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Years of the Rabbit
1903 1915 1927 1939 1951 1963


1987 1999

This is the most spiritual of all the Animal Signs. The Rabbit is gifted with intuition, foresight and amazing sensitivity to the psyche of Man and other animals.

All these attributes he can use to his great advantage. That is why he can be a successful diplomat, negotiator or psychiatrist. Adapting all these qualities into any job or profession will make the Rabbit a success and a very useful member of the staff.

The Rabbit is also a very competent organiser and with his persuasive charm and gentle approach he can manage any business successfully.

He has a great eye for beauty and loves the arts. With all these gifts coupled with his charm he can be very successful with the opposite sex. Now the fear is that this can prove to be his weakness and his main distraction in life.

Rabbit can hide an impatient streak behind a calm behaviour. When he wants something, he normally wants it in a great hurry. His mind can move faster than his words and his pen. Therefore he should exercise caution in his speech and read the small prints before signing any letters and contracts for fear of making expensive mistakes.

Although he may appear to many to be always in a hurry, he has his wits about him all the time and has a very keen sense of observation. Coupled with a very good memory, the Rabbit is not someone you can pull a fast one on. He registers from your body language and your remarks your truthfulness and astutely sums up how far you can be trusted. From his manners you will never know you have been caught out as he is not the one to embarrass you, but you can be sure you will not be given a second chance.

Because of this, he may be judged by some to be ruthless and superficial.

When dealing with the Rabbit, approach him with courtesy and politeness. Wining and dining him will at least put him on your side, then if it is a fair deal, then you can be sure he will sign on the dotted line - after all that’s how he always operates.

Though he is mild of manner and extremely polite, do not presume that he is weak in character. That would be your biggest mistake. He is decisive and will politely but coldly discount you in all his dealings thereof.

He may seem conceited because he is so self-assumed and knows his true worth having made sure that his track record is exemplary. Astute and coupled with his sagacity he rarely takes on any confrontation head on. He meanders, leaving the passage of communications clear for any future re-negotiations.

Have a Rabbit as your friend or your counsellor and you will avoid fatal mistakes.

Have a Rabbit as your mate and your life will be lived in refinement and peace but, you will have a challenge on your hands keeping his attention focused totally on you.

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