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The Rat CharacterWeekly Predictions

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The Rat
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The Years of the Rooster
1909 1921 1933 1945 1957 1969 1981 1993


Compatibility with Other Signs

Rooster & Rat
The Rooster and Rat will be at odds with each other as the Rooster is too idealistic for the practical Rat, though there will be some compatibility in that they are both good communicators.

Rooster & Ox
The Rooster’s fine dreams will see fruition with the systematic Ox. Intellectually they are compatible and the Ox with his patience and authoritative presence will know how to keep the Rooster in check.

Rooster & Tiger
The Tiger will be stifled by the Rooster’s rigid discipline. They are both very proud creatures and the critical Rooster will constantly infuriate the Tiger. No serious unions should be encouraged.

Rooster & Rabbit
The Rooster is too much in control of his emotions for the Rabbit. One bases his actions on his intuition and the other, the Rooster, on carefully analysed facts. At best, they could work together occasionally.

Rooster & Dragon
The expansive arrogant Dragon will find the dauntless quality of the Rooster admirable. Once they have come to an understanding about each others eccentricities, they can attain a harmonious union in love and in business.

Rooster & Snake
The chatty Rooster will be a wonderful companion for the reserved Snake. They will be able to think along the same line and work together to great prosperity. The poise of the Rooster will complement the elegant Snake.

Rooster & Horse
The Rooster will find the Horse too difficult to discipline or control. He will be exhausted by the energetic Horse and will be quite happy to be in his company only occasionally.

Rooster & Sheep
The laissez-faire attitude of the Sheep will not agree at all with the regimented Rooster. It will be fine if the Sheep allows the Rooster to organise him, but it would be a strain on the both unless they can learn to adjust.

Rooster & Monkey
This combination could work to a degree. There has to be some reward in each for both. The criticism of the Rooster will not be able to rock the confidence of the Monkey and that’s a big plus for the relationship

Rooster & Rooster
They are too much alike for things to work out. Of course they will have the same ideals and goals but they can tear each other to bits with their sharp breaks and criticism.

Rooster & Dog
They are both brave and trustworthy, but that’s where the similarity ends. They think differently and will not have similar goals.

Rooster & Boar
The Rooster will find the Boar too laid back for his liking. There is no great conflict but the Rooster prefers a more intellectually stimulating companion and someone who gives him a little bit of a fight.

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