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Hairstyles - Your Crowning Glory

A beautifully architectured house with the most tastefully decorated interior will lose its positive energy and diminish its wealth creating Chi if the landscape is overgrown, unattended and with dead or dying trees and plants.

Likewise, a beautifully made-up face with a great personality and a pure soul is totally overshadowed by a bad hairstyle or dirty unkempt hair.

Your hair is your crowning glory. It frames your face and completes its presentation. Tidy, well-combed hair speaks of a mentally coordinated and balanced personality. A dishevelled hairstyle indicates a troubled unhappy person.

This is a picture of Nicole Kidman as she left the hospital on hearing that she has lost her child which she so desperately wanted, as she hoped that that would save her crumbling marriage with Tom Cruise. Her hairstyle speaks volumes of the anguish and trauma that raged in her soul.

It is quite understandable if she looks like that as she is struggling against an emotional battle but it is unforgivable for normal human beings to allow themselves to face the public with dirty unkempt hair falling all over their face.

Besides encouraging pimples and blackheads to flourish, such bad hygiene and off-putting appearances indicate the lack of personal discipline and self-pride. If you are applying for a job or trying to court someone you are attracted to, you can be assured that you will not meet with much success looking like that.


Power Dressing

Every person should have a goal in life and an objective. Besides having the educational, financial or emotional resources to achieve one’s goal, one has also got to “look” the part. Your hairstyle puts the final crowning accent to the whole package. In society, the office or station of a person is often denoted by what is worn as a headdress, like a crown for royalty, a wig for a judge or a headdress of feathers for a Red Indian Chief. How you wear your hair denotes your status.

You cannot look like a schoolgirl if you wish to become a high-powered, respectable executive. You may have the right make-up but your hairstyle is the icing on the cake.

By the same token, you cannot expect to be looked up to as a serious corporate player if you appear at work ready to wield power while sporting a hairstyle that is more appropriate for a wild evening about town.

Aging Gracefully

I have known people from my school days who have had the same hairstyle even though they have lost much of their hair or the youthfulness of their looks. They seem to be caught in a Time Warp with Brylcream and their “curry-pok” hairstyle, reminiscent of Ricky Nelson, Fabulous Fabian and others who refuse to restyle their long straggly tresses of their teens and twenties, not realising that long hair, especially dark hair, puts 10 to 20 years to a woman’s looks as they emphasize lines, wrinkles and droops of facial features.

Nothing can hallmark your age and inner sense of security like your hairstyle can, so do not cling to your yester-years and your faded hairstyles because you are afraid to try a new image. Growing old and aging elegantly sends a message that you are happy and contented within and you are secure with the passing of years.

If things go wrong in your life and people do not take you seriously, do not always blame your bad luck. Look at yourself critically in the mirror and ask yourself if it is your hairstyle that is causing the bad Face Feng Shui.


4th April 1969 – Earth Rooster

Nikhil is an Earth Rooster who is very attracted to the creative and also the entertainment field. Those knowing him will always remark on the spic and span way he dresses and does his hair. He has an eye for beauty and this can be his undoing. Nikhil is very romantic and will be very attractive to the opposite sex because he is an absolute charmer. He will know how to romance a girl and make her feel like a queen but Nikhil himself needs to feel loved and adored at all times.

His birthdate indicates that he could do well in the Electronic or theIT industry but instead of doing things related to hardcore information technology subjects, he would apply his artistic talents to use this medium to its best advantage. It is very likely that Nikhil will either get married  next year or he will meet the woman of his dreams next year at the age of 33 but I would suggest to him to delay the marriage until he turns 34.

In Face Feng Shui, when viewing the growth of a moustache, it is ideal that the moustache grows over the philtrum (the valley which is below the tip of the nostril). When the philtrum is not covered by the moustache growth, it indicates that the person will have a problem with his reproductive organs or a weakness will occur in this area. Nikhil is advised therefore to shave off his moustache rather than grow it. He has a very charming smile and very generous and sensual lips and this is another reason I would advise Nikhil to shave off his moustache as the moustache obstructs the beauty of his lips.

To enhance his luck, I would advise Nikhil to wear more Yellows and Golds. To ensure that his love life is stable, my advice to Nikhil is to be more considerate with his loved one and not to be too demanding.

