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Face Feng Shui and Eyebrows - Beauty or Burden


In Face Feng Shui, eyebrows are one of the most important Vital Features. Have you often wondered what Whoopie Goldberg would look like with Eyebrows?

Or Brook Shields without?

These images speak for themselves.

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brook1.gif (20391 bytes)

Eyebrows are the most easily altered facial features we have. As far as women go, this facial feature can be plucked, drawn, bleached, dyed or tattooed.

Because of this, Eyebrows have been ravaged by the fairer sex in the name of beauty.

But did you know that altering them could enhance of destroy your face feng shui and luck.

Eyebrows border the Upper and Middle Zones of the face and can indicate a great deal about the character of a person. It is believed that eyebrows have evolved to prevent sweat from running into our eyes therefore they do have a function on our face. But apart from it, the shape, growth and colour of eyebrows can give you an insight into the character of a person.

Ideally, eyebrows should be sufficiently long enough to cover and therefore protect the eyes. They should begin at the inner corner, curve gently upwards and end at a correct length so as to be considered balanced. They should be thicker at the beginning and gradually thinner towards the end.

When they are well shaped, they indicate a balance between logic and emotions.

Thick bushy eyebrows show that a person has vitality, strength and a passionate nature. It also indicates that the person will have a good passage through the ages of 30 to 33 as these are the ages indicated by the eyebrows.

Eyebrows that are faint, patchy or scattered indicates a difficulty in these ages and if it corresponds with the astrology of the person's natal chart, it can act as a warning. 
Further analysis can reveal what the problems can be but in general they indicate problems in health, failure and losses or emotional instability. The strength of the eyes and other facial features will tell how this person will cope with his or her problems.

With make-up, a woman can create a more harmonious balance and strengthen her eyebrows and improve her facial luck. Men are at a disadvantage here.

However, women have been extremely destructive when it comes to their eyebrows and have vandalised them in the name of beauty. This can alter the harmony of their Face Feng Shui and alter their luck.

Take for example the many women who have tattooed their eyebrows. Many women have tried to overcome the tedious and tricky business of drawing and regularly plucking their eyebrows by tattooing them. The result, more often than not, leaves an imbalanced facial expression that is there for life. Up to recently, there was no chance of a reversal of these tattooed calamaties except with expensive painful cosmetic surgery or heavy concealing make-up.

If they are excessively thick, dark and flying up, they make a person look aggressive, demanding and uncompromising. This is the impression conveyed to the onlooker. The immediate reaction by the onlooker is to be on the defensive, a buildup of hostility and preparation to counter-attack.

The end result for this unfortunate person with the badly tattooed eyebrows is a difficulty in dealing with people because of her intimidating countenance as she gives the impression of a bad tempered woman who looks as if she is ready to jump down anyone's throat at the slightest provocation.

This would definitely alter her Face Feng Shui and Face Luck.

So if you are contemplating tampering with your eyebrows, consider how it will change your Face Feng Shui. 


Now let me analyse some eyebrows of those who sent me their photographs.

Rosna born on the 24th of October 1962

You need to taper your eyebrows towards the end as they indicate one who tends to be prone to moodswings and depressions. The eyebrows indicate intelligence due to the distance between the eyes and the length of the eyebrows but you are a prisoner of love and due to this you will suffer heartache. You are a kind person but there is a fire lurking underneath and you cannot be pushed too far otherwise you may explode. It will help if you did not wear your heart on your sleeves and present a more business-like and stronger image. You are treading on slippery ground this year and during the ages of 38 so be careful.

William Stallings (Korea) born on the 24th of April 1973.

These are the eyebrows of a commander - brave in action and straightforward in words. Your energy is inexhaustible so I must remind you not to overdo things. You demand respect and cannot accept defeat. Tamper your emotions and try to strike a balance in life because you are a romantic person and your ideals may be unrealistic. Love is important to you and you will be a good provider. Dependable and protective you will make some lucky lady a good husband. Glamour attracts you and beauty is something you admire. But you must resist the urge to dominate and to bully.

Pete born on the 13th of September 1975.

The I.T. industry is ideal for you. Your eyebrows confirm your imaginative and futuristic mind. You tend to be ahead of your time and need to slow down so others can catch up with you. Your ages of 31 and 32 will be very succesful although the age of 24 and 25 shows a letdown which affects you emotionally. You can be sure that your life will be a successful one as far as your career goes but I advise you to marry later in life to avoid emotional unhappiness. You need to be adored so find someone who will put you on a pedestal. In return, you will offer her a stable life.

MYSTAR.COM born on the 2nd of March 1963.

Your eyebrows together with your birthdate confirms that the ages of 31 to 33 were troublesome. But from the ages of 33 and 34 things were better. You need to be more consistent and focused. Learning to be more decisive will ensure a better life for you, otherwise people may consider you weak and try to take advantage of you. You are a creative and a romantic person and having a good family life is vital to your stability. Try to finish everything you start and do not let your attention wander.

JESDHIL born on the 2nd of April 1974 in the year of the Tiger.

Here is passion and energy seen in full glory. A Tiger is Jesmin with the compounded fire that comes with being born in the period of the Dragon. She will have a temper that will be difficult to control but you can depend on her to back you or support you in your hour of need. To keep your unbridled energy under control I advise you to refine the lines of your eyebrows. I suspect that you have some hair growth over the bridge of your nose. If so, then you have to be careful not to let your possessive and jealous nature control you or you will not have a happy love life. Underneath all that passion and bravado lies a sensitive heart. So with such a complex nature, care has to be taken in dealing with you because you are a Fire and Water person - one minute you can be aggressive and volatile and the next minute you may dissolve into tears.


Madam Zorra is a practising gem therapist, psychic tarot card reader and Face Feng Shui expert. She has conducted her studies and practice in Asia, Burma, Europe and the USA. She can be contacted at 012-429 1199 for any enquiries.

If you would like me to analyse your Face Feng Shui in my column, then send me a clear coloured front-view photograph of yourself with your date of birth together with a written permission from you. You may send me your details via the internet to ZORRA@ZORRAPREDICTIONS.COM or to The Weekender, The Star Publications. A pseudonorm can be used if you so wish.

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