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The Rat Character
Weekly Predictions

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The Rat
The Ox
The Tiger
The Rabbit
The Dragon
The Snake
The Horse
The Sheep
The Monkey
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The Years of the Snake
1905 1917 1929 1941 1953 1965 1977 1989 2001

Compatibility with Other Signs

Snake & Rat
The Snake will appreciate the keen money sense the Rat possess. He also likes the organised mind the Rat has and his methodical, systematic approach to business.

Snake & Ox
The Snake will find the reliable Ox a good match. They will appreciate each others careful ways and can sense the passion and sensuality that smoulders under the cool, calm exterior.

Snake & Tiger
The vibrant Tiger will make the Snake recoil in distrust. His outrageous behaviour will annoy the carefully controlled Snake. So, they should try to understand each other before they form any from of alliance.

Snake & Rabbit
The Snake will appreciate the suave Rabbit. They can compliment each other socially and even spiritually. They will have similar taste in arts and fashion and have a tantalising coolness that can be arousing to the other.

Snake & Dragon
The Snake will be fired by the Dragon and his dreams. He will be attracted to his powerful aura and can be much needed counsellor and guide to the Dragon.

Snake & Snake
A Snake has no great conflict with another Snake. They can work together, then each will disappear into his nest and live his own life. But when they tread on the other’s tail then it is a fight to the death and no one should get in the way.

Snake & Horse
They move at a different pace. The Snake will be greatly ruffled by the quick thinking quick moving Horse and he will stay out of the Horses way and look at superior annoyance at the Horse.

Snake & Sheep
There will be no great unions in this combinations. The biggest conflict will occur between a female Snake and the female Sheep. The Snake will scorn the fashion taste and coy ways of the Sheep and the Sheep will redicule the Snakes fashion sense and stand-off attitude towards her.

Snake & Monkey
When the Monkey need a strong ally in any mega deals he should use the deliberate calculative mind of a Snake, other than that, the Snake will find the Monkey too dubious and too egocentric.

Snake & Rooster
Here are two signs that can see eye to eye especially in matters of money. As the Snake makes the money, the Rooster will count and polish it. Here is the match of temperament, one admiring the other and this mutual admiration can foster a strong bond in all matters.

Snake & Dog
The Snake and the Dog can cohabit together so long as they have something in common. They could have a passionate relationship but the Snake needs materiel comforts and if the Dog can provide it then the relationship can sustain.

Snake & Boar
It is not the Boar that can deal with the wily Snake. The Snake can only tolerate the Boar if there is something to be gained but other than that he will find the Boar too na´ve and emotional.

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