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The Power Of Ears

In the East, a man is instantly judged by his ears and it dates back to the earliest records of Chinese History. Ears indicate the formative ages of Man from birth to the age of 14. The ideal ears should be positioned between the eyebrows and below the nose level, they should be balanced in their 3 zones, be thick and fleshy and should not stick too far away from the side of the head.

Whenever depicting or portraying great or religious Emperors, Masters and Prophets, their ears would always be significantly emphasized and their lobes would be prominent and free hanging. Buddha was always depicted with such powerful ears and his ear lobes were always long, sometimes even up to his shoulders.


In viewing the ears, if they were set above the level of the eyebrows, it indicated a person with heightened intelligence. If they were below the eyebrows, they denoted a late developer and not necessarily someone of lower intellect.
Small ears or ears that did not have a fully developed lower zone spoke of a person who should not rely on the help of others if he wishes to succeed. Such people would have to work hard for their ambitions to be fulfilled.

The Feng Shui of the Face can be stabilised or rendered insecure by the formation of the Ears. In Asia, the ears of a person is always given priority in facial analysis even by the average man-on-the-street. He or she will notice their formation, if they stick out from the side of the head and in particular if the lobes are long or short. However, many do not realise their full significance and can erroneously make snap judgement of what they see.
The ears are divided into 3 zones. In analysing the 3 zones, one can immediately tell the inclination of the individual by identifying which is the most prominent or dominating portion.

The Top Zone identifies the ability or the strength of a person’s logical mind ,  intellect or intelligence. With a highly developed Top zone, the person is not only naturally intelligent but he or she can analyse and reason rather than just memorise and repeat parrot-like. The formation of this zone, for example if it is sharply pointed upwards like an elf’s or if it is rounded but sticking away from the side of the head like a fan, can speak volumes. Elf-like ears belong to creative, inventive and intuitive individuals who can think on their feet and tend to be quick though mischievous with their repartee. Rounded-fan-like top zones belong to the highly intelligent though they may have troubled and devious souls and may use their intelligence for devious and even criminal purposes.

As with everything in life, there must be balance, without which disharmony and discord will prevail. In Face Feng Shui, balance ensures a more stable life. Too much of a good thing is also bad. As in the teaching of Tao, the Yin must be in balance with the Yang to maintain inner tranquillity and harmony.

The middle zone represents the ability for the person to communicate and relate to those around. It also indicates if the person can be discreet and trustworthy when entrusted with secrets. The wider the area, the more he will observe with his ears. The deeper the ear cavity, the more he will care for what he hears and the more he will sensitively judge by what is said to him. The shallower or wider the ear hole, the less he takes heed of what he hears and the less he believes. Such a person will talk “at” you and not talk  “to” you.

What is most significant in the lower zone of the ear is the gap above the lobe. The wider the gap, the more generous in deeds and spirit – the narrower the meaner. The ideal is when the index finger fits snugly into it. This has been an unfailing observation fro me in Face Feng Shui analysis and from where I judge the extent of friendship, because in friendship, one must be ready to give and forgive without being judgemental. A mean spirited friend cannot be relied upon.

The earlobes have long been the criteria for old age and good memory but this has not been entirely true. Long lobes of ears that are set close to the side of the head is a truer indication of longevity. Long ear lobes denote patience, wisdom and the fortunate ability for the owner to be appreciated and helped by those he meets or who he requests help from, far exceeding what he requests for. This could be why many tribes in Asia and Africa elongate their lobes with metal earrings as weights, mainly to ensure longevity. Another being that long, thick lobes ensures progeny and indicates a healthy sex drive.

Short earlobes indicate a person who is sexually overactive rather than the contrary especially if it is coupled with round ears. But the general observation is that the person is stubborn and desires material comforts. If the lobes are square and abruptly meets the side of the face, it can indicate a quarrelsome and aggressive nature.

So take note of the ears of those you are married to or wish to associate with to determine a side of their nature that can help you to better understand them. Noting the ears of your children can also give you hints on how to better guide them. However, do not make snap judgements on only one feature alone. As you study Face Feng Shui, one notices there are other features that can balance a “weak” feature or affirm it. So always analyse a face in total, noting the most outstanding feature as the pivotal point in terms of age and character type.


January 1978

Levieto has very expressive and interesting eyes but they show a person who is emotionally troubled and someone who is always longing for the comforts of love as she feels that that is what will satisfy all her needs and insecurities. However, this is but an illusion. Her dreams of this perfect love can put a strain on her idealist romantic notion of what love is all about and when reality hits her, she will be a devastated wreck wandering from one love affair to another, each time getting more and more jaded until she ends up a bitter old woman living in the memories of broken dreams. What Levieto has to do is strengthen her inner soul and build her courage and self-confidence using her own talent and capabilities instead of relying on her illusion of what love can do for her.

Another observation about Levieto’s eyes is that they are slightly protruding. This can indicate a health problem relating to thyroid problems but it also indicates that Levieto is very open and lacks discretion in her actions. She is very generous and tends to be too eager to talk about herself, especially with regards to personal matters. This is not advisable as there is no surety that her secrets can be kept a secret. Besides this, there is no point baring her soul to every new romance she encounters because these confessions can be used against her at any time. And let’s face it, why start a new romance with festering memories of the past – no man wants his woman to have a past! They would rather believe their loved ones to be lily pure!

