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Hidden Message Of The Eyes


For millennia, eyes have been relied on to reveal the hidden secrets of the Mind and the Soul. In Face Feng Shui it is one of the most Vital Forces of the face. Learning the language of eyes can help you understand yourself better and also those who you encounter.

Dragon Eyes

The full shaped and rounded eyes which ends in a gentle trail at either end and with a strong steady gaze belongs to the Dragon Eyes. These eyes are frank and unafraid. The whites should not be blocked with discolouration or networked with veins. If there is a mole on one eye or both eyes then these Dragon Eyes are further gifted with The sight.

The weak and dishonest cannot hold the Dragon gaze and will quake and shift  when they are looked upon by them. Owners of Dragon Eyes are demanding, generous and innovative. With a straight, steady gaze, these are the eyes of the superior man.

Phoenix Eyes

The beauty, charm and allure of the Phoenix Eyes have led many astray with their promise. Their natural coquettishness are sometimes unconscious to the one who possess such treasures and they may unwittingly arouse much desire and infatuation in those they gaze upon. This can bring about unnecessary problems for the Phoenix Eyes especially in the areas of love. It is an asset for those in the Entertainment industry to have these eyes. If you possess these eyes and learn to use them, you hold at your whim a secret weapon!

Many Asians are blessed with Phoenix eyes. And especially for a woman, it indicates that she will be successful in material wealth and emotional happiness. But from my experience this is only true if the person has a horoscope that can cope with the distraction of the attention from the opposite sex. If the person does not have a strong horoscope, the choice of a life-partner will not be based on true love or deep affection and respect but rather on outward materialistic gains. 

Proper Feng Shui Make-up and harmony of colours can enhance these beautiful eyes. Over make-up can destroy them and make them trashy and bring about bad Face Luck.

Peacock Eyes

Peacock Eyes are quite similar to the Phoenix Eyes but they slant up more at the ends and almost always hold a glint - be it of malice or flirtation. Lucy Liu of Ally McBeal fame is the perfect example and she speaks volumes with her eyes.

Those with Peacock Eyes are vain, self-absorbed and vindictive. Beware your Peacock Eyes rival, he or she will not stop at anything to get its prey. Whether it truely loves the object of its pursuit or whether its only interest is in the hunt is another matter, because those with Peacock Eyes really enjoy the chase rather than the catch. Proper make-up can tone down the negative chi or energy of these eyes and make them more harmonious and bring less trouble for its owners. Why? Because each and everyone of us have a built-in alarm system and they will react instinctively to these Peacock Eyes.

Doe Eyes

Eyes that are round and wide open, but not too wide open as if in surprise, belong to an honest sympathetic and talented person on condition the eyes are not too close together. An eye's breath between the eyes are the ideal. Anything close suggests a narrow-minded or a mean person. Eyes that are wider apart than an eyes breath diminishes its intelligence and can sometimes hint at an early death.

Those with these lovely Doe Eyes tend to be gullible and invariably hang their heart out on their sleeves. A less complimentary name for such eyes are Cow Eyes. I am sure you have heard many angered lovers demand, Why is he or she making Cow Eyes at you!

But possessors of Doe Eyes are quite the artistic kind and very loving - well - perhaps too loving and will readily become mats for their loved ones to trod upon.

Even with selecting Thoroughbred horses, the shape, size and placement of the eyes are crucial in determining their meanness, intelligence and skittishness. Round, calm looking eyes placed squarely in front of their head and not on either side of their heads ensures a forward looking, attentive horse who will not take flight easily.

Wolf Eyes

These troubled eyes have irises floating high thus exposing the whites of the eye under them. Look deep into these eyes and you will almost hear the anguish and torment of its soul. These people have troubled hearts and cannot find an answer to their disquiet. In vain they look for it in work, marriage, money or more often than not, promiscuous love. But all this invariably leaves them unsatisfied and disturbed in some area or another.

My example is Nicolas Cage. If you have followed his film career, you will notice that he is always chosen for roles that portray such a restless spirit.

Crescent Eyes

These cheeky eyes are straight at the bottom lid and forms a crescent on the top lids. When they smile they invariably diminish into delightful crescents. When their eyes sparkle and dance behind their slits then these people are playful, flirtatious and naughty but nice. However, when there is a glint behind their slits - then beware - they are hatching a plot and you might just be the victim.


