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The Years of the Rooster
1909 1921 1933 1945 1957 1969 1981 1993


The Rooster is noticed by his neat trim figure who struts tall and precisely, well co-ordinated in his dressing sometimes ranging into the eccentric.

To live with a Rooster is to be in a clean and tidy house hold where everything is regimented and in order. He is very conscious of hygiene and cleanliness and the time-table of the activities are to be carried out to the minute in precision. Otherwise, you will feel the whiplash of his tongue or the wearing drone of her nagging. Enjoying detailed meticulous jobs, the Rooster will be involved in categorising and labelling everything into neat compartments. He enjoys handling other peoples money and will budget everything precisely and in detail.

He can work incessantly on projects that require analysis and details. This actually helps the Rooster to calm his nerves and overactive mind.

Try pressuring and hurrying the Rooster and see how frazzled he gets.

He has a keen and active intellect and loves to work on highly mentally charged problems in quiet. Noise and hectic activity can put a strain on him.

The Rooster is a very proud person. He cannot take criticism but is himself razor sharp in his criticism of others.

Communications is one of his assets be it verbal or written. But as a person, the Rooster could be either very talkative or the silent, observing kind.

There is great extremities in the Rooster’s behaviour. He will either be a collector of antiques with old fashion conservatism or ultra modern in attitude or style.

No matter what his preference is, the Rooster will stand out because he is eccentric in thought and style. He dresses to be noticed and though he appears confident and poised, below the surface he is actually quiet unsure of himself.

Aggressive and highly competitive, the Rooster, when challenged, will spend his every breath defending his inflated ego. Do not get into an argument with the Rooster, he must always win and will aggressively pound his opinion on you till you submit.

Gay, flirtatious and a little risqu?in wit, do not be carried away by the Rooster because there is an underlying streak of Puritanism in the Rooster. He is a perfectionist looking for a perfect mate.

So when you meet the idealistic, valorous Rooster treat him with equal gallantry.

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