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Women and men have always been seeking the answer to staying young or rejuvenation. Up to date, no absolute Fountain of Youth has been discovered.

Some people seem to maintain their youthful looks and skin right till their 60's. Tina Turner is one marvelous example. Not only does she look young but she is a power packed bundle of explosive energy - watch her perform.

She has had a very difficult life but it does not tell on her face. One of the secrets to her youthful appearance is the peace she has found in religion which is the Zen Religion. 

Beauty always comes from within but we can help it along by proper diet, exercise, skin care and pampering our skin. It is never too early to start looking after our skin. 

Looking radiant and fresh enhances the Facial Aura of a person. This brings good fortune and enhances your power to attract - not just for love or sex but for friendship and business.

The face is also linked to the various organs of the body and the organs and areas of the face are linked to planet.

The Chinese and Japanese have practised the art of acupuncture and pressurepuncture for hundreds of years. Like Reflexology where the foot is massaged, Facial Pressure-Puncture can also stimulate, activate and improve the functions of various organs of the body which in turn will result in beautiful and radiant skin and also delay the effect of sagging skin.

Spend 5 minutes a day on these very special pressure puncture points on your face and you will see the difference within a month. Taught to me by a famous masseuse in Kyoto, I have practised it for 20 years.

Points and their connection

1) Pressure on these areas stimulates the brain and memory. It keeps one alert and active mentally. It is an important point for all signs especially the Dragon and Monkey and can help the Tiger and the Dog when they are under mental stress.

2) Pressure at this point is very important for sexual libido and fertility. It is also an important point for those who wish to stimulate their powers of fore-sight and perception. I always advise my clients of Gem Therapy to massage this area daily and when they wish to tap into their powers of perception to solve a problem or find a solution.

3) This is a very important point of Venus and stimulating this area brings radiance to the complexion. Moles at this point have to be removed as it interferes with one's emotional eye.

4) Drainage of puffiness to the eye area can be achieved with pressure to this area. It also aids kidney function and removes toxin from the blood. The Tiger, Horse and the Rooster have to pay special attention to this area.

5) This area aids bowel movement. Dogs and Oxen take note. Regular bowel movement can also aid in the reduction of cellulite forming.

6) Now this is a very difficult spot to apply pressure to. To get the right point, measure approximately 1 inch from the tip of the nose. This point aids the function of the stomach and intestines to be efficient in absorbing nutrients from what you eat. The Pig, Ox and Tiger will benefit from this particular point.

7) The rejuvenation of blood cells by the spleen is greatly enhanced by pressure at this point. This is important for all.

8) Another Venus point for beautiful skin. This point is linked to the pancreas.

9) For problems of constipation. This is especially for those who hog on chocolates.

10) The proper function of the lungs are very important for the oxygenation of the blood. This improves skin colour, aids healing of blemishes, cuts and joint aches.

11) I have always been of the opinion that good sex is the best way to stay young. Now this is the spot to release those powerful hormones. For those who are facing problems in this area, work on this pressure point and take soup made from chicken raised on natural feed and none of that hormone stuff. Steam this chicken with DongKuai for women and Ginseng for men. Drink this soup once a week or every two weeks.

12) The liver and lymph are also very important for a clear complexion and firm skin. These areas stimulate these organs and their functions. Vital for everyone especially the Horse and Ox.

13) If your central nervous system is in good flow, you will have less stress, get peaceful sleep and function well in all areas. Apply pressure to this point with one finger. Rabbits and Rats need this stimulation. If you have developed a nervous tic or twitch on your face, be warned as it is the first sign that your nervous system is severely under stress.

14) Nothing can substitute exercise, but this point aids in good body and facial muscle toning. A must for all.

15) Another crucial point. This stimulates the thyroid gland and helps with weight control and circulation of blood and detoxification. 

Use your forefingers or thumb to apply pressure. You will know you have got the spot when you feel an ache when pressure is applied. Massage each point for 30 seconds and move in the sequence marked from 1 to 15. As your blood and fluids flow, your organs are stimulated and do this job efficiently.


Use crystals or gems for their specific benefits. Gems are very efficient in stimulating the natural flow of the electromagnetic fields of your body. When your body's natural electromagnetic currents flow smoothly and uninterrupted, your body functions well and your aura is enhanced.

Use the crystal or gemstone that is in harmony with your birthday. The wrong choice of crystals or gemstones wore contrary to your natural body currents can cause you disease. Logon to the to find out which gemstones are harmonious to your horoscope or contact me by phone at 016-3362841 or E-Mail for advice at ZORRA@ZORRAPREDICTIONS.COM

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