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What Face Shape do you have?

Face shapes hold a meaning to the character of a person and when it is matched to the birthdate, can indicate a glimpse as to how the passage of life will be for the person. It indicates the markers of Fame and Fortune or Pain and Suffering.

Round faces belong to the Element of Water of the planet Moon. I am sure you have heard these types of faces being referred to as Moon Face. People with such a face shape tend to look for a life of ease and comfort. Their power of imagination is very heightened especially if their birthdate confirms it. People with this facial type tend to be indecisive to the extent of going nowhere and looking for someone to lean on or depend on. They tend to be peace loving and live in a dream world of imagination and illusions. If they do not have other strong features on their face, life will just drift by for them and they will grow fat and lazy albeit they will have a jolly personality when in company. But when they are alone, they can sink into extreme fits of depression and loneliness.



The Square Face belongs to the element of Earth or the planet Mars. Now this face can speak of various levels of temperaments from aggressive to assertive but people of this facial formation are always filled with passionate energy. Their birthdate and refinement of other features will tell you in which category they fall into - either violent and aggressive or dynamic and assertive.

These people cannot take life sitting down - Action is their middle name. You can depend on a person with an Earth or Mars face. He or she will have compassion and are protective of the ones he or she loves. But watch out those who crosses his path! He can be stubborn and defiant in his anger. He territory is very important but he is able to follow the leader he respects and admires. A square face with an unruly shock if hair is someone to fear and not aggravate. His or her temper is volatile and violent. Never argue with such a person as you will never win because he will never back down even if he is wrong.



The Pyramid Face of the Fire or Sun type is broad at the base and narrow at the forehead. When you face such a face shape, you must always watch what you say as this person is sensitive of his ego and is highly critical of those around him. He has high standards and can be very demanding although he himself will be riddled with faults. But do not give him blunt criticisms especially in public - he cannot tolerate it and you would cut him to the quick.

He is more a man of action than of words and when his birthdates or other special features are refined, you will find him dependable and an honourable person. His square jaw-line speaks of determination and stubbornness and he is very possessive of his domain and territory - you included if he claims you as part of his responsibility.


He tends to use his brawn rather than his brains and can be easily provoked. He too is a man of action though he is less impulsive than the Mars or Square faced person. To win him over, pander to his ego and his positive qualities. To humiliate him such a person is to spawn an enemy.



The Pakua Face is what I call the Earth or Saturn Face. This is the most common of faces nowadays and indicate the development of present day man. This is a face who has learnt that life has its trials and tribulations and is resigned to this fact. There is practicality, determination and intelligence defined and balanced with the shape with slight variations in hairline or jaw-line. It is a melange of sensitivity and aggression and it takes further analysis of the various features to determine the nuances of his character.

A refine nose, lips and hair growth indicates a superior type of person. A crooked nose, thin lips and hanging wolf eyes adds a sinister or unbalanced character bent. 


Intelligence is normally assessed by the forehead bulge but how this intelligence is utilised is determined by the birthdate and balance of the other features.



The Top Face or Mercury or Air Face is the opposite of the Pyramid face and indicates a person who is more cerebral than physical. Like the top, Mercury or Air, this person is easily stressed, highly strung and sensitive. Rich in ideas and theories, he cannot be successful unless he can put his thoughts into action and make his dreams materialise. This would be determined by other features like his firm mouth, strong eyebrows, powerful nose or moles in prominent positions around the jaw-line.

The more pointed the chin, the less likely is this person to succeed as he lacks determination and grit. A good birthdate and good marking on the hand can compensate but due to the lack of strong moral fiber, such a person can even waste away an empire.


Face Fui and Make-up can change the fate of such a facial type.



The Rectangular Face or Jupiter Face which belongs to the Wood Element. This oblong face is the face of the philosopher or the thinker. This face is very commonly found in the areas around Syria and Mesopotamia. In balance it speaks of high mental development with the moral force to implement such high ideals and nobel thoughts. If any one region is longer than the other, the excess of such a region can seriously affect the balance and is negative. Other negative features can also throw this face-type into an imbalance and impair it's positive qualities. 

But a balanced, refined featured Rectangular face indicates a person of noble thought and action. President Abraham Lincoln is an excellent example of such a facial type, that he met a violent death is another matter.


When you meet someone of this facial type, you can be assured that he will be logical though ponderous and deliberate. He will be respected for his opinions and controlled emotions. As a leader, he is just, balanced and far-sighted barring other negative features. If you possess such a facial type, you should leave it uncluttered by hair and you must always ensure that your skin is clear in texture and bright.



Many experiments have revealed that people respond positively to a pleasant, clear, well balanced face. In experiments, even infants are more attracted and gaze longer on a face that is harmonious and pleasant.

Look at yourself in the mirror. can you honestly say that you have a face that is clear, bright and in harmony. If not - why don't you try to improve it. Beauty comes from within - but what's without is more apparent.

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