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The Years of the Snake
1905 1917 1929 1941 1953 1965 1977 1989 2001

The Snake is always in control of his emotions. Or so it seems, underneath that cool exterior burns a passion and calculative mind. He is in no particular hurry to chase his ambitions or his mate. He feels intuitively that when the time comes, his desires will be fulfilled. Meanwhile he will wait and watch.

Highly intuitive, he can pick up vibrations in atmospheres around him. Summing up this atmosphere, he will then be able to act accordingly. Being very self- preserving, he will know instinctively if he should advance or retreat.

He gets the same vibrations with people and can make quick judgement on how to react to them. But while all this is going on, his countenance is serene and gives no clue as to what is in his heart .

That is why the Snake makes a good negotiator or spy. A politician Dragon should always use the services of a Snake as his aide or negotiator.

The Snake is plagued by moods and it is wise to leave the Snake alone when he is in one of his moods or risk a venomous attack. Not checked, the Snake can develop a paranoia or become neurotic about his hidden suspicion and jealousy.

Being careful yet highly analytical, ponderous yet agile in mind, the Snake can make good Financiers and Analysts. Basically suspicious he will control his territory and asserts firmly and will never squander his resources.

The Snake can be very spiritual and mystical. His esoteric arts always fascinate him. He is able to benefit from it thus enhancing his powers of perception.

Beauty and the arts are his passion. He will be well groomed and chic without being ostentatious. He enjoys sintalating companionship and prefers his own company rather than having to tolerate those who bore him. Though he seeks solitude, he should never revel in it as this can bring upon moodiness and dark thoughts. To help himself with this character draw-back, he should choose the right mate early in his life or fight against withdrawing into himself.

There is great passion in the Snake. As a lover he is heady as aged wine. But if his jealousy is aroused, he is a vindictive enemy waiting to strike back when his attack is least expected. He has a smoothing temper and should learn to express it or it will comfort within him.

Sleek in appearance and adroit in speech he can charm a bird off a tree. Having got the bird and crushed all he wanted from the bird he can coldly and ruthlessly dispose of it.

If you cannot deal with the Snake it is best to leave him alone.

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