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The Years of the Sheep
1907 1919 1931 1943 1955 1967 1979 1991 2003

The Sheep is a complex sign. He is contradictory in nature. Soft and pliable yet stubborn and determined. He is shy, but cannot be ignored. When he gets his back up, he is unreasonable.

Controlled by varying moods, he can be endearing and very accommodating at times then due to a remark, sulk and withdraw into himself. When he is in his dark mood he expects to be cajoled out of it.

Super sensitive and shy, he has to fight hard to overcome his inability to cope with criticism. He is artistically very talented and can do well in the arts and creative fields. Even if he is a lawyer, he will have a theatrecal way of performing in court.

The Chinese consider the Sheep a very lucky sign to be born under. The Sheep will not want for anything in life. He will be helped by the rich and famous and will receive favours from them and they will seek his company.

His pessimism can develop into melancholia if he does not control it. And for the Lady Sheep mid-life can be a difficult period if her melancholia is coupled by anxiety. She may sink into bouts of depression.

Though a Sheep is quiet disorganised and tends to be untidy, he is effected by his surroundings, and feels at peace and happy when things around him are beautiful and in order. He, therefore, has to have someone to clean up and organise him or he will have to learn to manage it himself. When his home or surroundings is dirty or untidy, he feels as if he has lost control of his life and becomes despondent. Somehow someone will turn up to put his life or living area in order.

Living among beautiful objects and nature can influence the Sheep positively. He becomes more creative and happy. The romantic Sheep will respond best in these surroundings.

Commanding a Sheep to do anything will not work. Persuasion and polite entreaties works wondrous. He can be a bully if you let him get away with it, but if you put your foot down and just as theatrically show him that he has pushed you around enough, he will respect you and be awed by your performance. He will back down but will try it again soon enough.

A total dilettante, he enjoys good food and wine and fine entertainment. Time and time-tables have no meaning for him as he will be present or do things when he is ready.

Very persuasive teratious and persistent in a quiet way, he always gets what he wants, but he has to be mindful of his expenses as he feels that money has to be spent. So a strong hand in charge of the cash can be to his benefit.

The Sheep cannot deal with illness or the misery of others. This distresses him. He avoids those who are ill because he can’t bear to see anyone suffering and tries very hard to help the unfortunate.

When you meet a Sheep, you will recognise him, he has those soft dreamy eyes.

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