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The Magic Of Colours

Colours are the silent negotiators when it comes to Face Feng Shui and Feng Shui Make-up. They can either make you appear glorious or non descript – exciting or aggressive.  Colours can enhance your aura or they can cloud it, therefore it is very important that you know what colours are suitable to you and what you should avoid.

Surround yourself with the Magic of your personal colours and let them negotiate for you silently.

Psychiatrists today are acutely aware of how colours can affect the mental stimuli of everyone. They have noticed that green has a very calming effect on patients and can aid healing. For this reason, many doctors and surgeons wear green and many hospitals have taken to painting their rooms green. Green signifies peace, serenity, purity and oneness with nature. When you are ill at ease with yourself, a walk in the Greenness of Nature can restore your calm.

Red is an exciting colour and has always been used to alert us to danger and trouble. It is also a very stimulating colour and can energise many who react positively to this colour. However, Red is not an easy colour for anyone to wear. Generally speaking, it tends to suggest negative passion and sensuality and has been used derogatorily for example “a scarlet lady” or “Red Light District”. But Red can be used positively by lipsticks and blushers to brighten the otherwise pale face of a lady as Red is the colour of blood and the colour of vitality. Many Asian cultures hold Red in highest regards as the colour of fertility, energy, health and wealth.

White is always associated with Purity and Spirituality. A virgin bride always wears white and a white Dove predicts Peace and Tranquility. Yet White is the absence of any colour and can indicate a void. In the tropics, nothing is as cool as a white garment as it deflects all the rays and the heat of the Sun.

And the Sun is the centre of our universe. Without it, nothing survives. Since the earliest of times, Man has paid homage to the Sun and have worshipped it as a Deity as in the case of the Incas and the Zoroistians. The colour of the Sun is Yellow and Gold and up to now it is the colour of Royalty and great honour. It is the colour of pride and leadership. The metal Gold is the most highly priced metal because it reflects the glory of the Life Giver – the Sun.

Black and Dark Blue have always been the colours for honesty, sobriety and dignity albeit mourning and darkness but it is the colour used by those in high office like judges and solicitors. It is the colour of high learning and ultimate morality and if you are “of blue blood” you are noble. No woman is complete without the ultimate piece of feminine elegance “the little Black dress” but it is wise to confirm if black is a good colour for you and what it does to your aura. Is black your lucky colour ? Check it out before you dress yourself out for the next important date.

Grey is the colour of high intuition and secret thoughts and desires. It is the colour of doubt and indecisiveness as being in “a grey area”. It is the colour of peace and spiritual knowledge as it is the blend of white and black. Nuns of many religious sects wear grey.

But when you are clothed in Purple then you have reached the highest position of command and control. It is also the colour that enhances spirituality and communication with your higher self. In meditation and when analysing the attainment of inner peace, being encapsulated by a purple aura signifies the ability to reach spiritual peace and inner harmony and communication with God.

Turquoise is the blend of blue and green. It is the colour of true love and contentment. It is also the colour of creativity and artistic gift. The Planet Venus is the colour Turquoise and Venus is the Goddess of Love.

Silver is the colour of changeability and restlessness and it is the colour given to Mercury or Quicksilver as it is sometimes called. Easily influenced, it changes swiftly and is restless in every way, refusing to be tamed by force or strict discipline. The Planet Mercury is the fastest moving planet in our galaxy. It revolves 3 times a year around our Sun as compared to Saturn which revolves once in 18 years.


Magical Colours according to your Animal Sign

Each sign is attributed the perfect colour harmony which in turn can give an insight to one’s character or desires. Check out your Magical Colours for Harmony and Success.




Positive Colours


Intuitive and Dominating

Purple and Grey


Energetic and Stoic

Red and Blue


Idealistic and Futuristic

White and Blue


Artistic and Intuitive

Grey and Turquoise


Dynamic and Proud

Red and Gold


Mysterious and Alluring

Green and Turquoise


Restless and Changeable

Blue and Silver


Calm and Determined

Green and Purple


Intuitive and Proud

Yellow and Grey


Pure and Stable

White and Blue


Loving and Sincere

Turquoise and Blue


Passionate and Honest

Red and Blue

Wearing your colours according to your date of birth can enhance your aura with positive vibrations that speak volumes for you. It puts you in a “better light” and helps to strengthen your inner qualities. Using it on your face through make-up, as the colours of your clothes, hair and even your contact lenses and spectacles can all help to enforce your positive “chi” and silently send subtle messages to those around you to establish your persona. Surround yourself with the Magic of your personal colours and let them negotiate for you silently.


