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The Eight Pillars Of Life

To support a life of Harmony and to give a peaceful and healthy old age, there are 8 fundamentals of character, emotions and fortune needed to attain it. These are revealed in how these 8 Pillars of Life are formed in the face.

The number 8 is a very powerful number in all disciplines of predictions; the Hindus in the Sideral discipline (Sun Signs)  ; the Ghauzi System or (Chinese Zodiac) and the Kabalistic (the Chaldean Book of Magic). In Domain Feng Shui, the number 8 is supreme. In the essence of the I-Ching the Octagonal shape or the 8 sided coin or Pak Kua is used to evoke the hidden meaning of the Oracle. In the Flying Star or Dynamic Movement of Domain Feng Shui, the sign of Sigil or the Sign of Saturn plots the passage in the movement of the stars of Fate and Fortune through the house or establishment. In the hidden secrets of the Tarot Cards, the infinite passage of Life and Death is the figure which resembles 8 lying on its side.

In all these disciplines of prediction, 8 is seen as a powerful number but not all welcome its immense power because 8 or the Planet of Saturn is seen as too great and powerful for the weak to endure.

In all Chinese forms, 8 is treated as lucky, fortunate and promises infinity – birth, life, death and rebirth. In Face Feng Shui, these 8 pillars will reveal one’s Fate.


1. The Pillar of Life

Situated between the eyebrows, this pillar has to be bright, clear, smooth and wide for the path of Life to be fortunate.

Any marks like deep indents and the “dagger frown” , mars the passage of life with trouble, worries or too single-minded pursuits of wealth, ambition or egoistic pleasures.

Moles in the centre blocks good fortune and hair growing through it indicates a lack of tolerance and an ungenerous character. A darkening or greying in this area warns of ill health.


2. The Pillars of Energy

These 2 points on either side of the temple where a pulse is felt are the pillars that give the energy or Chi to one’s Life.

If they are rounded and full with no hair growing over it, it heralds an easy passage through life with the strong support of positive energy to propel one to achieve one’s goal. If hair grows over these points, it robs one of the good energy. Well developed, rounded and hairless Pillars of energy can compensate for a narrow forehead, giving it the energy to overcome setbacks. Yet, a wide forehead with weak Pillars of Energy can detract from their good fortune.

3. The Pillar of Career

This vital point is also the site of the 6th Chakra or the site of the “3rd Eye”. This is where the pituitary gland is situated.

A well developed, smooth and rounded structure predicts the rise of the person to high office, achievement and a successful career.

Flat, indented or bumpy formations heralds difficulties in achieving one’s goals and a lack of consistency. Opportunities are scarce and success when it comes will arrive later in life after periods of great effort and loneliness. Therefore such people tend to be more cynical and jaded and can be untrusting and hard.

4. The Pillar of Wealth

A strong powerful nose that is straight and free of bumps predicts wealth. It is further accentuated if the nostrils are not exposed when viewed from the front and the tip is rounded and fleshy and not too red or too shinning. Moles on the sides strengthen this Pillar of Wealth but moles in the central pathway or meridian weakens it.

A good nose supported by a complimentary birthdate can indicate if the person will succeed in doing his or her own business. So check if you have a Good Nose for Business before you plunge into it!

5. The Pillar of Friendship

To gauge who can make a good friend and who can benefit from friends, look at the hairline which reveals this. It should be high, smoothly sweeping from one side to the other with wide, hairless corners at both sides. Such fortunate people will be rich in friendship, love and support from those they treat as friends.

In contrast, those with a V Hairline or “Widow Peak” make friends as they go along through life but few remain constant. They tend to be more introspective, private in their deep emotions and particular as whom they regard as friends.

Low or Narrow foreheads were not considered fortunate and many Ancient Chinese especially men used to thread or shave their foreheads to make them appear wider.

6. The Pillars of Parental Support

This area should be clear and well rounded and should not slope backwards. Hair should not cover these pillars as such an occurrence can predict a parent who can neglect his or her offspring due to divorce or extra-marital affairs.

Clear, well-formed Pillars ensure good parental guidance, example and also material help from them.

7. Pillars of Health and Life Force

This area between the eyes can signify health and strong life-force especially past midlife during the ages of 40 and above. At best, it should be wide and not bony.

Lines, moles and blemishes can foretell a sickly constitution and even the need of a surgery or a serious ailment.

If this area dips acutely from the Pillar of Life, the health problems can be more long-drawn or the Life Force of the person can be weakened after the age of 40.

Moles and hair growth in this region weakens it.

8. The Pillars of Love

This is a very important pillar and can indicate the emotional and spiritual strength of a person. A clear pinkish appearance abodes well. Lines and premature crows-feet speak of broken love relationships and promiscuity.

