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The Magic of Colours And Jewellery Can Enhance Your Face Luck


Facial adornments have been used since the beginning of time to enhance Facial Luck, increasing facial aura and basically to make one’s face more attractive and to draw attention to one for whatever reason.


Using the right facial adornment can make one attractive and appealing.


Using others like war paint or grotesque make-up can frighten away even the most brave of heart. 

So, what you wear and how you “dress” up your face plays a vital role on the impression you make and this can be interpreted as lucky or otherwise.



The 3 vital chakras on the face


The ancient sages saw “charkas” or wheels of light in vital spots on the body like the heart and the genital areas. The face alone is surrounded by 3 vital “chakras” – The Crown Chakra, the Brow Chakra and the Throat Chakra. That in itself explains the importance of your face in terms of the seats of vital forces that dwells on them. Treat these charkas with respect and your vital forces are enhanced to give you extra power. Abuse them and you lose the strength of your vital forces. These vital forces form the aura of a person.



Colours are the primary way to enhance these forces. Using the correct make-up that can enhance rather than destroy your aura will increase your Face Luck or plainly speaking – make you more appealing and attractive to those who look at you. 

There is magic in colours. Colours can calm or excite you, or colours, the silent negotiators, can send disruptive messages about your personality. Haven’t you at some time or another comment on how a certain colour suits you or how you disliked a certain colour? These are not just impressions, these are the silent messages colours give.


The right coloured scarves, glasses and hair accessories will enhance your Face Luck.

Disrupting your vital seats of power that are situated around your face and Throat repels the onlooker. One of the most recent fads of face piercing like rings through the eyebrows, lips and tongue is a sacriledge to the most esteemed seats of vitality of your person which is your face.


What about nose piercing then? The nose is considered the centre and pinnacle of your destiny. A strong nose speaks of success and power. The ancients believed that to strengthen this important position, a suitable gemstone should be used to enhance your face luck.

Being ridiculous destroys your face luck.


Voted the Sexiest Man Alive, Sean Connery who is 70 years old now has been thrilling movie audiences since the 60s when he became the famous 007.

Born on the 25th of August 1930 in Scotland, his youth was difficult and rough. As an infant he slept in a drawer of a breau and as he grew up he got influenced with the wrong company and got involved with many undesirable activities. This is indicated by his ears that stand out from his head.



Gemstones are another powerful force to capture and enhance your Face Feng Shui. To increase your Face Luck, using the correct gemstones as earrings or as a pendant can enhance and activate the powerful energy around your face. This energy can keep you focused and activate your mind energy so that you can achieve your ambitions, as well as to actively assist you to overcome negative attitudes ad vibrations. But it is always essential that you use the correct gemstone and be sure that these gemstones are genuine and untreated by human hands. 

The pituitary gland sits at your Brow Chakra. This gland is vital for the human race to prevail as it controls and balances the hormones necessary for procreation. The pituitary gland is also where your 3rd Eye sits. The 3rd Eye is the silent eye that protects and sharpens your basic instincts. To ignore your 3rd eye is to ignore one of your assets. Exciting it and utilising is can give you an unseen and powerful strength. The use of jewellery in this region is a way to stimulate your 3rd Eye.


Gwen Stefani of No Doubt


The ancients and the Indians keep it active by the use of jewellery and tika. Tikas are now very popular even in the West where there is a great reverence for Eastern mystic and philosophies. Using the right coloured tikas are very important.  

So as you prepare for the coming festive season and as this year comes to a close, why don’t you take a good look at yourself and ask yourself if the make-up, jewellery and colours you wear enhances your Face Luck or Aura or are these the very things that is the cause of your continuous disappointments and problems.

Many of us do not realise the hidden negative messages we send out by using the wrong colours and the wrong gemstones.

Learn Your Good Luck Cycles For Success And Happiness


Having a Lucky Face or a good birthday does not guarantee total success or happiness in your lifetime.

The secret is to learn your cycles in life so that you may capture it and rise to great heights when the time is right and lie low and preserve your resources, be it financial or emotional, when the time is inauspicious. 

In our lives , as it is even with great Empires , there is a time when we can rise to dizzy heights but as we can see in history, declines can also take place. 

So be wise, find out when and what your personal cycles are and let that guide you to a happier and more stable life. Remember, money is not everything – love and good health is also very important.


If you would like me to analyse your eyes or the eyes of your loved ones in this column, send me a front-view, non-returnable coloured photograph with the date of birth and the pseudonym you wish to use. Either send it by e-mail to ZORRA@ZORRAPREDICTIONS.COM or to MADAM ZORRA at The Weekender, Star Publications.

Should you have any enquiries, you may call me at 012-429 1199.

About Madam Zorra 

Madam Zorra is a practicing gem therapist, psychic Tarot Card Reader and Face Feng Shui Expert. She has conducted her research and practise in Asia; mainly Burma and Indonesia, Europe and the USA and now in Malaysia. She conducts live interactive programmes on the World Wide Web for both Audio and Visual media free of charge from her website,

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