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Beards and Moustaches To Change Your Face Feng Shui


Beards can be used to enhance your face luck. In particular, it can be grown to balance the 3 portions of the face, and enable the person to produce an image they desire. 

It can also be grown to cover an ugly scar which may mar the beauty of a face thus altering its facial luck positively. 

Otherwise it can be grown to shield thin lips that indicate a severe and mean person. 

But for whatever the reason, used tastefully, it can enhance a face’s luck. However, full beards that are unkempt are a turn-off as far as women are concerned because women are attracted to “sugar and spice and every thing nice” and an unruly hairy growth that may harbour yesterday’s curry gravy is a sure put-off. You do not need a Face Feng Shui expert to tell you that I’m sure! 

Before growing a beard or moustache, check out what the total look can say about you.


Joey Fatone of ‘N Sync

This is a well cropped elegant style that emphasizes Joey’s glamorous looks. It also gently shades the chin which is too long and pointed and unbalances the 3 portion balance of the face. A sharp or pointed chin speaks of a reckless and over-daring person who can be careless about the stability of his old age.


Kevin Richardson of the Backstreet Boys

Kevin has chosen a style that lengthens his chin and softens the squareness of his very Mars face. This face shows immense determination with the ability and ruthlessness to ensure its success. It also shows that Kevin is a loner and always abdicates his plans with a weakness towards delegation. His beard softens this look, but the droop of his moustache enhances the cruel and cynical line of his mouth.


A.J McLean of the Backstreet Boys

A.J. has chosen a dramatic style that only emphasizes his sinister image. To add to this “look” he has created for himself, he always wears glasses which makes one wonder what he is hiding from. The air of mystery may be attractive to his fans, but judging from the way his ears stick out from his head, it indicates that A.J. is riddled with insecurities and internal conflict and he is trying to overcome it by projecting this sinister look in defiance.


Improving Their Image

Beards and facial hair are a totally male domain and although women with obvious or strong facial hair indicates a high libido due to high testosterone hormones, a man does not necessarily indicate a heightened sexuality with strong facial growth. However, science has confirmed the fact that men who go bald at an early age have a high level of testosterone!

So, to prove your masculinity or increase your “macho” image by your facial growth is just kidding yourself. Many “youthful looking” men have resorted to growing a beard or a moustache to appear older and more matured. Therefore, sporting such a look indicates that the youthful looking person is unsure of his own abilities and is desperately resorting to a visual means to strengthen his position. Such a person could have been thrusted into a situation where his confidence is threatened or, he could be in competition with more matured people. On the other hand, he just might be in a relationship with an older woman. 

Having made all these analysis’ and after all my various surveys of men with beards and moustaches, other than religious or traditional customs, I have found that most men begin growing beards because they are trying to hide behind it or they may just be tired of the daily grind of shaving . I have also found that  men with beards are rather laid back about life and tend to have a lazy streak somewhere.



If you would like me to analyse your eyes or the eyes of your loved ones in this column, send me a front-view, non-returnable coloured photograph with the date of birth and the pseudonym you wish to use. Either send it by e-mail to ZORRA@ZORRAPREDICTIONS.COM or to MADAM ZORRA at The Weekender, Star Publications.

Should you have any enquiries, you may call me at 012-429 1199.

About Madam Zorra 

Madam Zorra is a practicing gem therapist, psychic Tarot Card Reader and Face Feng Shui Expert. She has conducted her research and practise in Asia; mainly Burma and Indonesia, Europe and the USA and now in Malaysia. She conducts live interactive programmes on the World Wide Web for both Audio and Visual media free of charge from her website,

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