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Your Cheeks Can Reveal Your Nature

Cheeks occupy about one-third of our facial composite and deserves special attention in Face Feng Shui. The cheeks are the casings of our daily diet and their skin condition give us an accurate rendition of our state of health.

Pale, sallow, bloodless skin is always associated with poor health and especially bad circulation. This in itself robs the face of powerful “chi” or energy which instinctively makes the person unappealing and downgrades him in the invisible peck order of human hierarchy. When looking at such a person, no matter how powerful his other features are, he is immediately dismissed as not a threat, an unsuitable mating partner or a liability rather than an asset in a business or competitive liaison.

A complexion that is florid and red warns of excessive energy, courage and inner fire which can be uncontrollable.

A yellow tinge to the skin and the white of the eyes has always been associated with excess bile and jaundice. Such people, due to their condition tend to have ill health and be unhappy, pessimistic, introverted and have a rather warped way of looking at life. It is never easy dealing with such people and it can prove to be a spiritually draining experience.

Dark or blueness around the cheeks are the most negative as it speaks of a total lack of vitality both in health or spirit. Many years ago, when I was working in Indonesia, a French colleague of mine past me and I was aghast. I asked myself what could be wrong with him. His aura was so dark as was his skin. I knew he had to be ill or so desperately unhappy that he should look that way. A few days later a CCT radio message from Jakarta told us that this man had died. He was stabbed by someone with a pair of scissors!

Women are very fortunate that they are permitted by our society to seek the aid of cosmetics to enhance ourselves to create a healthy pink look on our cheeks so as to announce to everyone that we are spiritually happy and physically in tip-top condition even though we are wrecked by brain splitting migraines or emotional distress.  When I am feeling down or ill, just a little foundation and a touch of blusher on my cheeks convinces me when I look at myself in the mirror that I am really quite all right and ready to face the rigours of the day. So if you ask me, as many have, can Face Feng Shui and Feng Shui Make-up really help, try this for yourself and find out. Believe me when you look good – you can conquer the world.

Many men are also resorting to the use of a faint touch of powder-puff and blusher without feeling that their masculinity is being threatened. After all, men having facials and zapping out blackheads are now a common day affair and no eyebrows even twitch when they make this known. In the Golden Ages of the 17th and 18th century, men competed with women in their powdered and puffed appearance. Wearing wigs, lace and beauty spots were sported by men and women.

So unshaven, stubbled cheeks of foul smelling macho males are not Good Feng Shui. A house that is overgrown with weeds and shrubs pervaded by the stench of rotting rubbish is most definitely Bad Feng Shui.

Cheeks represents the Moon on the Right Cheeks and Jupiter on the Left. They are the mountains of your Plain of Life. Where their peaks sit tells the nature of the person.


High cheeks with angular cheekbones speak of strength, power and shinning luck. If they are higher than the bridge of the nose then they are in excess and indicate greed, quarrelsomeness, excessive pride and an enormous desire to control and dominate. Such people are unreliable as friends and associates. In Hokkien, they believe that women with such cheeks can be widows at an early age or henpeck their man. My friends in Penang used to name these cheeks as “Chiak Ang “ cheeks.

In India, such cheeks are termed as “wolf cheeks” and a warning is issued in dealings with the likes of such people especially in business and politics.

When the peak or highest bulge of cheeks are low, close to the cheek lines, they indicate a fussy, dissatisfied person who is negative and will always find fault in anything and everything. Due to their character they are never happy individuals and do not have happy relationships. This is especially emphasized if they have downward drooping mouths.

Then you may come across those with cheeks that begin in a puff from their cheekbones right down to their jaw lines. Such people are fussy, arrogant, fastidious, egoistic and only concerned with themselves and their favourites. They fall easily to flattery but because of their arrogance, will consider flattery or even a sincere praise as a sign that they have been recognised as “The Superior One”. So hesitate before you can even admire the colour of her nail varnish of such a person as this can be interpreted that you have conceded to be her inferior.

Should a person with such cheeks also have eyes that slant acutely upwards at the outer tip, then this person can be avaricious and not to be trusted.

Hollow cheeks that give a person a lean and hungry look speaks of one that seeks solitude and silence. Many are attracted to people with such a look as their silent and introverted manner creates an aura of mystery which can be very alluring. Remember though, these introverted types are difficult to understand and need a great deal of patience to connect with.

Apple cheeked jolly souls are so obviously warm and friendly that many gyrate towards their aura of cheerfulness. They are kind, helpful and full of life but look deep into the eyes of such people because when the party is over and the lights go out, they are left alone with their empty shells as all their energy and spirit has been sapped by those who were tapping into his battery of energy. Such people usually console themselves with food or drinks and end up with too many extra pounds.