7th April 1983 – Water Boar

Here are the curious intelligent eyes of a Water Boar who wants to be called Eeclips. She is very curious as to how pimples, wrinkles, stress, breakouts would affect a person’s face and if her fate will change if she grows fatter and thus alter the shape of her face. In actual fact, stress lines appear as wrinkles and they can be used by Face Feng Shui experts to analyse the past merits or problems of such a person. Wrinkles are not always a bad thing although many women would beg to differ. But in one so young as Eeclips, I would like to advise her that she should always smile and be as inquisitive and enthusiastic about life as she is now at the age of 19. As you can see, Eeclips’ eyes are bright, well-spaced and full of inquisitiveness. She is very intelligent and ready to learn but she tends to be very impatient.

Although communications and the gift of the gab is her best asset, Eeclips should always think twice before she allows her mouth to run away with her thoughts as this could offend many people unwittingly. She has a very probing mind and this will draw her into occupations that require analysis. Journalism, mass communication and accounting are some of the occupations I would recommend to Eeclips. Her love of music and her chirpy character may fool those around her into believing that she is fickle but do not be fooled because Eeclips has another facet to her character which is shy and introverted. She can keep a secret very well and you will never really know the real Eeclips because she hides this very efficiently under this bubbly exterior. Not to be taken for granted, Eeclips is a very sensitive and deep-thinking person who will go far in life. Her best colours are Gold, Silver, Grey and Red.

22nd April 1983 – Water Boar

These are the eyes of Jimmy the Water Boar. Jimmy is a straight-talking matter of fact 19 year old who is impatient to put his mark on the world. His straight eyebrows indicate a person who tends to be quick-tempered yet precise and very direct. His eyes have a clear probing look which suggests that Jimmy is constantly analysing whoever is in front of him.

Jimmy is also a serious person and sometimes his moods can swing so much that those around him can consider him to be petulant or even moody. He would prove to be a good organiser but he would always want things to go his way. There is a glint of a temper in the way his eyebrows and eyes appear and this temper can be sparked off when Jimmy is not given the attention he thinks he deserves. His right eye is slight hooded and the hooded look in an eye indicates that a person could have a calculative nature. This is not derogatory but it can be an asset to Jimmy especially if he chooses to go into business.

My advice to Jimmy is to be less demanding of those around him and to enhance his skills as a manager, counsellor, trainer or an educationist. The best colours for Jimmy will be Green, Cream, Purple and Brown and he should try to keep his hair off his forehead.

7th January 1980 – Earth Sheep

This Earth Sheep called Mizurko has a very interesting pair of eyes. Her right eye squints slightly upwards to the right. In Face Feng Shui, such an eye would indicate that a person is highly intelligent and would thirst for knowledge throughout her life. Mizurko loves to be in the company of books and she will do very well if she endeavours in the pursuit of studies. Her forehead indicates that she has a good memory and that she is also very intelligent. I hope that Mizurko will try to obtain as many degrees as she possibly can before she commits herself to a working life or to marriage. This is a face of someone who will benefit a great deal by knowledge and in return, pass through her knowledge to others as a teacher, lecturer or even a writer.

Though last year and this year were not the best years for Mizurko, I must reassure her that her life is going to be a success and by next year she will be free of all her anxieties. Mizurko is always anxious about the future and sometimes because of her anxiety for the future, she forgets to enjoy the present. This is a great shame as life has to be lived also for the present with a view to the future. Music will be a great comfort to Mizurko and she will also have a great desire to travel abroad and to interrelate with those from other races and countries.

There is a slightly depressive character lurking in Mizurko which she has to learn to suppress. In her dark moments, I would advise her to seek solace in music and to overcome whatever saddens her by being proactive. This means that if she sees a wrong thing done, she should not hesitate to rectify it rather than to sit back and brood over it.

The careers that could suit Mizurko are many, but the best would be in anything that comes the knowledge she aquires. Her best colours are Black, Dark Blue, Light Blue and Red.



If you would like me to analyse your eyes or the eyes of your loved ones in this column, send me a front-view, non-returnable coloured photograph with the date of birth and the pseudonym you wish to use. Either send it by e-mail to ZORRA@ZORRAPREDICTIONS.COM or to MADAM ZORRA at The Weekender, Star Publications.

Should you have any enquiries, you may call me at 012-429 1199.

About Madam Zorra 

Madam Zorra is a practicing gem therapist, psychic Tarot Card Reader and Face Feng Shui Expert. She has conducted her research and practise in Asia; mainly Burma and Indonesia, Europe and the USA and now in Malaysia. She conducts live interactive programmes on the World Wide Web for both Audio and Visual media free of charge from her website,

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