is mutual respect, life between them will be harmonious and enjoyable.

Rabbit & Snake
The Rabbit will admire the Snake for his style and sophistication but he knows what lies under the skin and will always be wary of him even though they may work together.

Rabbit & Horse
The reserved and gracious Rabbit will fight shy of the energetic and hectic Horse. His flighty moves nature grates upon the pruned, structured existence of the Rabbit. The Rabbit should avoid any serious commitment with a Horse.

Rabbit & Sheep
These are two Signs that love the good things life has to offer. That is why they will be seen together enjoying each others company. Their mutual refinement and artistic pursuits are complimentary. In matters of love too they can have great harmony.

Rabbit & Monkey
The Rabbit will always be suspicious of anyone who is quick witted and cunning. This he can spot in the Monkey and for this reason the Rabbit is never totally relaxed with the Monkey so instinctively he will avoid the Monkey.

Rabbit & Rooster
The supercilious Rooster will provoke the understated Rabbit because he too is egotistical under that easy going exterior. When this happens there will be conflict that would be difficult to sort out.

Rabbit & Dog

The straight forward and fair play Dog will be very much appreciated by the Rabbit. His down to earth character will instill confidence in the Rabbit and any partnership will be successful.

Rabbit & Boar

The Boar good nature and lack of will draw a lot of support from the perceptive Rabbit. They both have similar fondness for the good things in life and will be happy in each others company.

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