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½ a young chicken 1kg - 1½kg cut into small pieces

1 cup Dried Bok Nee Fungus (a mushroom)

1 tbsp. Sliced Fresh Ginger or ½ tbsp. Ginger Flakes or Ground Ginger

2 Cups Water

2 tbsp. Sesame Seed Oil

2 tbsp. Chinese Rice Wine or Dry Sherry

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Bok Nee Fungus

To Taste

1 tbsp. Light Soya Sauce

½ tsp. Black Ground Pepper

  • Soak the dried Bok Nee fungus in cold water for 15 minutes and drain
  • Pick off the bits of wood that has adhered to the fungus
  • Cut the fungus into 1 inch square
  • Wash well for pieces of wood and sand may still be stuck to the fungus
  • Set Aside

Bok Nee Fungus or Mushroom

*  It would have expanded to 3 times its dried size.

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Soaked Bok Nee Fungus
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Light Soya Sauce, Sesame Oil and Chinese Rice Wine or Dry Sherry and Black Ground Pepper (center)


1.   In a medium sized casserole, or deep frying pan or wok, which has been heated over a strong flame, pour in the sesame oil.

2.  When the oil is smoking hot put in the fresh shredded ginger and fry. Don't over heat the sesame oil or it will turn black and bitter.

3.  Fry till golden brown - do not burn it because this will make the dish bitter. (If dried ginger is used, fry it quickly with the chicken)

4.    When the ginger is golden brown, add the chicken pieces. Deboned chicken can be used but the gravy of this dish will not be as tasty as when the chicken is cooked on the bone.

5.    Stir the chicken so that the oil and ginger coats of the chicken then continue stirring the chicken till it is slightly brown and the juice of the chicken is sealed in.

6.    Now add the light Soya and pepper. Continue stirring for one or 2 minutes.

7.   Add the water and the bok nee.

8.    Bring to a boil.

9.    Lower the flame.

10.  Simmer for 25 minutes or until the chicken is tender.

11.  Add the Chinese Rice Wine or Sherry. Continue simmering for 1 minute and remove from the flame.

There will be half the amount of gravy left and it will have thickened with the natural juice of the chicken and Bok Nee.

Serve this fluffy with white rice.

Various Properties of the Ingredients

This dish can be taken as often as you wish but because excessive ginger and sesame oil can increase the body heat, in hot weather, this combination can make you uncomfortable if taken more than twice a week.

Ginger is a wonder herb that can be used to expel wind and camouflage the strong aromas of fish or chicken.

Sesame oil increases the body heat to assist blood flow and also camouflage strong aromas.

Bok Nee is used to aid and cleanse the blood. It can also dissolve blood clots and is especially good when taken after childbirth and when there is clotting during mensurational flow.

No salt is used because Soya sauce is salty and it adds flavour and colour to the dish. Soya had lately been recognised as combating the menopause symptoms

Black Pepper is said to warm the blood and increase the flow as well.

Wine or sherry thins the blood.

There are 3 types of wood fungus that looks like Bok Nee. There is the finer or smaller black variety usually referred to as "Mice Ears" Bok Nee and the large one caller Bok Nee. The one used in this dish is the larger verity.

There is also a white variety use in desserts or soups.