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Monthly Predictions for the SNAKE Sign

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The Years of the Snake
1905 1917 1929 1941 1953 1965 1977 1989 2001

Year of the Metal Dragon
Period of the Ox
Winter Solstice : December 22 - January 6
Winter Cold :      January 7 Ė January 20
New Moon 26th of December
Full Moon 10th of January


Sign of Snake

Fixed Sign Fire (-)


Business and Career

The Snake will be under a great deal of pressure in his business or career. The stress could come from all sides and he or she will be hard pressed to keep his level headedness. He might also receive a bad news regarding a demotion, loss of position, deduction in salary or loss of job. In business, prepare yourself for a loss of an important contract or account or the inability to collect an important debt. All these negative news will compel you to re-assess your position and your future. This period of the Ox is crucial to you. The element Metal will help you during this period. Metal gives stability, practicality and unwavering determination to succeed at all costs and under any trying situation. Rely on this quality that you possess. This will see you through, I promise. 


Love and Romance

Unfortunately, the problems at work will filter through to your home-life or love life. Try not to make it disrupt your emotional happiness too much. You will tend to show your emotions at home or with your loved one, which further aggravates the situation. Do not try to hide your problems in stony silence. Talk about it to your partner. You will gain comfort from him or her and this will give you the strength to carry on. I will not deny that you will be faced with problems in this area, but I am convinced that you can handle this, in fact, this can be handled better then your work problems. 



Your heart and blood pressure are the areas of the body that is most vulnerable. It comes with the pressure. Try to find release in things you like to do like gardening nature and spiritual comfort. Look for help. You are not alone and you can get help if you just let your senses down and allow someone to help you. 


This festive period is charged with conflicting energy. It is the time to settle differences and make peace. The volatility can make it go either way. The law is being ignored. However, good sense and stable conscience sits alongside fiery enthusiasm. Let that prevail and not emotions and lawlessness. 

Call me for a personal consultation at 012-429 1199 if you need to see your way through to the next year. Meanwhile, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year, Donít drink and drive! The life you lose may be yours.

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