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Have you got what it takes to be famous?

Beauty and talent is not what you need to be famous and hopefully lead you to good fortune. There are great beauties and remarkably talented individuals who just do not make it and others, not as beautiful and of questionable talent who just can’t escape the spotlight - take for example Roseanne Barr.

Just what is this magic formula? I have attributed it mainly to a strong birthdate where the planets are well placed however, the added ingredient is the distinguishable support of a special facial feature - this gives them their powerful Face Feng Shui. It is a different feature for different birthdates and this emphasizes their success for different talents.


Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected 4 times as President of the United States of America. He was daring to set precedents like appointing a Woman to the Cabinet, creating Social Security, abd hosting a Black Head of State in a still racialistic society. He led America out of the dreadful Depression and through World War II and set the stage for America as a major World Power. He was unable to stand unaided but the strength of his character seen in his face by the balance of the 3 zones on his rectangular face, his strong eyebrows and straight powerful nose, spoke of a courageous character with tremendous tact, deep thinking nature and a fine sense of fair play. This, supported by his firm lips of passion with an iron will to carry out his duties justly but decisively.

Pete Sampras’ dark and thick eyebrows which dominates his face are an insight to his strength, will, passion and determination to be top seed in the World of Tennis and the first person to win the coveted Wimbledon Tennis Trophy for 7 years.


But for the special appeal for the glamour and movie industry, I have observed that when a special But for the special appeal for the glamour and movie industry, I have observed that when a special mole is precisely perched around the mouth or chin, it ensures untold success for the fortunate one. Moles are a complete study on its own in Face Feng Shui. Corresponded to one’s birthdate it can emphasize a special talent, indicate wealth or confirm a weakening of character or body organ. Babies are never born with moles. They develop later in life. When they appear, sometimes, quite suddenly, it marks the commencement of the event in life.

Some of the most famous Hollywood stars have very prominent moles. Take the Hollywood icon who is still remembered as a sex goddess even though she has been dead since 1962 - Marilyn Monroe. Her famous mole over her sensual mouth accentuated her sultry looks and strengthened her Sun position which is the position for fame. Her legendary and unrivaled fame even influenced another of Hollywood’s superstars to take off as a blond sex symbol and she was aided by the mole on her upper-lips. And I’m talking about none other than Madonna.

A mole in this auspicious position is just as powerful a feature for a man. Take Marlon Brando who needs no introduction or Clint Eastwood who has led a charmed life. From an odd job man, he rose to fame as the strong silent cowboy in Rawhide to become a director and producer. Now at 70 plus, he can still make box office hits and rave reviews in Space Cowboys. Notice that mole? 


When I do Face Feng Shui Analysis or Feng Shui Make-up, I am always on the lookout to capitalize on a mole or even a tiny freckle to coax it into a mole if they are on the right spot for that particular birthdate. My observation has noted that this significant feature can attract fame.

Take Janet Jackson for example. Until her dramatic face job she was without a mole. Then voila - a mole above her sensitive lips. Since then, she is on top with the likes of Madonna, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey as a Pop Queen with unbeatable Music Videos to her credit.

Another Famous Face that shook the catwalk and then graced the screens is Cindy Crawford. She has built a corporation on her looks and that cheeky mole dancing at the corner of her upper lips is her trademark and brought her fame and fortune.


Through these highly visible marks of Fame are present on these famous personalities, and may bring them fortunes, it does not necessarily guarantee them happiness. Marilyn Monroe’s life was plagued with sadness and loneliness which ended in a tragic suicide early in her life. In Face Feng Shui and Feng Shui Make-up the objective is to capitalize on the auspicious feature and meanings they indicate in one’s life. It is an analysis to make one aware of the pitfalls and weaknesses so that one can be stabilized so as to have a happy, contented and harmonious existence and become a balanced individual who can generate an aura of strength and love to positively influence those whose lives you touch. If each and everyone can make this their goal in life, we would form a chain of love and tolerance which will forge a strong bond in our society. This is the root of my vision when I created Face Feng Shui. Should you wish to have your Face Feng Shui analysed, send me your photograph by E-mail to ZORRA@ZORRAPREDICTIONS.COM or post it to The Star. For a personal analysis and consultation, call me at 012-429 1199

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