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The Ages of Man Revealed In The Face


In Face Feng Shui, the analysis is based on the various features of the Face and this is compared to the date of birth for a more accurate prediction. Each feature and portion of the face is given a corresponding age. So should some feature show a defect, a scar or a mole, it is then compared to the astrological chart to reaffirm the significance of that particular feature. Only this can Face Feng Shui be used accurately as a form of prediction. 

These are the various ages superimposed on my picture.



If a person has sparse and weak eyebrows, it will show a lack of vitality or a person with a weak constitution but it also indicates that the periods of 31 and 32 will be difficult. If there is a scar on the eyebrows, it further confirms this prediction. 

However, if there is a hidden mole within the eyebrows, and if the birthday confirms it, then this indicates a successful break, monetary wealth or an inheritance during that period. 

The Forehead is the formative period of a person. A mole on this area, a “double forehead” or a full prominent forehead indicates a person with a good capacity to retain information, a photographic memory or someone who is naturally intelligent. Whether his or her gift is utilized is a totally different matter.

Alexander the Great


Elvis Presley


However, a person whose bridge of the nose is the same height as the forehead, has a danger of an early death. The classic example is Alexander the Great and Elvis Presley. The date would be in the early forties. However, before such an analysis be made, various other indications must be present on the palms and in the birth chart. 

Now let’s take a look at the lives of some celebrities and how their features corresponds to Face Feng Shui.

The mole on her cheek signifies that she could be a good teacher or lecturer and the mole at the beginning of her right eyebrow shows that she has either hidden wealth or will acquire wealth by a legacy.

Sean Connery

Voted the Sexiest Man Alive, Sean Connery who is 70 years old now has been thrilling movie audiences since the 60s when he became the famous 007.

Born on the 25th of August 1930 in Scotland, his youth was difficult and rough. As an infant he slept in a drawer of a breau and as he grew up he got influenced with the wrong company and got involved with many undesirable activities. This is indicated by his ears that stand out from his head.

Young Sean


Promptly at the age of 13, he quit school and took a full time job in a dairy. Although he began to become more responsible about himself, he was not able to settle down in one career and until he was 23, he did various odd jobs which didn’t last or didn’t satisfy him. This is indicated by his broken frown lines on a good forehead. 

In 1953 at the age of 23 he took part in a Mr. Universe contest in London boldly introducing himself as the self nominated “Mr. Scotland”. 

His 6’2” frame with his glistening muscles won him the 3rd prize in the Tall Men’s Division and that caught the eye if a local casting director who offered him a role in the chorus of South Pacific.



Sean Connery as James Bond

Although this was his entrance into the Entertainment Industry, it wasn’t until he was 31 in 1961 that he shot to fame in his famous role as James Bond, 007 – “Shaken Not Stirred” spy in the movie Dr. No. This period is marked by his strong eyebrows which are perfectly formed and exhibits a dash of elegant self-assurance in its curve. This is also the period when he underwent a surgery to pin his ears closer to his head. 

Till today, he has held his own in the tough movie industry. He won an Oscar in “The Untouchables” when he was 53 (around the mouth area). Even though he is bald, this 70 year old actor can still thrill audiences in an action film and is still “The Sexiest Star Around”.

Another personality who has survived decades of success peppered with periods of unhappiness is Cher. 

Born Cherilyn Sarkisian in 1946 in the year if the Dog, Cher has three outstanding features:- her eyes, nose and mouth. 

During the age of 30 in 1976 she returned to television in a solo variety show away from the shadow of Sonny Bono.

It was around this time that she underwent plastic surgery for her nose which used to be the brunt of Sonny’s jokes during their act. 

At 37 years of age she was nominated Best Supporting Actress for Silkwood where she starred opposite Meryl Streep. No one took her seriously as a serious actress until then. She then went on to win the Best Actress trophy at the Cannes Film Festival in the 1985 film Mask. She was close to 40 years old then.

Her weakest facial features are her cheeks which are not in harmony and balance with the rest of her face. The cheeks represent the planet Venus and mark the ages of 45 and 46. This is the saddest and most unsuccessful part of Cher’s life. She has never quite found happiness in love or family life and the ages around 45 to 46 were turbulent for Cher in this area. 

But around the age of 50 she started to make a strong comeback, first in films as an actor and even a Director and at the age of 52, she scored a smash hit with her song “Light”. 

Frown lines or wrinkles are also very significant. When they are clean and well formed, they can strengthen the portion of the face they appear at. When there is a mole, protrusion or a wavering or a break, they can indicate a weakness or a dangerous period of the person’s life.

We take for example Abraham Lincoln who was born on the 12th of February 1809. In his picture, you will clearly see the protrusion on the right cheek line. In the Ages of Man, this indicates the age of 56.  

On the night if the 14th if April 1865, at 10.13 p.m. at the age of 56 Abraham Lincoln was shot by a racist actor named Jon Wilkes Booth!


Well for glory or sorrow, the Ages of Man is written on his face and by careful observation as a Face Feng Shui expert I have learnt to understand their meanings. 

With make-up, lucky colours, redefining as well as surgery, we can alter and enhance our Face Luck. Knowing our Face Feng Shui can prepare us for the ups and downs in life and although we cannot change our Destiny completely we can, with make-up and other means, avoid or minimize the impact. Once our consciousness is evoked by being made aware of our positive and negative traits, we can, with a strengthened attitude and conscious control, steer our path to a more harmonious and stable future.


If you would like me to analyse your eyes or the eyes of your loved ones in this column, send me a front-view, non-returnable coloured photograph with the date of birth and the pseudonym you wish to use. Either send it by e-mail to ZORRA@ZORRAPREDICTIONS.COM or to MADAM ZORRA at The Weekender, Star Publications.

Should you have any enquiries, you may call me at 012-429 1199.

About Madam Zorra 

Madam Zorra is a practicing gem therapist, psychic Tarot Card Reader and Face Feng Shui Expert. She has conducted her research and practise in Asia; mainly Burma and Indonesia, Europe and the USA and now in Malaysia. She conducts live interactive programmes on the World Wide Web for both Audio and Visual media free of charge from her website,

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