Learning the message of the eyes can be a very helpful asset at work, among friends or even when trying to assess what makes your loved ones tick. Eyes have a language easy to interpret and useful in personal relationships. Sometimes you should ignore the spoken word but look deep into the eyes of the person who you are talking to and listen to what his or her eyes are telling you. The message you receive is the true message from his soul.

Now let me analyse some eyes of those who sent me their photographs.

Greenhorn born on the 29th of April 1976.

A Fire Dragon born in the period of the Snake. He has the Dragon Eyes - powerful and direct. But it is too direct and can be taken as a challenge or defiance. Here I would advise Greenhorn to remember that he must always remain cool and not explode and react emotionally at all times. Be like water when you are under pressure. This is how you can overcome any difficulties. This conflict is seen in the setting of your eyes - if you draw a straight line across from one iris you will see that one is higher than the other. You are very creative - be it in ideas or in Art and this will serve you well. The Law is something you might consider as a profession and in this profession you will show great sensitivity. Do not be too easily demotivated and demoralised. Tenacity has to be cultivated so as to satisfy your Dragon ideals. Above all, be realistic in your ambitions and desires. Although green is a good colour for you, your pseudonym Greenhorn is self-demoralising.

Yuki born on thr 4th of February 1981, the last day of the Metal Monkey in the period of the Tiger.

Here is the Phoenix Eyed beauty who has hidden or perhaps a very strong desire to be in the limelight of the entertainment industry. She has a "top face" and this indicates an artistic and creative character who needs attention. She is highly talented and will go far in life if she is allowed to apply herself to what she likes and has interest in. You cannot force Yuki to do anything she does not want to do, I strongly advise Yuki not to be drawn into secret liaisons and intrigue especially during the age of 19 as it will not be to her benefit. Be focused on your career - your future is brilliant in this area. The I.T. industry is also very compatible with you so if you are not in it yet, well, it's time to explore this area.


A Special Message to Mothers


Sue 9th June 1968

Billy 29th March 1996

Firstly Id like to thank Sue for giving me this opportunity to be able to pass some words of advice to parents and especially Mothers on how Face Feng Shui can be used to better understand, guide and encourage their children to develop to their full potential.

It is believed that each living being has its own Karma, but you can improve your Karma by the love and care you devote to your responsibilities especially your children. By unselfish love and patience you can mould their characters by first understanding them, enhancing their positive traits and controlling and teaching them to handle their negative attitudes so that these are kept in check.

Sue is a Monkey born in the period of the Snake. From her picture, I can see the eyes of a passionate person. Her love for her family is fiercely protective and focused. Her eyebrows show a further intensity of nature. She has eyebrows that are termed "Flying Eyebrows" as they resemble a bird in flight. These eyebrows show someone who is dynamic in thought and action. She has a great ability to organize and is very energetic. It also shows someone who can lose her temper and become very fussy about little things. She is advised to bring down the ends of her eyebrows so as to give her face more balance and bring her a more stable temper to deal with things. Her eyes are intelligent although there is a hint of being close-minded about certain things she believes in. But there is kindness and a soft heart behind this volatility and to get to her soft spot one should use tact and a tender approach. Stubborn force will get you nowhere.

Now little Billy is a fireball in his own little way. Although he is very sensitive and loving, he can be very stubborn in his demands and will show his little temper when he doesnt get his way. He needs a good discipline in his daily life so that he understands his routine and what is expected of him. Being a Rat born in the Dragon period, he has to understand and realise why certain rules or behaviour is required of him. Even at this tender age, Sue has to communicate extensively with him or coax him into obedience. Force and a heavy hand will not work as well. This will destroy his confidence and with his eyebrows, he will respond with stubbornness and grow up into a defiant child. Build up his self-confidence from young and help him to be more independent in decision-making. Sue and Billy have many similar characteristics. So Sue should know how to deal with Billy. But you must always remember that no matter how old he is, Billy always needs to be shown that you love him.

If you would like me to analyse your eyes or the eyes of your loved ones in this column, send me a front-view, non-returnable coloured photograph with the date of birth and the pseudonym you wish to use. Either send it by e-mail to ZORRA@ZORRAPREDICTIONS.COM or to MADAM ZORRA at The Weekender, Star Publications.

Should you have any enquiries, you may call me at 012-429 1199.

About Madam Zorra 

Madam Zorra is a practicing gem therapist, psychic Tarot Card Reader and Face Feng Shui Expert. She has conducted her research and practise in Asia; mainly Burma and Indonesia, Europe and the USA and now in Malaysia. She conducts live interactive programmes on the World Wide Web for both Audio and Visual media.

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