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The Rat CharacterWeekly Predictions

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The Rat
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The Years of the Sheep
1907 1919 1931 1943 1955 1967 1979 1991 2003

Compatibility with Other Signs

Sheep & Rat
Here is a perfect match, the Sheep has met someone who can put order into his life and keep a check on his spending, but it will take a great deal of tactful handling by the frugal and organised Rat.

Sheep & Ox
The Sheep has nothing in common with the Ox, in fact the Ox will throw the Sheep into fits of depression with his austerity and no nonsense attitude.

Sheep & Tiger
There will be some compatibility if an artistic Tiger meets a Sheep, otherwise, there is no great affinity for serious relationships. But if they form a union there will be great loyalty between the two.

Sheep & Rabbit
These are two creatures who will florick endlessly in fields of fun and laughter. They enjoy the same things and are equally sensitive and mild mannered so as not to be offensive to each other.

Sheep & Dragon
The tactless Dragon will gravely upset the Sheep and he will have to learn to cope with this direct Dragon to brief from his strength and leadership qualities.

Sheep & Snake
The skilful and quiet Snake can be a great help to the Sheep in many respects. The Sheep may find the Snake quiet similar to him in moods and in reticence but it will be from different personality traits. So, they may collaborate in work but not in relationships there could be misunderstandings.

Sheep & Horse
There will be attraction between the two signs. They can complement each other in many ways. But before any long term union is to be thought about, they have to take time to understand each others characteristics.

Sheep & Sheep
Two Sheep can get on very well together. They enjoy the same things and can have similar goals but who handles the finances? Someone has to learn for there to be lasting prosperity.

Sheep & Monkey
The Sheep will have little time for the clever Monkey. His quick wit will make they sensitive Sheep withdraw especially if the brunt of his wit is centred on the Sheep. However, the Sheep can use the shrewdness of the Monkey in business but he has to be on guard for some Monkey tricks.

Sheep & Rooster
Sheep can use the Rooster in office or at home to put things in order. But the critical Rooster will hunt the Sheep so terribly, that the term Hen-pecked could be coined up for such union.

Sheep & Dog
The realistic Dog will be intolerant of the romantic Sheep. In work and emotional relationship, there will be little compatibility except on the point of loyalty.

Sheep & Boar
The Sheep will flourish in the union with the Boar. The encouraging support and loyalty given unreservedly by the Boar will spur to him prosperity. Loving the same pleasures in life, they will live a full life together.

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