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The Years of the Rat
1900 1912 1924 1936


1960 1972 1984 1996

The Rat in the Chinese Horoscope is the most sentimental of all signs. He is known for his magnanimous character and great benevolence. The family is extremely important to a Rat and he has a very caring heart for the elderly in his family and will easily take over the role of a benefactor to the clan.

His largeness of the heart makes him loved by his family and those he chooses to protect and they can always rely on his benevolence in return.

He is highly intuitive and has a tremendous ability to safe-guard himself especially in financial matters. He has great ability to horde up wealth due to his frugal ways. His danger will always be his unawareness of his limitations.

He always wants to achieve too much and in too quick a time and therefore looses sight of the other factors that can trip him up. Therefore before he reaches stability, he has to learn one major experience in life and this lesson will make him aware of his limitations.

Avarice can be a negative trait in a Rat but to those he loves, he is over indulgent and generous to a fault. But with a Rat, he never knows when enough is enough. If this trait can be controlled, he will be better respected, loved and sought after in partnerships.

In his inexhaustible quest for power and financial wealth, he must always bear in mind to pace himself and take things one at a time. To ensure that his reign of power and his financial wealth remains in tact, the Rat must take time to read the small prints in all contracts and be mindful of what he says to who.

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