The One
12th September 1977 – Fire Snake

The Snake is usually described as calm, wise and subtle but there are none of these attributes about “The One”. Even from the choice is his pseudonym one can glimpse the character of this Fire Snake!

In Face Feng Shui a study has been done on how a person parts his or her hair to give an insight into his character. If a person parts his hair from left to right, it indicates a conventional type who tends to be law abiding and faithful to his word.

When the parting is from Right to Left, it indicates an eccentric character who can display an unusual and irrational behaviour patterns and tends to be anti-social.

Should the parting be in the centre with hair falling evenly on both sides, it suggests a flamboyant and rakish type who tends to be flippant and an attention seeker. The One falls into this category and this will describe his character.

There is a great deal of Fire in The One and he will be successful in life due to his sheer determination and grit. He has a passion for life and only when he is passionate about anything will he work hard for it. If The One can control his temper and sharp tongue, he will find life less troublesome and get on better with friends and those around him.

16th July 1983 – Water Boar

A wide beautiful smile like Jocyline’s always shows a generous, open hearted person who is willing to share her last dollar with someone in need. Boars are reputed to have such a character and because of that, they tend to be made use of by many.

The Water Boar is the most gullible of all Boar types as they are easygoing and more forgiving than the rest. But the Water Boar is the most intuitive of all Boars and they actually know what is going on and can read characters better than most.

Jocyline is a classic example of a Water Boar – she is kind, forgiving, extremely intuitive and ready to give of herself. There are wolves in the forest ready to prey on the unsuspecting and Jocyline, you should learn to be more self-preserving and safeguard yourself against the unscrupulous. Build up your intuition to do just that.

There is a great longing in Jocyline to travel and visit distant lands and this will come about for her eventually. Meanwhile, professions like accountancy or pharmaceutical studies should be her primary focus as everything suggests that she is an excellent scholar and should endeavour to acquire a solid academic foundation before she embarks on life’s path.

1st March 1962 – Water Tiger

Stella writes in despair to say that everyone dislikes her and everything is wrong about her life. Stella is convinced that the world is against her and her abject failure is entirely her fault.

I totally agree with Stella because she is such a perfectionist that nothing is good enough for her or by her own superior standards. It is great and commendable to set high standards for oneself but one has to realise that it is totally unrealistic to expect to continuously reach such heights of perfection. Let’s face it, we are humans and we have failings too. To expect to be right all the time or to be perfect all the time can drain even the most stoic.

Now, should one also expect perfection from those around us like our children, colleagues or our spouses is totally impossible. If one puts oneself in such a situation, life can be torturous and riddled with dissatisfaction and self-degradation.

It is no wonder Stella is unhappy and seems to have lost her self-respect – she expects too much. Take it easy Stella – learn to love yourself with all your imperfections and only then will others love you too. Your eyes look desperate and frantic, if you do not learn to ease off a bit and be less critical of yourself and those you live and work with, you are putting too great a strain on yourself.

4th April 1969 – Earth Rooster

Y2K is obviously a computer buff – indeed, he will do well in the IT industry. But rather than being involved in solutions or programming, Y2K should be more involved in the creative and artistic design works of computer programming as he is extremely creative.

Y2K us very forward thinking and in his early life, he will encounter frustrations because his ideas are too advanced for others to understand and appreciate. He is always ahead of his time and can be a trendsetter in whatever he does. He will be a sharp dresser and will take great care in his appearance. As it is, his flamboyant hairstyle with a centre parting and exaggerated spectacle frames indicates this.

Early marriage is something that I will not advocate for Y2K as he is too much a romantic and greatly attracted by beauty and glamour, therefore his choice may be influenced by this criteria alone rather than by more matured and profound reasons. His lips indicate this.

Before Y2K can settle into a stable life, he has to come to terms with himself. Practicality has to be instilled into his decisions and choices, blended harmonious with his wildly aesthetic creativity. But, is he willing to accept advice from others? Note the defiant look in his eyes!



If you would like me to analyse your eyes or the eyes of your loved ones in this column, send me a front-view, non-returnable coloured photograph with the date of birth and the pseudonym you wish to use. Either send it by e-mail to ZORRA@ZORRAPREDICTIONS.COM or to MADAM ZORRA at The Weekender, Star Publications.

Should you have any enquiries, you may call me at 012-429 1199.

About Madam Zorra 

Madam Zorra is a practicing gem therapist, psychic Tarot Card Reader and Face Feng Shui Expert. She has conducted her research and practise in Asia; mainly Burma and Indonesia, Europe and the USA and now in Malaysia. She conducts live interactive programmes on the World Wide Web for both Audio and Visual media free of charge from her website,

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