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Monthly Predictions for the TIGER Sign

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The Years of the Tiger
1902 1914 1926 1938 1950 1962 1974 1986 1998

Year of the Metal Dragon
Period of the Ox
Winter Solstice : December 22 - January 6
Winter Cold :      January 7 ?January 20
New Moon 26th of December
Full Moon 10th of January

Sign of Tiger

 Fixed Sign Wood (+)


Business and Career

Another busy time for the Lady and Mr. Tiger. Business is moving and contracts are appearing. Clinch your deals and confirm your orders and not run helter-skelter before concluding each business transaction to the end. In your job functions, see each project through to completion and avoid leaving loose ends. The secret to your success is to keep focused on whatís at hand and not be distracted by twinkling stars in the distance. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush is apt to the Tiger, especially during this period where birds will appear in every bush. 


Love and Romance

The Tiger will be similarly distracted in his or her love life during this period. The distraction may not be another person, but it could also be his or her job, the social whirl or business entertainment. These may take his or her attention away from his family or loved ones and he will suddenly find himself faced with an irate partner to contend with. This problem is easily overcome with a little sensitivity by the Tiger. Sit your wife, husband or loved one down for a quiet dinner or drink and take the time to explain to your loved one the busy schedule you are expecting and request patience and understanding from him or her. If you are seen to do your part in easing any possible tension that may arise due to your work schedule, a true and loving partner will and should do their part to accommodate you. This little gesture can release you of a great deal of tension. 



The more you try to easy tension and pressure the better health youíll be in, less ulcer attacks, less headaches, less backaches, and less flu attacks. Eating regular meals and drinking lots and lots of water is utterly necessary for the Tiger. And to aid bowel glitches, go heavy on the fruits and greens. Pregnant Tigers have to slow down a little and watch their foot ware. Good shoes are very essential for the well being of the Horse. 


This festive period is charged with conflicting energy. It is the time to settle differences and make peace. The volatility can make it go either way. The law is being ignored. However, good sense and stable conscience sits alongside fiery enthusiasm. Let that prevail and not emotions and lawlessness. 

Call me for a personal consultation at 012-429 1199 if you need to see your way through to the next year. Meanwhile, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year, Donít drink and drive! The life you lose may be yours.

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