The refined cheekbones with just enough padding to soften them are the ideal choice of those who watch faces. They show a balance of inner strength and subtle charm and when there is a mole, or a beauty spot as it is called, perching on any of the cheeks, then it promises an eye for beauty and a bevy of ardent admirers. It is for this reason that the Chinese in particular refer to this as the mole for tears as the fortunate or unfortunate person with such a mole can be confused when choosing a life-partner and may be drawn to being too emotional and attracted to glamour and can be careless of practicality and reality when making the choice for a partner for life.


27th October 1983 – Water Boar

Here is an 18 year old Water Boar ready to take life on with the challenge and determination of the invincible youth. His future is bright and promises great success. It is a powerful birthdate for one who is fearless and filled with the uninhibited mind of a futuristic thinker.

Yes, it is important for Alexis to plan for his future because he is  destined for success. He has an excellent forehead which means that he has the capacity to study, think and analyse. Although the medical profession or legal practice is an immediate career path for him, I would also include any career that is abstract like being a scientist or an astronaut. It seems so far fetched but believe me, he has is in him to achieve whatever he desires if heputs his mind to it. His gaze and nose qualifies this.

However, I will have to warn him that any early marriage will hamper his dreams and he should not consider marriage until he is in his 30’. So keep your mind focused on your studies!

20th January 1945 – Wooden Monkey

Here we have a Wooden Monkey who is fussy, proud and very sensitive. Since the age of 52, he would be learning severe lessons. Hopefully, this will soften and make LEP  more easygoing and less proud.

His cheeks are like what I described earlier as being fussy but due to his nature, few would dare to criticize or give him any advice. But life has a way of dealing with such like LEP and sooner or later he has to take the bitter pill.

But LEP can be sure that the future is going to bring him a relief and reinstate him to position of honour and respect. In fact, after he turned 56 this year, 70% of his problems can be resolved. The year 2002 holds great promise.

His determination and self-pride will be the force to propel him forward because as his cheeks show his pride and force, it is this very force that will not make him a quitter. So don’t give up. You have no idea what is still waiting for you to conquer. The electronic medium is an inviting door for such like you.

The Pathetic
8th May 1978 – Earth Horse

Before I begin, I must ask The Pathetic not to degrade herself by calling herself “The Pathetic”. As I have mentioned before – if one does not love one’s self, how can others love you. So I shall refer to her as The Hopeful as there is a great deal for herto hope for in her life.

She is very ambitious as shown in her jaw-line, and she can be very bossy. No wonder shementioned that “no guys dare to come near me”. Don’t push your point too forcefully – this will only frighten guys, and anyone for that matter, away. Remember at all times that you are a woman. Be receptive to the viewpoints of others and gently put your point of view across – only then can you be heard and respected.

As The Hopeful is still a student, I would advise her strongly to complete her studies and do not allow anything to disrupt it, least of all love and romance. A good profession will be her strength so work towards it.

Do not wear dark blue or black as these colours will make you gloomy and drain your self-confidence. Turquoise is good for a happy social life and greens will calm you and energise your mind energy.

C. W. Ng 
29th April 1976 – Fire Dragon

Here is a Fire Dragon who shows a lot of bite and temper but in actual fact she is as soft as putty.

The danger is that C. W. Ng is too soft and indecisive although she is full of the vision and fire of a Fire Dragon. She has to learn to strengthen her resolve and convert her grand ideas and vision into reality.

There is a great deal of determination in her chin and jaw-line and the two incisor teeth indicate that she can fight her way towards her ambitions. But it takes forever and a day for C. W Ng to decide.

C. W. Ng has also got to learn that if she is sharp tongued and sarcastic, she has to be resilient enough to bear with the retorts. But C. W. Ng is not as tough as she makes out to be and she can easily be reduced to tears. This character of hers can make her build a strong defensive armour which others can interpret as aggression and uncompromising arrogance. C. W. Ng has to work on cultivating a less formidable exterior and strive to achieve a more harmonious inner self and emanate friendliness and open hearted communications with friends, colleagues and loved ones, otherwise face gloomy loneliness.



If you would like me to analyse your eyes or the eyes of your loved ones in this column, send me a front-view, non-returnable coloured photograph with the date of birth and the pseudonym you wish to use. Either send it by e-mail to ZORRA@ZORRAPREDICTIONS.COM or to MADAM ZORRA at The Weekender, Star Publications.

Should you have any enquiries, you may call me at 012-429 1199.

About Madam Zorra 

Madam Zorra is a practicing gem therapist, psychic Tarot Card Reader and Face Feng Shui Expert. She has conducted her research and practise in Asia; mainly Burma and Indonesia, Europe and the USA and now in Malaysia. She conducts live interactive programmes on the World Wide Web for both Audio and Visual media free of charge from her website,

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