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The Rat Character
Weekly Predictions

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The Rat
The Ox
The Tiger
The Rabbit
The Dragon
The Snake
The Horse
The Sheep
The Monkey
The Rooster
The Dog
The Pig
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The Years of the Tiger
1902 1914 1926 1938 1950 1962 1974 1986 1998

Compatibility with Other Signs

Tiger & Rat
The Tiger will find the fussy Rat a little to restricting for his lofty ideas. He will look at the Rat with disdain as he moves in his bohemian world.

Tiger & Ox

The Tiger needs the practical Ox to keep his mundane chores up-to-date and give order to his everyday life. But other than that they have nothing more in common.

Tiger & Tiger

Two Tigers together would be like two butterflies in perpetual flight. They will spur each other on and on into intangible realms of dreams. Great ideas will be born but where will the realism come from?

Tiger & Rabbit

The Tiger will find the Rabbit very supportive and tolerant of him. But will the Tiger treat the Rabbit right when he doesn’t need the Rabbits attention anymore, or will he just consume the poor Rabbit.

Tiger & Dragon

Here is a dramatic combination, the Tiger and the Dragon. The Tiger will be charmed by the Dragon and admire his inspirational ideals but in the long run, there will be the contest of who’s the leader.

Tiger & Snake

Here is the possibility of conflict between the Tiger and the Snake. Here is the hidden enemy that the Tiger has provoked and is waiting to strike him. Say "be careful" to the Tiger when he deals with the Snake.

Tiger & Horse

This is a stimulating combination. The Tiger sees his soul mate in the Horse. They bring out the best in each other and ideas can be put into action for successful results.

Tiger & Sheep
The only thing these two signs will have in common is their appreciation of food. There is no other deep conflict or great uniting force.

Tiger & Monkey
This is the most aggravating sign for the Tiger. There will be rivalry of wit. In a crowd, the Tiger will be goaded to being outrageous if there is a Monkey around fencing with his wit.

Tiger & Rooster
The Tiger will find the Rooster and his fastidious ways very irritating to the Tiger. Although the Tiger, like the Rooster likes to engage in endless conversation, the Tiger will discuss ideas and chat about the arts, the Rooster will talk to impress his listeners on his knowledge on any subject.

Tiger & Dog
The Tiger will find a true companion in the Dog as they will give support to each other. They will appreciate the kindness they see in each other and the Tiger will be able to open up and bring down his defences and relax his guard.

Tiger & Boar
This is the sign that will make the Tiger most secure to be with. He will find the sympathy he so need and the lovingness of the Boar a heaven in his passionate active life.

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