Bags, sunken or dark rings speak of health problems and tends to appear after 45. They speak of poor circulation sometimes due to kidneys or weaker blood vessels but premature appearance of such a condition speaks of disillusionment in the purity of love.

If you have more than 3 well developed Pillars then you can somehow achieve harmony and balance with good fortune. To expect all 8 Pillars to be perfect and well formed is to expect too much of life. Take the good with the bad and make the most of it. Only then can you live a life of contentment and reach a harmony within your soul.


Last Summer
2nd March 1979 – Earth Sheep

Last Summer is an Earth Sheep. His is  somebody who is very creative and screams to be noticed. He is an individualist and tries to be an anti-establishment figure in his circle of friends. His nose with their clear nostrils indicate a passionate and a stubborn personality who refuses to back down in arguments. This could be his problem. However, Last Summer is also quite sensitive and can be shy when it comes to his true emotions.

His earlobes which are large and fleshy but ends with its tips going towards his face indicates a person who will find success later in life. However, these ears also indicate that he can be a good accumulator of wealth though it may come late. The Chinese believe that those with ears that grow towards the face especially the mouth will never go hungry and he can do well in the business of food and drinks. So Last Summer can put his talents to use in this area as he will be well suited for it. He has generous lips though lips that slant directly to the chin with a sharp incline indicates an egotistical nature and a person who tends to be self-centred in his desires and ambitions.

The ages of 22 and 23 will not be fortunate ages for Last Summer so he should not attempt to be too daring during these times. I advise Last Summer to wear more Greys, Greens, Purples and Browns and to avoid wearing Light Blue.

22nd November 1984 – Wooden Rat

Serean is a Wooden Rat. The feature that is most prominent in her face are her high cheekbones. This indicates a dominating character who always wants her way. This is further emphasized by her strong square jaw-line. Life will have many obstacles for Serean especially in her younger ages as she fights to understand herself better and learns to cope with her radical mind and behaviour. She is a driven person with great ambitions to be successful and to be recognised. This will come to her, however, she has first to learn to adjust mainly in her behaviour , the way she communicates, the way she speaks to others around her and especially in her unrealistic ideals and ambitions.

I advise Serean to learn to control her stress,to be more tolerant and to be less obstinate. Wearing Greys and Purples will help her to establish more calm and self-confidence. She should on no account wear diamonds. She is suitable for a varied type of employment and careers but whatever she does, she must always look for a job that requires activity and inter-relations with people rather than a desk job.

27th February 1980 – Metal Monkey

Iqlin the Metal Monkey is a very creative and extremely intelligent person as you can see from her bright shiny eyes. Her beautifully arched eyebrows indicate a flamboyant, passionate and creative personality. It also indicates someone who has got a quick and fiery temper. This temper is ignited by stress and her sensitive nature.

Her creativity can be extended to many fields of work and she could do well even as a lawyer or a restaurateur. Whatever career she chooses, Iqlin will inject creativity to it. She is a person who is always active and should be involved in a job that requires her to move around and to interact with people. She will be very drawn to the beauty industry. If she is interested in medicine, I would advise Iqlin to take up cosmetic or plastic surgery. She will also be very successful in her emotional life but I would advise her to concentrate on establishing her economic independence instead of getting married too young.

11th August 1980 – Metal Monkey

Ally, another Metal Monkey is 21 years old this year. She is a very sensitive person with a burning desire for success. Success is undoubtedly in her chart. She is single-minded about this and can be very persistent. Her eyes which are formed quite close to each other indicates the true character of a Monkey which is someone who can be shrewd, a little crafty and quite self-centred. These characteristics in Ally will propel her to be a successful businesswoman but I have to ask her to be very careful in the areas of love and romance.

Her cheeks indicate that she can be very dominating and also very critical when choosing the right person as her life partner. She is sensitive and very romantic so there is a conflict in her when it comes to romance. A late marriage is advised.

This is going to be a good year for Ally so I shall advise her to put maximum effort in achieving her goals. She should wear more Golds and more Yellows in her dressing, and Greens are also very harmonious for Ally. The lure of foreign lands is always in her mind and I will not be surprised if she wishes very much to go abroad or  even to marry a foreigner.



If you would like me to analyse your eyes or the eyes of your loved ones in this column, send me a front-view, non-returnable coloured photograph with the date of birth and the pseudonym you wish to use. Either send it by e-mail to ZORRA@ZORRAPREDICTIONS.COM or to MADAM ZORRA at The Weekender, Star Publications.

Should you have any enquiries, you may call me at 012-429 1199.

About Madam Zorra 

Madam Zorra is a practicing gem therapist, psychic Tarot Card Reader and Face Feng Shui Expert. She has conducted her research and practise in Asia; mainly Burma and Indonesia, Europe and the USA and now in Malaysia. She conducts live interactive programmes on the World Wide Web for both Audio and Visual media free of charge from her website,

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