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The Years of the Tiger
1902 1914 1926 1938 1950 1962 1974 1986 1998

Those born in the year of the Tiger are children of the next millennium. They have minds and attitudes that reach out into the future and gasp at forms and ideas that are abstract and futuristic but they also have a love for the arts of bygone years and old fashion conventions stir the romantic corners of their hearts.

If you find the Tiger outrageous, it is because he thinks and acts unlike other animal signs. His mind lives in the future. At his best he is the inventor and the creator. At his worst he is disappointed because his ideas are not realistic for the present.

There is an impatience in the Tiger that can be misunderstood for impulsiveness but it is only that his active mind moves very fast and his actions match his thoughts. He is eager to put his thoughts into action fast because he wants to get on with the next thing. He would be better off if he learns to pause a while to reflect on his next move for fear of acting recklessly.

The Tiger has an aloof air about him because he lives in a different world. This is a world of visions and lofty dreams. You may think him unrealistic and you may be right.

But as he moves in this lofty areas of his mind, he is ever alert for danger and can be suspicious and very secretive. At his worst, he can be very deceptive. So tread cautiously with the Tiger.

He is passionately aware of himself and takes great pride in himself and his appearance. He needs to be noticed and admired. Even the mildest of these signs can display his disapproval if he is overshadowed or ignored.

Pamper him and you can get all you want from him. But he is keenly self protective so do not overdo it.

The passion and energy of the Tiger is renowned. He will move through life assuming that he is always loved and respected by all he meets. This is the greatest pitfall because his presence intimidates and arouses jealousy and these enemies wait to bring him down.

Age and experience can bring fame and rewards the Tiger craves for. When he learns to inter relate with other Animal Signs and become more realistic, then the Tiger can be move at a pace with the world.

In the East and among the Asian Communities around the world. In East, mothers in law hesitate at bringing into their household the Tiger because they fear her disruptive unconventional attitudes. The conservative Asian in laws were not ready to cope with this rebellious forward thinking, fast acting passionate Tigeress. They knew they just could not cope with the stress the Tigeress would bring to their disciplined, conventional lives.

The psyche of the Tiger is very sensitive and when he is despondent he will sink to depths of depression. But with his tender sympathy and consoling attention he will bounce back again. If all proves in effective, cook him his favourite meal or bake him his favourite cake! That should work like magic.

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