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Monthly Predictions for the RAT Sign

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The Rat Character

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The Rat
The Ox
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The Years of the Rat
1900 1912 1924 1936


1960 1972 1984 1996

Year of the Metal Dragon
Period of the Ox
Winter Solstice : December 22 - January 6
Winter Cold :      January 7 ?January 20
New Moon 26th of December
Full Moon 10th of January

Sign of the Rat

 Fixed Sign Water (+)


Business and Career

Do not moot for expansion during this period but strive to consolidate especially if the previous period has been extremely good and profitable. A slowing down is seen. Take time to check your organisation and administration ?these areas need supervision or restructuring to secure your success. Do not flaunt the law. Check on your licences and permits. The heavy arm of the Law or the Government may come down on you due to your neglect or your blatant disregard for it. 


Love and Romance

Donít break rules ?be it of marriage or of your parents. Be more caring for your elders ?they need your help or moral support. The period of the Full Moon will see you moody and detached. Sorrow is seen. The law should not be ignored. 



Be sure that little problems do not develop into major ones due to your neglect. 


This festive period is charged with conflicting energy. It is the time to settle differences and make peace. The volatility can make it go either way. The law is being ignored. However, good sense and stable conscience sits alongside fiery enthusiasm. Let that prevail and not emotions and lawlessness. 

Call me for a personal consultation at 012-429 1199 if you need to see your way through to the next year. Meanwhile, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year, Donít drink and drive! The life you lose may be yours.

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