Feng Shui Make-up Advice

Levieto after Feng Shui Make-up

To overcome such “hanging” eyes, Levieto should draw her eyeliner on the lower lid above her lashes so as to counter the effect of the “hanging” eyes. This gives her eyes a more stable look.

If Levieto is wearing contact lenses to lighten her eyes, she should wear a darker colour because light eyes make them “protrude” more. For me to advise her on the colour she should use I need her birthdate which she has omitted giving to me.

W. York
19th September 1974 – Wood Tiger

W. York is a Wood Tiger with great aspirations for success. He is 27 years old this year and from now onwards for the next two years, he is going through a very exciting cycle of his life. His bushy, powerful eyebrows are a further testimony of this wonderful passage in his life.

W. York is well suited for the IT and electronic industry. If he is in that industry, then he is right on track for success. Success is very important to W. York because he is a high achiever. However, W. York has to be careful that he does not become too arrogant and cock-sure of himself as he reaches his pinnacles of success because with his sensitivity, he will find it very hard to overcome any failures, and as you know, there is never a completely sure passage in life.

His lips and slight smile show me that W. York can be arrogant as well as sarcastic in his humour, wit and arguments. This will undoubtedly bring about a lack of endearment between him and his co-workers, friends or loved ones so W. York has to learn to be more sensitive and thoughtful when he speaks because he can be very eloquent. Success is written in his face but there is a tinge of a lack of confidence in his face and this could be due to the fact that W. York is yet to fully realise his potential. He mentioned that he is categorised as “round faced”. With such a face type, a centred parting for a hairstyle is unsuitable because it can make W. York look as if his face is even rounder. To counteract this, he should part his hair either from the right to the left in a side parting or a left to the right. This will downscale the size of his cheeks as well as the generous bulge of his nose and nostril areas which makes me feel is his most concern. Be prepared for a very eventful life W. York, and remember that if you seek this spotlight, you must be ready to face the glare.

White and light blue are the ideal colours for you but I wouldn’t deter you from using yellows and browns.

20th July 1979 – Earth Sheep

Here is an Earth Sheep true to the very interpretation of what a sheep can become. Shuh is very emotional, romantic and sensitive and she is ideally suited in the profession that requires creativity. The food and beverage industry is also very suitable for her, however, because of her extreme sensitivity she might not take criticisms very well. Her round shaped face further affirms this particular characteristic of hers which she has to learn to overcome and keep in check if she wishes to succeed.

This sensitive and moody nature that Shuh has could make her a difficult friend to have because one would never know what can trigger off her mood change. She states that she has a mole on her cheek. This mole can be interpreted as a mole for tears and disappointment. This further affirms her difficulty in maintaining relationships due to her sensitive moods but it can also indicate that she needs love and can fall in love easily and more often than not, with someone unsuitable. My advice is for Shuh to seriously consider removing this mole.  At the same time, she should try to be more selective about who she gives her heart to and when she is in love, she should not wear her heart on her sleeves too readily.

Shuh should wear more greens, creams, purple and browns. She should also grow her hair longer, perhaps to her shoulders and try to have a forward cut around her cheeks and jaws so as to give her face a longer and more proportionate look as her lower zone that is from her nose tip to her chin, is shorter than the other two zones.

16th December 1979 – Earth Sheep

This is Crys, another Earth Sheep. From her eyes, you can easily tell that Crys is a secretive girl. She has a brilliant smile but as she smiles, she does not reveal exactly what is in her heart. Her eyes also speak of a quick and bad temper that can explode and leave those around her spinning. She has a great desire to reach out and face the world because she is brave and very daring.

Crys cannot be confined. She must have her freedom to think and live her life exactly as she wants. There is no fear for Crys because she is very self-protecting and though she is daring and will take risks, she is also quite calculative. Crys has to be careful who she calls her friends because there is a streak of extreme kindness in this Earth Sheep and those who know her can manipulate her and take advantage of this kindness.

Music can be a wonderful way that Crys can escape her stress and pent-up emotions. Once she learns to control her stress and impatience, she can be clear-sighted in obtaining her goals, otherwise, her impatience can lead her to make mistakes she might regret especially in the ages of 31 and 32. Diamonds should not be worn by Crys and instead of that, she should look for a gemstone that can release her intuition and open her third eye. Yes, Crys has the gift of intuition and she should exercise this gift in her everyday life.



If you would like me to analyse your eyes or the eyes of your loved ones in this column, send me a front-view, non-returnable coloured photograph with the date of birth and the pseudonym you wish to use. Either send it by e-mail to ZORRA@ZORRAPREDICTIONS.COM or to MADAM ZORRA at The Weekender, Star Publications.

Should you have any enquiries, you may call me at 012-429 1199.

About Madam Zorra 

Madam Zorra is a practicing gem therapist, psychic Tarot Card Reader and Face Feng Shui Expert. She has conducted her research and practise in Asia; mainly Burma and Indonesia, Europe and the USA and now in Malaysia. She conducts live interactive programmes on the World Wide Web for both Audio and Visual media free of charge from her website,

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